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Publication numberUS1660074 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 21, 1928
Filing dateMar 9, 1927
Priority dateMar 9, 1927
Publication numberUS 1660074 A, US 1660074A, US-A-1660074, US1660074 A, US1660074A
InventorsHagg Virgil B
Original AssigneeHagg Virgil B
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Drain-dish support
US 1660074 A
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Feb. 21, 1928. 1,660,074

V. B. HAGG DRAIN DISH SUPPORT Filed March 9, 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 IN V EN TOR.

ATTOR EYS Feb. 21, 1928. 1,660,074

V. B. HAGG DRAIN DISH SUPPORT Filed March 9. 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR V/kg/ E #02; BY M P1257 1 ATTO NEY.

ing would then occur.

Patented Feb. 21, 1928.


RAIN-DISH sun-roar.

Application filed March 9, 1937. Serial No. 124,084.

This application is, in part, a continuation of my application Serial No. 1,007, filed October -7, 1925, jfor water filters, now Patent No. 1,629,269'granted May 1"? This invention relates to for sup- P in a drain dish, su h s u al y lo: cated below the waterio'ut-l et faucet of water filters ordrinkiiig w ater receptacles and the like, for receiving the drip therefrom and for holding'a drinkingglass- The main object of the invention provide means for supporting such ipid lfalgl sh in such a manner thatit may be back out of the way to permit insertion of a larger vessel, such as a water pitc her,'b e neath the faucet and that it will'automat cally return to normal position beneath the faucet when such larger vessel is A further object- 'of the invention s to provide a supporting means of th s type n which no relatively moving parts are jected to contact with water dripping thereon, in such manner thatall parts are subject to accidental contact with water may be made of galvanized iron .to preuent mist; ing or corrosion thereof. It isobyioiis that if any of the parts of the .snpportmgmeans which are subject to movement respect to one another when the draind sh s moved to or from its normal position'werie also exposed to accidental contact water, it would be impracticable to adequately protect such parts by galvaniz ng as this would soon wear pfi due to frict on .upon repeated operation thereof and rustn e sePPQr irrg means of my invention all the parts .pvhefe friction occurs upon movement thereof ,re removed from likelihood of w th water so that no protective coating be applied to these parts pretientirusting or corrosion thereof. i

A further object of the invention to provide a supporting means xifthistype which is simple and ruggedin cpn'strudtion and which requires a ding; t'Q-pf effort to move it out ofthe my it) pose above mentioned.

The accompanying drawingsgillu trateiembodiments .of my invention ,and refenring thereto- Fig. 1 is a front elevation ofa-pprtion of a water receptacle stand with an improved d r ain support according to my inven- 49 appl ed th re Fig. 'is avertical section thereof with the water receptacle shown in elevation.

re is a ho zonta section 9 n -3 it- 4 a Pe spe ti vie of th P o s1 e r e brack P9P hi h t pp rtng arm or the drain dish is mounted.

Fig.ifi a view similar to a portion of sh in modified fo of Sup n me ns ig. 6 is a horizontal section on line 6-6 in Fig. 5. w Fig. 7 is a vertical section on line 7=- 7 in Fi -fi- Fig. 8 is a perspective view of the supporting bracket used in this second form of 't 'ia en ipn.

9i a front elevation showing a modified form of the invention is a section on line 1 010 in Fig. 9.

A water receptacle is indicated at 1 which may b th filfii Water receptacle 0f 1 water filter or a receptacle for "other form pf drinking water, and which may be formed of or ousstone ware or the like in the usual mannerof such devices. Such receptacle is moun d 9 a sapp n 'b 2 hich in turnis supported in the usual manner on a stand or frame comprising legs The receptacle 1 is'provided with a water outletcfa ucet 4 for removal of water therefrom. the form of the invention shown the drain dish 5 is mounted upon a supeer-t ng fe al 6 p t a ly oun d upo hracliet 7 so asto swing upon a vertical an supportingbracket '7 may be sein d sorta fi hs*egs'sin any uit b ei'as b m ans. o c ws The .9-

ig ffi is bent a i and p id .ii al pqr etw hich eng s i cr tical Fio'i'n the bracket-7. A 'n 9? the upper rfa of bracket 7 i .1.f. as emails-11c a ndwh e je' eo l is Prov fr f the u e are es sl'e 0' ed that h h lur-pertto hold the arm and dish in this position. A drinking glass 13 may conveniently be placed within the drain dish in the usual manner.

o Normally the drain dish is in the position shown beneath the faucet 4 so that if a person opens faucet 4 to fill the glass 13 with water, any Water which drips from the faucet after the glass is removed is caught by to the drain dish and falls into the usual drip receptacle beneath the'inner end or spout 16 with which the drain dish is provided. If, however, it is desired to insert a larger vessel such as a pitcher beneath the to faucet in order to draw a larger quantity of water therefrom the drain dish 5 may be simply swung inwardly about its pivotal support so as to permit such larger receptacle to be brought to the desired position.

