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Publication numberUS1664444 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 3, 1928
Filing dateApr 5, 1926
Priority dateApr 5, 1926
Publication numberUS 1664444 A, US 1664444A, US-A-1664444, US1664444 A, US1664444A
InventorsAlfred R Wilson
Original AssigneeHutchins Car Roofing Co
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Saddle and center joint cap
US 1664444 A
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vApril 2.,T 1928.

1,664,444 A. R. wlLsoN SADDLE AND CENTER JOINT GAP Filed April 5. 1926 2 Sheets-Shei l 3 n uc n fo@ A. R. WILSON SADDLE AND CENTER JOINT CAP Filed April 5. 1926 April 3, 192s.

2 Sheets-Sheet 2 nventoz Patented Apr. 3, 1928.






Applicationlled rApril 5,1926. Serial No.. 99,948.

as well as other objects, advantages and novel details of constructiom will' be made more apparent asthis description proceeds, especially 'when considered' in connection with the accompanying drawings wherein Figure 1 is a fragmentary plan View of a car roof `'showing 'my'inventionv in use. i Figure 2 is a fragmentar sectional view taken substantially o'n'the line 2 2 of Fig-y ure l; f

Figure 3 is a fragmentary sectionall view indicated by the line -3 3 of Figure 1.

.Figure is a fragmentaryzperspective view showing more in detail this improved` device.

AReferring now particularly to the vdrawings wherein like reference characters indicate like parts,' it will be noted lthatthere is sho-wn a ridgegpole 10 and a'carline'll of the roof frame, the latterbeing shown as of a substantially inverted U-shape 'and further as secured to the ridgepole by means of bolts 12. The roof sheets 13 in-the herein illustrated construction are formed of metal and are adapted tobe loosely supported to provide a flexible roof structure and are therefore formed with upstanding fianges 14 on their inner and side edges adapted for cooperation with ridge caps 15 and carline caps 16 respectively, in the customary manner, for weather-proofing the joints betweenr the transverse and longitudinal adjacent roof sheets. f y

The structure forming the particular subject matter' of this invention affords means for weather-proofing the junction of the ridge caps andv carline caps and further for affording means for supporting the running board. To this end there is provided a center joint cap member 17 suitably shaped to form cross channel shaped portions adapted to embrace the adjacent ends of the carline caps and ridge caps respectively. For this purpose the center joint cap is formed with a pair of channel-shaped portions 18 which extend in the direction of the carline caps 16 'and 'are adapted to overlap and straddle the adjacentends of these; carline caps inthe manner shown more particularly .in Figure 2.V The center joint cap is formed also with the transversely extending channel portions 19 which are adapted to overlap andvstraddle the adjacent ends of the ridge caps-15 as more clearly shown in Figure 3.

The channel portions 18 and 19 merge yinto a substantially horizontal center portion 20, the'channel portions 18 being inclined downwardlytherefrom-to a degree coincident with the inclinationwof the'roof from the'ridge pole to the eaves. Whenthe center joint cap 17 is secured in place as described,V the juncture of the ridge caps and carline.

craps `is weatherproof fand forv further spaced upwardlyy directed 4extensions 22 terminating in the horizontal' flanges 23. TheY weather-*proofing the connection, a *canvas` sheet or washer 21A-maybe positioned so asy to extend entirelyunder the cap member 17,'v

vThe center joiiitfcap is provided with saddle' plate24- rests upon rvthese horizontal flangesj23 andy is provided adjacent its center'with a downwardly directed offset ordepression'fforming a `slot orrrec'ess 25l and 'providing a wall'portion b2,6 parallel to the portion`20-of the center vjoint capout ofthe general-plane-of the 5saddle plate. Thus, an engagementV between the center joint cap and saddle is not only effected at the ends of these parts but also at the center thereof. At this point of central engagement these two members are apertured to receive the der 28'of which bears against the under side of the center joint cap. The head of this bolt is riveted over 'as shown at 29 to rigidly and tightly unite the center joint cap and saddle plate and to weatherproof the apertures f formed in these members through which this bolt projects. This saddle bolt 27 is adapted to extend downwardly through suitable apertures formed in the ridge pole 10 and the` adjacent carline 11 and is threaded to receive a nut 30.' The running boards 31 restvupon the saddle plate 24 and are secured in place by means of bolts 32, certain ones of whichalso pass through the neck 26 of a shouldered bolt 27, the rshoulhorizontal flanges 23l of the center joint cap for securing the saddle plate thereto at these points.

The invention is distinguishedrby the tact that it may be cheaplj7 manufactured, distributed as a unit and also installed as a unit thus greatly facilita-ting installation. Furthermore, adequate water-proofing of the apertures for receiving the bolt 24e is provided without the introduction 'of special Water-prooling means which might otherwise complicate or increase the cost of production ot' the structure.

Reservation is, ot' course, made to make' such changes in the details of construction as may come within the purviewoiv the accompa-nying claims.

Vhat I claimjas my invention is:

l. In a car roof, a center joint cap, a saddle platey and a saddle holt affording means for uniting said cap and plate to form a unitary structure and for securing said parts to the root structure.

2. In a car roof, a center joint cap, a

saddle plate and a shouldered bolt riveted ink place for securing saidr cap and plate together. I j. c

3. In a car roof, a ridge pole a ,center Y joint or junction cap, a saddle plate, said cap and plate being formed with engaging parallel portions and a saddle vbolt riveted to the saidparallel portions and securing said cap and plate to said ridge pole.V

4. In a car roof, a junction cap, upwardly extending projections'on said cap, a saddle c plate formed with afdownwardly extending projection adapted to engage said cap at a point .intermediate the projections thereon and means for securing said cap andy plate together spaced apart by said projections. l

5. In a carroof, `a carline a center joint cap, a saddle plate, saidcap'and plate h aving engaging portions formed with aligned apertures and a saddle bolt passed through Lesa-,444

said apertures and rriveted to said cap and plate the said saddle bolt securing the said cap and plate to the said carline.

6. In a car roof, a center joint cap, a saddle plato, said cap and -plate having engaging portions formedl with alignedY apertures and a shouldered boltjhaving'a portion extending through said aligned apertures with the shoulder thereof engaging one of said members, the end of said bolt being headed to cooperate with said shoulder to secure said cap and plate together.

'7. In a car roof, 'a center joint captOrmedy with spaced upwardly extending projections, asaddle plate resting o n said projections and formed with a downwardly extending depression engaging said cap and a riveted head cooperating with said shoulder for securing .said vparts together.,H y

fa car roof, .a carline.a ridge pole a centerljoint c'ap,.a saddle plate and ainember having a head portion rigidly securing the said cap and: plate together whereby the' said cap and 4plate may be installed on and removedyfrom a roof structure as a unit, the

said. memberalso havinga body portion en-V gaging lthe said'c'arline and 'ridge pole for securingthe cap and plate to the ca rline .and ridge pole.

In testimony whereof affix AvALFREDR. WILSON.

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