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Publication numberUS1663221 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 20, 1928
Filing dateJul 11, 1927
Priority dateJul 2, 1927
Publication numberUS 1663221 A, US 1663221A, US-A-1663221, US1663221 A, US1663221A
InventorsScroggins Philip
Original AssigneeScroggins Philip
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Hockey boot
US 1663221 A
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Mrcli l i A P- SCROGGlNs HOCKEY B`oo T Filed July 11. 1927 Patented Mar. 20, 1928.



Application filed July 11, 1927, Serial No. 204,373, and in Canada July 2, 1927. v

This invention relates to .laced boots used for skating and provided with an ankle support inside the boot adapted to be snugly j secured vabout the ankle of the wearer, as shown in my co-pending application of even date herewith.

In that application straps connected to the frontV edges of the ankle support passed through slots in the upper and were secured together over the lacing of the boot. y

Sonie users of hockey boots found this objectionable, and to meet the requirements of this section of the trade the present construction is designed.V

In the boot, the subject of this application, the tongue is used as part of the ankle support `and one or more straps secured to the other edge of the front of the ankle support are passed through slots or loops at the adjacent edge of 'the tongue, then through slots in the adjacent edge of 'the front of the upper and are then secured by buckles to the outside of the upper substantially as hereinafter more specifically devscribed and as illustrated in the accompanying drawings in which p j F ig. lis a perspective view of a hockey boot constructed in accordance with my invention;

Fig. 2 a cross section through the upper and ankle support; and

Figx a development-of the ankle and tongue of the boot.

In the drawings like numerals of reference vindicate corresponding parts in the portion of the boot, extending forward sub-` stantially to the forward part of the instep.v

The support is secured to the bootv along its .integral with the support.

support lower edge, preferably also down the middle and one edge of it is secured to one forward'v edge of the ankle support. To the other forward edge of the ankle support is secured a leather re-inforcement 5 provided with one or more straps 6, which are vpreferably The adjacent edge of the tongue Vis provided with strap guides 7, preferably formed by slotting the tongue. -In the adjacent side ofthe front of the body, behind the leather holes 8,- are formed the slots 8. The straps 6 are passed through. the strapA guide 7 andthrough the slots 8.` To the outside of the boot arefsecured the buckles 9, while the ends of the straps 6 are provided with the usual holes.

The straps niay thus be detachably securedl outside the boot.4 Any other form of detachably fastening than that shown might, of course, be employed.

From the construction described it appears that the tongue lforms a part of the ankle support and, as it is of leather and Well padded, the pressure of the strap 6 is well distributed-- These straps has been laced and the laces secured along its lower edge within thel upv-. per; a tongue vformed on or secured at its Vlower end to the upper, secured by one edge to one edge of the front of the ankle support and provided'with a strap guide. at its opposite edge; a strap secured to the opposite edge of the ankle support and passed through the strap guide on the tongue; and a buckle Vsecured to the outside of the upperv whereby the strap may be detachably connected therewith, said upper having an opening therethrough for the kpassage of the strap. Signedat Galt, Ontario, Canada, this 11th day ofvMay, 1927.


p can be l readily tightened any time after the bootV A boot provided 4with an ankle support

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U.S. Classification36/89
International ClassificationA43B5/02
Cooperative ClassificationA43B5/025, A43B5/02
European ClassificationA43B5/02B, A43B5/02