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Publication numberUS1663554 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 27, 1928
Filing dateApr 7, 1927
Priority dateJan 19, 1926
Publication numberUS 1663554 A, US 1663554A, US-A-1663554, US1663554 A, US1663554A
InventorsGunther Meyer-Jagenberg
Original AssigneeGunther Meyer-Jagenberg
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Paper-roll wrapping machine
US 1663554 A
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'March 27, 1928. 1,663,554

- G. 'MEYER-JAGENBERG PAPER ROLL WRAPPING MACHINE Filed April 7, 1927 GinrZzer Myer- 75! enZe/y FffOI-IIQX Patented Mar. 27, .1928.



Application filed April 7, 1927, Serial no.

This invention refers broadly to the ap-' plicationof a protecting and enveloping wrapper to large rolls of paper and similar flexible material for ship-ping purposes and the like, and it is particularly intended to facilitate the application of the wrapper to the roll, to reduce the amount of handling and to more securely attachthe wrapper to the roll than heretofore. The devices for W the wrapping up of large rolls of paper and the like for shipping or transportation purposes in which the rolls to be handled are carried upon supporting rollers and are env'eloped. by their ownrotation with a glued web of paper or the like which is pulled off a supply roll, as constructed accordlng to the previous art, require the employment of special heavy lifting means for the raising of the heavy rolls into the operating position and for the lowering of the wrapped up rolls. Moreover, the .wrapping and dischargin devices heretofore known are objectiona le on account of the high, difiicultly controllable and much space consuming and requires much time and power. Now,

it is one of the important objects of thisin the rolls tobe wrapped up into the working.

position is effected simultaneously with the letting down of'the wrapped-up rolls and by the utilization of the weight of-these rolls.- By this means a very compact and space-savmg structure becomes possible and it also results in a great simplification of manipulation with a minimum of effort, and ma more rapid, highly economical mode of operation.- I V s r The invention willbe more fully and, accuratelytdescribed by reference to the accompanying drawing showing by way of exemplification an embodiment of the principles of the inventionin igure 1 in side view and in Figure 2 in top plan view. As shown in. the drawing, the wrapping or packin paper roll 2 is rotatably disposed umerneatl the machine table '1.-\ From this structure Their operation is complicated 181,697, and in Germany Jamar-e19, 192s.

of wrapping paper placed against it to be wrapped around the roll 6. The wrapping web is wider than the roll 6 and the projecting portion 8 is turned down upon the front sides of the roll 6 simultaneously with the wrapping operation or subsequently thereto. At the rear of the supporting rollers 5 the machine table carries a pressingdevice for the wrapped-up rolls, which comprfses substantially the pressing plates 9 one of which may beforced against the roll by means of a screw spindle 10. Upon the supporting posts 11 rocking frame 12 is mounted which preferably surrounds the entire device and which, at the front and rear ends of the same, is provided with substantially arc-shaped grates or open trellis work roll supporting platforms 13, 14. The curvature of the grates or platforms 13, 14' is such that the ascending and descending surfaces formed by said latforms in this lowered and raised positions respectively will be on a level with the floor or other hor- -izontal bottom surface and the-surface of the machine table.

The mode of operation of the device is substantially as followsz The roll of paper or the like 6 to be wrapped up'is pushed or rolled along the floor 1n the direction of the arrow indicated in Figure 1 and will thereby get upon and ascend the lowered platform grating or trellis 13. Then-a previously wrapped-u roll rolled from the table 1 upon the p atform' grating or trellis 14, whereupon the rocking frame 12 is tilted without any effort into the position indicated in dotted lines. The then raised unwrapped 6 will now be pushed without any troub e or effort onto the supporting rollers 5, wherefrom the previously wrapped roll 6 has been discharged, and theroc king frame. is restored to its initial position. After the glued web of wrapping pa er has beenplaced against the roll 6 an of the pulley 7 or other driving means causing the rotation of the supporting rollers 5 the r0116 is 'wrapped-upand the projecting side edges of the wrapping paperv are turned down upon the roll. Thereupon the roll 6 is carried between the pressing any special round-cut protecting paper capsplates 9 where the turned over portion of the wrapping paper are forced tightly against the sides of the roll. If desired,

15 may be pasted onto the front sides of the finished roll. In the meantime another unwrapped roll 6 has been pushed upon the grating 13 and the cycle of operations is then repeated, the Wrapped-up roll having been rolled onto the grating 14. Thus a continuous operation is obtained, inasmuch as the rolls to be wrapped-up, as distinguished from the known mode of procedure, are continuously rolled onto the rocking frame in the same direction, and are subsequently carried along to the difierent working stations and are rolled off after treatment.

It should be understood that the example described in the specification is merely illustrative and is not to be regarded as limiting the invention to this particular embodiment, but alterations and modifications may occur to suit existing conditions and the convenience of the operator without deviating from the spirit of the invention, except as otherwise stated in the appended claims.

I claim 1. In a device of the kind described in combination, elevated means for supporting and rotating a roll about which flexible material is to be wrapped, means arranged at a lower level than said roll supporting means for supporting and guiding wrapping material into contact with said roll about which such material is to be wrapped, and a rockable lever-like support, pivoted intermediate its ends, and adapted for respectively supporting a roll to be wrapped and-a roll which has been wrapped at its opposite ends and for respectively raising and lowering T the said rolls into and out of cooperative relationship with respect to the elevated supporting means.

2. In a device of the kind described in combination, elevated means for supporting and rotating a roll about which flexible material is to be wrapped,means for supporting and guiding wrapping. material to said roll,

a rocking frame, fulcrumed intermediate its ends, and curved platforms at the ends of said. frame, adapted to aline with the ele vated supporting means in the tilted positions of the rocking frame and adapted to respectively raise and lower unwrapped and wrapped up rolls into and out of engagement with the elevated supporting means. 3. In a paper roll wrapping machine, a

table, rolls disposed adjacent one end of the a table, rolls arranged adjacent to one end of said table for supporting and rotating a paper roll to be wrapped. means arranged below the level of the table for supplying and guiding material to be wrapped about said roll, a tilting frame having terminal roll supporting portions movable by the tilting movements of the frame into and out of registry with the paper roll supporting 'and rotating rolls and the end of the table opposite said rolls, and means arranged in the path of a'wrapped paper roll traveling over the table for compressing projecting portions of the wrapping materialagainst the ends of the paper roll.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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