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Publication numberUS1663385 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 20, 1928
Filing dateMar 26, 1926
Priority dateMar 26, 1926
Publication numberUS 1663385 A, US 1663385A, US-A-1663385, US1663385 A, US1663385A
InventorsArthur F Reinheimer
Original AssigneeArthur F Reinheimer
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US 1663385 A
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March 20, 1928. v

A. F. REINHEIMER GAME Filed March 26. 1926 gwmzmloac4 ATU-11.11" F REiTll'LEj-FLEF A ,Patented Mar." 20, 1,9248.


This invention relates to improvements in games'.

The primary the provision of a game board having. certain indicia thereon of differing value, with certain areas adjacent Athereto ,in 4the nature of targets which are more or less diicult to hit according to the value of the indicia; and a dart being provided for the skillful 1Q usel of individuals playing the game, in connection withtthe target areas.

A further object of this invention is the provision of a game board having a pluraL vityof concentric areas thereon of contrasting nature, certain of theareas being pro` vided with indicia of differing value and certain other areas adjacent thereto being provided with target areas which individuals may strive to hit for the purpose of rczo ceiving the value of indicia of adjacent areas `thereto., v

A furtherobject of this invention is the provision of an improved game board which embodies a simple and compact arrangement of indicia and target areas by means of r*which a great number of games may be played in an independent or. aA cooperative relation. Other objects and advantages of this invention will be apparent during the course of the following detailed description.

In the accompanying drawing, forming a partuof this specification, and wherein Simif lar reference characters designate'` corresponding parts throughout the several v1ews Figure 1 is a plan view of the improved game board.

Figure 2 is across sectional view taken 4g diametrically across the game board. l

Figure 3 is a` cross sectional viev.1 taken thru a dart guiding wall of the game board which sub-divides the different target areasl 7 from each other.

l Figure 4 is a perspective View of a dart which may be used with this game board. In the drawing, wherein for the purpose of illustration is shown only a preferred embodiment of the invention, the letter A may generally designate the improved game board, having certain target areas thereon toward which individuals throw darts B of any approved construction.

The game board A includes a main body 10 formed of wood or analogous material object ofv this invention isl 'proved shape, btis preferably Hat and cirlboard, and an annular series of small cirtarget' area.

applicati@ and narcn 2s, 192e.l srial' No. 97,704.'

which may be easily pierced bythe needle point 11 of the dart I3 when the latter is thrown, in order to hold its position on the board. This body 10 may be Iof any ap- (l cular. At the center of the board 10 an area 0 11'is provided, which may be coloredwin any approved manner. Concentric with this area 11 and the'center of the board 10 are `disposed a plurality lof ring shaped circles or areas 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16, of successively increasing diameters, all 'of the same being concentric with the center of the game board or the area 11. These areas 11 to 16 inclusive are colored in contrasting manner, as toadjacent circled` areas. Thus, the areas 12 and 16 may be colored red; the area 14 may be colored green; and the areas 11, 13 and 15 may remain white or otherwise co1- ored in contrasting relation with respect to the adjacent concentric areas. A AA circular targetarea 18 is provided concentric with the areas v11 to 16 Yabove mentioned, and immediately adjacent the area 16; the same being wider than any of the so areas 11 to 16 inclusive. This circular targetA area 18 is colored green or with some color' contrasting with the adjacent areas of the cles or high value Vindicating target areas 19 35 are provided within .the targetarea 18; thev small circle target areas 19 being disposed in spaced relation in an annular series around the ring shaped target area 18. These small circles 19 in total area comprise but a fraction, less than one-half of the total area of the target circle` 18, and they are all colored the same, preferably black, in a contrasting relation with the remaining i In order to clearly define the boundaries between the -various concentric circle areas, and to guidethe dart B in its Hight into the particular area towards which the same is directed, so as to avoid disputes, it is preferred to place circular guide walls of sheet metal at the1 boundary between adjacent areas. Thus, between the inner circle 11 and the ring'shaped area 12 a relatively small circular or ring shaped guide wall 25 is provided at the boundary between said areas 11 .and 12; a similar but greater diametered guide wall 26 is disposed between theareas '12 and 13; `a circular or ring shaped guide wall 27 is disposed at the boundary betweer 110 the areas 13 and 14; a ring shaped guide wall 28 is disposed at the boundary between .of each of these guide walls is tapered to a sharp edge sloping from the oposite sides thereof so that the needle 11 of the dart B will be guided thereover into the proper area of the. board A. The guide walls thus provide channels on the board sub-divided from each other in such manner as to avoid disputes, by reason of the fact that it is impossible for the dart to engage in the board directly on the boundary line. y,

'l`he high value indicating target areas 19 in the circular target area 1 8 are sub-divided from the remaining portions of the target area 18 by novel guide members 40, each of which includes a circular or ring shapedv body- 41 having the radially disposedplane guide flanges 42 and 43 at diametrically opposed locations thereon extending exteriorly from the ring body 41, as is illustrated in the various figures of the drawing. The upper edges of the walls or portions 40, 42 and 43 are tapered as above described for the boundary walls 25 to 31 inclusive, to guide the dart B in its flight into the proper target area.

