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Publication numberUS1662077 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 13, 1928
Filing dateDec 6, 1927
Priority dateDec 6, 1927
Publication numberUS 1662077 A, US 1662077A, US-A-1662077, US1662077 A, US1662077A
InventorsHattie B Schwartz
Original AssigneeHattie B Schwartz
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Kindergarten crayon and scissors holder
US 1662077 A
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Man-ch13, 192a 1,662,017

H. B. SCHWARTZ KINDERGARTEN canon AND sclssons HOLDER Filed Dec. 6. 1927 Patented Mar. 13, 1928.


KINDERGARTEN canyon AND scrssons froimnn.

Application filed December 6, 1927. Serial No. 238,111.

My invention has for its objects to provide a simple and inexpensive device for holding crayons vertically endwise in individual sockets for use by kindergarten pupils, with means for also holding a pair of scissors in a safe and convenient position in said device, and also with means for holding paste in the same device with cover;to provide a device which will not only have means formed therein for holding crayons and scissors, but will also be so construct-ed that a lead pencil can be inserted therein and will be usable as a handle, if desired for carrying the device, otherwise said penoil will be held in a convenient and out-ofthe-way position; and to provide a device which can be readily and economically stamped from thin sheet metal and which will occupy small space for packing or for 2 storing when not in use.

In order to fully explain my invention, I have shown the preferred form thereof on the accompanying sheet of drawings, which I will now describe.

The figure is a perspective view of a device embodying my invention, with parts broken away to show the underside arrangement.

Referring now in detail to the drawings, my improved device as here illustrated for descriptive purposes is shown of crescent form and comprises a sheet metal body 5, with a series of holes 6, therethrough, with the edge flange 7 around the same, and with a cup 8, formed therein, with a cover 9, therefor pivoted as at 9, substantially as illustrated. There is alsoformed a depression or scissors-receiving socket 10, into which can be inserted, point first, a pair of scissors 11, with the handles thereof flush with the top of the device, as illustrated, and with the handles resting in the open space of the crescent form of the device. On the underside of said device, underlying the holes 6, is a stop member or shelf 12, to limit the distance which the crayons can be inserted through said holes 6. Thecrayons are designated C and are of various colors, as will be understood without further illustration or description. The ends or horns 5, 5, are provided with transverse holes 13, 13. to receive therethrough a lead pencil 14. This can be used, if desired, as a handle,

although it furnishes a desirable and con' venient place for safely holding a pencil.

The space between the underside of the top and the shelf 12 is such that crayons can be inserted thercbetwecn, on the underside of the top, when not in use, if desired. This puts all wrayons, scissors and paste container within the thickness of the device and makes it possible for it to be packed or stored over night in small compass.

Thus I have provided a sin1ple,'practical and comparatively inexpensive device for use by kindergarten children at school or in the home, with means for conveniently holding the crayons, the scissors, the pencil and the paste container, and while I have shown a particular form of device, I am aware that changes can be made in the form and details without departing from the spirit of my in vention, and I do not limit it to the showing here made for descriptive purposes, except as I may be limited by the hereto appended claims.

I claim:

1. A device of the character illustrated including in combination a body having a series of holes therein to receive crayons endwise, a SiJOPIIlGHllOGl' at one side of said holes to limit the distancecrz yons can be inserted .therethrough, said stop member forming space between said body and itself to receive crayons therebetween.

2. A device of the character illustrated comprising a sheet metal body having holes therethrough to receive crayons endwise, and having a depression terminating under the top of said device to receive scissors with their point under the top and their body flush with said top, and means under said holes to limit the distance said crayons can be inserted through said holes.

3. A device of the character shown and described comprising a sheet metal body having two horn portions with transverse holes therethrough in alinement with each other to receive a pencil therethrough from one to the other, said body having a series of holes through its top to receive crayons cndwis'e and a depression in said top terminating in an opening through said top to receive scissors with the point through said hole under said top and the scissors body embedded in said depression, and a paste receptacle depressed in said top.

1-. A device of the character referred to comprising a sheet metalbody having a border flange on its lower side and a series of holes through its top to receive endwise crayons, a stop member below said holes under the top of said device to form a stop for said crayons, said top having a pocket formed therein to receive scissors approximately in the plane of said top, said top having a receptacle stamped therein to receive paste, with cover therefor, said st 3 member under the top of said device bei% spaced from the underside of said top su ficiently to receive therebetween crayons when not in use, substantially as described.

5. A device of the character shown comprising a sheet metal body of crescent form with a borderflange around its underside and with a series of holes through said body, to

1 receive therethrough endwise crayons, a

stop member under said top below said holes and spaced from said top to form a stop for said crayons inserted through said holes, transverse holes through the horns of said device to receive a pencil therethrough transversely from one horn to the other through said border flange, a pocket formed by a depression in the top of said body with one end opening through said top to receive scissors therein with their points through said hole, said top having formed therein a receptacle for paste, and a pivoted cover upon said top for said receptacle.

Signed at Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California, this 29th day of November, 1927.


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