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Publication numberUS1660095 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 21, 1928
Filing dateJun 4, 1925
Publication numberUS 1660095 A, US 1660095A, US-A-1660095, US1660095 A, US1660095A
InventorsS. Schiele
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US 1660095 A
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Feb.21,192s. 1,660,095


Patented Feb. 2l, 1928.


Application led June 4,

My invention relates to improvements in gum massaging implements and has for its vprimary object an implement 'designed to massage the gums so as to harden the same and restore the proper circulation of blood therethrough vincidental with treatment for pyorrhea.

A further object is to construct a guml massaging implement with which a medic-v ament can be applied to the gums during the massaging operation so thatthe'patient will have the benefit of the medical treatment simultaneously with the massaging, and thus eliminate the necessity of hypodermic injections into the gums for pyorrhea treatment.

In the drawings: n l

Fig. 1 is a side elevation of my device;

Fig. 2 is a similar view with parts broken v away and in section and illustrating the interior arrangement of the massaging head;

Fig. 3 isa vertical section taken on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2;

Fig. 4 is a side elevation of the massaging '25 head having a friction casing applied thereover;

Fig. 5 is a similar view showing another kind of friction casing;

Fig. 6 isV an enlarged sectionv similar to Fig. 3 showing a plurality of wicks for con-V ducting the medicament' to the exterior of the head; and

Fig. 7 is another modification in whichthe head is designed to contain the medicament.

In'the construction of mydeviceyI employ a handle 8, which is preferably made of glass and which is provided with an interior bore or cavity 9 in which a medicament ,is to be placed; T he medicament'is in liquid form so that itwill flow freely.` 16 represents the massaging head, which is preferably made of-,hard rubber or similar non-corrosive material and which is capable of being finished smoothly and of receiving a high polishlso. that there will be absolutely no possibility of scratching ory injuringthe gums. vThe head is preferably made in the form of a flattened ellipse so thatv it will very nearly resemble the shape of a finger, the forward end 11 beingl rounded so that the end will be'blunt and eliminate any possibility puncturing either the gums or the interior of the mouth. he rear end 12 of the head is cylindrical and is provided with a bore 13 in which a resilient gasket 14 is located. The purpose of this 4gasket is to make a leak 1925. serial No. 34,753.Y

tight joint between the head and the handle 8. The interior of the head is hollow as indicated by the numeral 15 so that the medieament from the handle can lenter the head. rI`he head is also provided with a plurality of ducts 16 through which the medicament y passes to the exterior surface of the head and lsthus distributed in the gums yduring the massaging operation. In the event that 'a greater amount of friction is desired than 1s possible by means of the smooth polishedv head 10, I may employ a.. friction casing 17 as illustrated in Fig. 4. This casing is preferably of soft rubber and is provided with a pluralityof openings 18, which, when the will surround the ducts 16 and permit free passage of the medicament.

I may also, if desired, employ a friction casing 19 as illustrated in Fig. 5. In this instance the casing will be of textile fabric, such as silk or similar fine material. When thus equipped,the casingV can be thrown away after every .massage, and being. of textile material the medicament passing through the ducts will be absorbed by vthe casing and thus distributed to the gums.

In Fig. 6 I have shown still another modification in which wicks 20 pass through the ducts and extend into the interior of the head, the vouter end of the wicks terminate casing is in position,

thismanner a constant feed of medicament to the .outer surface is obtained without danger of a surplus amount entering the mouth, and by regulating the texture of the wicks a predetermined rate .of feed of medicament can be obtained.

p .In Fig.v 7 I have shown still another modi fied form in which it is preferable to employ the wicks shown in Fig. 6 and in which the medicament is designed to be located in the head itself, the handlel 21 being )solid and'acting asa stopper for the head.

` It is to be understood, of course, that where the hollow handle 8 is used, a stopper lis furnished for the handle ,so that the head iush with the surface of` the headlOj In v short time.

shown as these, especially the shape of the and the device is ready for operation. The

head is then placed in the mouth against the gums. This places the handlein ahoiiiaontal position and perii'iits the medicament to tloiv into the head and pass through the ducts 1G. These'ducts are very-si iall so that the medicament will only ooze tlierethrough` In other Words, the ducts are so small that it Will be impossible for the ii'iedicainent to pass rapidly therethrough and thus be exhausted in a The implement is then ,moved backward and fornf'ard along the gums, the degree of `friction being regulated to a great exten't'by the pressure employed by the individual operator, although the friction may be increased by .the use of the additional friction casiiigs illustrated iii Figs. i and 5. After the massaging has been finished, it is only necessary'to place thedevice in a standing position, that is with the head uppermost, Which will permit 'the medicament to run baclzrinto the handle, after which the handle may closed up with the-stopper andthe head sterilized, if desired. i

In Fig. 7 I havel shoWna modified form in which the medicament is placed directly in the head, the opening in the interiory of the head being suiiicient to maintaina charge ot medicament, that is suiicient medicament 'for a single treatment, after which, ofcourse, the head is tol be thoroughly sterilized. 1With thepinoditication shown in Fig. (i, a steady amount 'oli' medicament is ted to .the surface by `means ol' the Wicks-b and by reason oi the wicks it is also Vpossible to obtain a slightly greater degree et lrictioii than is possible with the heads shown in Figs. l, 2 and 8, although not quite as much as. shown iii'Figs. l and has been known among the dental pro- Jfession tor manyV years that n'iassaging the gums is the best-treatment possible for pyorrhea, andimany a. dentist has advocated the massaging of the gums with the linger. My device isi intended to have `the sanieaction on. the gums as thelinger with the lessened possibility ot carrying germs into the mouth. The friction can be regulated,

and in addition to this, a continuous supply of beneficial medicine can be massaged into the gums at the same time; this is practically impossible by using the fingers, as even distribution ol medicine by means of the linger is practically impossiblethere being an oversupply at the point where the finger ply as the massage proceeds.

Hai/i110Q fully described my invention,

ir'stcontacts and a gradual lessening snp-'- n `whatV l claim is Y Y Y l. A gum massaging implement comprising a tubular handle open at one endoiily and adapted to contain a medicament, a hollow massaging' head carriedV by the open end of said handle and surrounding the saine and adaptedr to receive medic nient therefrom,

ducts formed in said head andadaptedto coniinunieate with the interior thereof for conducting medicament thereliroimand a removable resilient casing` for said head, said casing beingv provided with perforations that register' with said ducts so that said medicai'ii ntcan pass from the interior ofthe head to the enter sui-tace ol said casing vvlientlie device is in use. v

2. A gum massaging implement compriscasing for said head,said casingadaptedl tov `have the medicament pass therethrou andv dit be delivered to the g'nii'is Vwhen the device is ing a hollow massaging head having a cylin-v rality of ducts foi-ined in said head and coininunicating with the interior thereofv so that medicament can pass therethrough, and a removable friction covering for said head,

said covering adapted to have the iiied'i'cavnient pass therethrough and be delivered to the gums when the device is in use."

In testimony whereof-I have ai'lixed my signature.


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