In order to permit this to be accomplished wlthout removing the drinking glass 13 from the drain dish it is desirable that such drain dish be placed at a sufficient distance below the base 2 so that the drinking glass will 26 not strike such base when the drain dish is swung inwardly. The inward pressure which is required to swing the drain dish inwardly and to hold it in this position may either be applied by the hand or simply by so pressing the vessel, into which it is desired to draw the water, against the drain dish.

It will be seen that as the drain dish is swung 1nwardly for example to the position indicated in dotted lines'at 5" in Fig. 3 the 36 arm 6 will be displaced from notch 12 and will ride up on the inclined portion 11, so that when the inward pressure is removed from the drain dish, the supporting arm will automatically return due to the actionof gravity and will again come to rest in notch 12, thereby restoring drain dish 5 to its normal or outer position.

The drain dish is therefore normally held at all tlmes inproper position to catch any drip from the faucet, but may be displaced from thls position by a simple inward pressure, and automatically returns to normal position when such inward pressure is withdrawn.

Another form of the invention is illustrat= ed in Figs. 5 to 8 inclusive. In this case the supporting arm 16 for the drain dish com-- prises a square rod which isbent downward-- ly substantially at a right angle at its inner end and having the downwardly extending as shown at 18. This twisted or threadedv port on of the arm passes through square (openings 19 in horizontal lugs 20 of support mg bracket 21, which is mounted on one of the legs 3 of the supporting frame for the water receptacle as before. In order to limit the downward movement of thetwisted portion 18 mths openings 19 a metal washer or as other pro ecting member 23 may be wel or otherwise secured to the portion 18 in such position as to engage the upper lug 20 and hold arm 16 in the proper rotative position corresponding to the desired position of the drain dish. The bracke 21 may be mounted on leg 3 in any suitable manner but is preferably removably mounted thereon as by means of headed studs or rivets 25 engaging in notches 26 in said bracket. In mounting the bracket the enlarged portions of notches 26 may be over the heads of studs 25 and the bracket may then be lowered so as to bring the contracted portions of said notches into engagement with the studs and hold the bracket firmly in position.

If the drain dish is swung inwardly, for example, to the position indicated in dotted lines at 5*. either by hand or by inward pressure of a receptacle which is to be filled with water, the twisted portion 18 of the supporting arm will be rotated in the open ings 19, and by virtue of the screw threaded nature resulting from twisting thereof it will be forcibly raised slightly upon such rotation. Consequently when the inward pressure on the drain dish is withdrawn the same will return by gravity to its original position as in the form first described.

Instead of providing for return of the drain dish to normal position by the action of gravity I may in some cases provide spring means for effecting such return. For example. as shown in Figs. 9 and 10, the drain dish 5 may be mounted at the end of a supporting arm 30 consisting for example of a round rod whose inner end is bent downward as at 31 so as to form a vertical axis or pivot. The pivot portion 31 may be r0- tatably mounted in lugs 32 of bracket 33 which may be mounted upon leg 3 in any suitable manner for example in the same manner as bracket 21 above described. A

respectively with leg 3 and supporting arm 30 so as to tend to hold said arm outwardly against stop member 38, which may be formed as an upwardly projecting lug on bracket 33. portion twisted to give the effect of a screw It'will be seen that the above described construction permits the drain dish 5 to be displaced inwardly in the same manner as before, and that when so displaced the spring 35 will tend to return the drain dish to its normal position and will cause it to so return upon removal of the inward pressure ipon the drain dish.

I claim:

In combination with a water receptacle provided with a faucet and a supporting stand, a supporting arm formed to receive a drain dish, a drain dish mounted thereon, means pivotally supporting said supporting 5 arm so as to permit the same to swing between an outer position in which said drain dish is disposed beneath said faucet and an inner position in which said drain dish is disposed beneath said receptacle, and means tending to hold said arm in said outer position and to return said arm to said outer position upon movement thereof toward said inner position.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name this 2 day of March, 1927.


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