In position in the target area 18 the members 40 are disposed so that the ring shaped body 41 surrounds the small target area 19, with the flanges 42 and 43 in abutment at their end edges with the outer periphery of the guide wall 30 and the inner periphery of the guide wall 31. In this relation of parts the flanges 42 and 43 of each of the members 40 are radially disposed on the board in aligning intersecting relation with the center of the board. The spaces between adjacent members 40, which may each be designated by numeral 50a, are considerably larger than the target areas 19, and these spaces 50a are low value indicating target areas, as will be subsequently apparent.

The area on the board A outwardly of the guide wall 31 has arranged thereon indicia or delineations of any approved character, which may be aligned in a distinctive radial relation with the target areas 19 and 50EL of the target ring 18. This indicia may take the form of playing cards, dice, numbers,

or the like, arranged individually or in combinations. In the preferred instance inner, intermediate, and outer concentrioally arranged rings of indicia are disposed in a cooperative relation with respect to each other and with respect to the target areas 19 and 50a.

In the inner value indicatingfring it is preferred to place playing cards of high denomination in radial alignment with the target areas 19, and intermediate these playing cards which align with the target areas 19 are disposed delineations designating a pair of dice .in radially aligning .relation with the target areas 50a; the dice being shown andin'dicated with various combinations other than high value winning combinations. The dice combinations in the inner value indicating circle are ranged alternately with the cards of this circle, and the cards with respect to each other may be alternately red and black, as to suit.

In the intermediate value indicating circle it is preferred tol place high value indicating dice combinations in radial alignment with the target areas 19, and alternately arranged with these are cards of low value radially aligning withl the target areas 50a. rI`hus, each high value target area 19 in the inner value indicating ring has a card of high denomination aligning therewith and in the intermediate k.value indicating ring it has a pair of dice of the combination 7 or 11 aligning therewith, whereas each target area 50 in the4 inner value indicating ring has a pair of dice of low combination or low value and in the intermediate value indicating ring has a card of low value. 'Ihe cards in the intermediate ring may be arranged alternately as to color and suit.

rIhe outer value indicating circle is provided with numbers or numerals in circles, and for each target area 19, in the outer value indicating circle, the number 50 appears in a circle. For the target areas 50, the outer value indicating circle has a radially aligning numeral therein, of lower value than 50, as indicated in Figure 1 O the drawing.

Referring to the playing of the game, the dart B may be used, which includes a hand engaging body 60v at one end of which the needle 11a is inserted in an axial projecting relation; the opposite end of the body being provided with an axially extending vane orbalance tail 61, to stabilize the dart B during Hight, as can readily be understood.

One Yor more of the darts may be used by each player, and various games may be played. The game may be played similar to the ordinary 'target game, 1n an attempt to throw the darts B into the bulls eye area 11. The contrasting circled areas may have various values for the colors thereof, or certain colors may be winning colors and other colors of less value.

If a card game is being played it is readily apparent that if the player eareulil throws the dart into a target area 19, he w obtain the high value of the card radially aligning therewith in the inner value 1nd1-` eating circle o cards. On the other hand if the dart is not skillfully thrown but enters the green target area a card of lower value in the intermediate value indicating circle will measure the extent of the players score. y

If a dice game is being played a dart thrown in the difficult target area 19 will indicate that the player has won a Combination 7 or 11, according to the combination which aligns with the particular area 19, in the intermediate value indicating circle.` On the other hand if the dart enters the area 50a the dice combination shown on the inner value indicating circle willv result to the player. Y

It a. game is being played accordingto nuinbers, the numbers appearing in radially aligning relation with the respective target fareas 19 and 50a, will measure the extent 0f the players score. 4.

From the foregoing description it isapparent that a novel gameboard has been pro'- vided, with which many 'games may be played, and which requires considerable skill 1n order tol secure high values. Disputes are avoided by reason of the fact that the guide i walls will guide the position of the dart to a particular area on the/board, which determines the value of the players score. The value indicating inner intermediate land outer circles may be suitably protected by walls if desired, since it 1s preferred t at this portion of the playing the value which is guide d board be also suitable l for being pierced by the dart, in order that.

In a target game the combination of a target board having avsubstantially ring u 'shaped target area thereonv outlined by concentric guide walls, said guide walls therebetween having radiallyi extending guide walls in spaced relation, eachA of said radial guide Walls between the concentric p .ide walls of the ring shaped target area. emg

',circularly arranged to provide a pocket.


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