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Publication numberUS1663492 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 20, 1928
Filing dateAug 2, 1926
Priority dateAug 2, 1926
Publication numberUS 1663492 A, US 1663492A, US-A-1663492, US1663492 A, US1663492A
InventorsLee Chamberlain
Original AssigneeChamberlain Co Inc
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Mud-laden fluid for oil and gas wells
US 1663492 A
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Patented Mar. 20, 1928.




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My invention relates to oil, gas and water wells, and it has for a purpose the provision of a mud-laden fluid and a method of producing the same by which the flow of gas,

oil and water under pressure from a Well can be controlled and the sealing up of the interstices in the sides of the well eflected.

It is also a purpose of my invention to provide a mud-laden fluid wh ch has a higher specific gravity than similar fluids heretofore proposed so as to render it more effective in controlling or holding down heavy pressur's of oil, gas or water. Relatively speaking, the space in a well casing capable of recei'v'ng a mud-laden fluid is limited so that only a small portion of the fluid is really active to hold down heavy ressures. I provide a fluid in which its speci c gravity is beyond that of fluids such as those con- 2 taining iron oxide so that its weight for a given length of casing is greater and hence the fluid is more effective in preventing the blowing off of a well.

A further purpose of my invention is the provision of a mud-laden fluid which, while having a much higher specific gravity than other fluids of this character, is of a consistency to permit of its being readily circulated to carry off the cuttings and to allow them to drop or settle in the settling ditch with suflic ent rapidity to permit of its reuse indefinitely. Further. the consistency of the fluid is such as to prevent its being gas cut? and thus overbalanccd by the gas pressure, thereby preventing the mud column from being expelled from the well.

\Vit'h the foregoing and other purposes in Application filed August 2, 1926. Serial No. 126,747.

view, my invention consists in the provision of a compound consisting of mud, water and iron filings, iron borings and iron scale all 40 ground and mixed in the desired proportion and quantities according to the character of the well being bored. Iron filings, borings and scale are especiaily suitable because they are substantially pure iron and hence have a high specific gravity. The specific gravity of the fluid is slightly in excess of five. Therefore, by forming a mud containing this material a mud-laden fluid of a specific gravity considerably in excess of other fluids can be readily obtained, while the viscosity can still be kept low enough to permit it to be readily employed in the well without becoming gas cut.

The improved fluid is introduced into the well casing and circulated through the well in the ordinary manner as in the usual practice of forcing water and the ordinary muds through the well, and the fluid will eflfectively seal up the sides of the well and pre- 0 vent the blowing out of the oil or as.

Although I have herein describe only one form of mud-laden fluid and one method of producing the fluid, it is to be understood that various changes and modifications may be made from the manner and method described without departing from the spirit of the invention, and the spirit and scope of the appended claim.

I claim:

A mud-laden fluid for oil and gas wells comprising finely ground iron filings, borings and scale.


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U.S. Classification507/143, 209/172.5
International ClassificationC09K8/05, C09K8/02
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