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Publication numberUS1661607 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 6, 1928
Filing dateFeb 9, 1925
Priority dateFeb 9, 1925
Publication numberUS 1661607 A, US 1661607A, US-A-1661607, US1661607 A, US1661607A
InventorsGeo Evans Russell
Original AssigneeGeo Evans Russell
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Collapsible-tube brush
US 1661607 A
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March 6, 1928. 6 1,661,607

' R. G. EVANS COLLAPSIBLE TUBE BRUSH Filed Feb. 9, 1925 Patented Mar. 6, 1928.


comarsmtn-runn nnusn.

Application filed February a, 1925. Serial No. 8,067.

My invention relates to improvements in a type of shaving brush having also a selffeeding device in the form of a collapsible tube. The object of my invention is to provide a collapsible container to hold all manner of semi-fluids,- such as creams and the like, in combination with a type of brush that will apply such creams to a surface.

f the accompanying drawings:

Fig.1 is a perspective view of collapsible tube brush in its complete form. 1 r

Fig. 2 is another view of the same form only this X-ray view shows plainly the po sition of rubber applicator 1n top-of container.

Figs. 3, views of itself.

Referring to the drawings in detail:

Similar numerals refer to similar parts throughout the several views.

I will now explain the details of my rubber applicator that is shown in four separate and distinct views Figs. 3, 4, 5 and 6:

I have shown in Fig.3 the general plan of my brush. The material 10 is porous rubber known by its trade name sponge rubber. This entirely surrounds all sides of so tubular member Number 11. Number 12 is the vacant space or hole in hollow tubular member; the shaded circle 13 is the base portion which would come into sight at a direct view from top of applicator. Fig. 6

shows a more complete view of bottom of base with its hole 12 through this aforesaid base.

Fig- 5 is a perspective side view, that explains how sponge rubber 10 entirely. sur- 4" rounds side of applicator and is attached to the base Number 13.

Fig. 4 isnothing more than a sectional side "iew, as explained before, Number-10 is sponge rubber entirely surrounding tubular member 11. This same tubular member is attached to a rather circular and flat base Number 13. In this same view, Fig. 4,'the

1 Number 12 points to hole through 4, 5 and 6 are four separate detail this rubber brush or applicator arrow base that continues from top to bottom of this aforesaid rubber apphcatpr.

In carrying this rnventmn mto practice I first obtain a collapsible container which is shown in Fig. 1 in the form of a common collapsible tube made of soft pliable metal. The views Figs. 1 and 2 show the inven tion of course in its complete and finished form.

To bring the invention to this stage of assembly I first take a collapsible tube or any other contractible container'that is open at both ends. I then inject this pliable rubber applicator into and through bottom opening;

pushing it up and part. way through top mouth of tube. It is now in position as shown in X-ray view at Fig. 2 when applicatorf is in this aforesaid position tube is loaded with cream under pressure, bottom of tube is then permanently closed as shown in both the Figs. 1 and 2. I

The pressure will be just enough to hold applicator infits correct position in mouth of container yet not enough to force cream out and through applicator until such extra pressure may be applied on outside of container, which of course takes place only in its use as a collapsible tube brush.

Having now described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to protect by Letters Patent is as follows:

1. A collapsible tube having an opening in one end, a rubber base closing the open end of said tube, there being a perforation through said base, an elastic nipple integral with said base and surrounding the perforation therein, and a sponge rubber distributor surrounding said nipple and secured to the nipple and to the base.

2. An applicator comprising a rubber base, a short tubular member projecting through and abovesaid base and secured thereto, and a sponge rubber spreader attached to the base.

3. In combination a container; and an ap plicator connected therewith, comprising a rubber base having a short tubular member projecting above said base and a sponge rubber spreader surrounding the tubular I member above the base.

This specification signed this 11th day of January 1926.


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U.S. Classification401/266, 15/244.1, 132/74.5
International ClassificationA45D34/04, A45D27/04, A46B11/00, A45D27/00
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