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Publication numberUS1665133 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 3, 1928
Filing dateMar 8, 1927
Priority dateMar 8, 1927
Publication numberUS 1665133 A, US 1665133A, US-A-1665133, US1665133 A, US1665133A
InventorsGibson Virgil L
Original AssigneeGibson Virgil L
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Drawbar shift for tractors
US 1665133 A
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April 3, 192s. u 1,665,133

V. L. GIBSON DRAWBAR SHIFT FOR TRACTORS Filed March 8, 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 27,0.1 r 7. .a f fg-3i 3 i Q" o n n if e 8 21 ATTORNEY April 3, 11428.k

v. L. GIBSON DRAWBAR SHIFT FOR TRACTORS Filed March 8, 1927 2 Shets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR VL. ibSO-ro BY m WITNESSES 77? Fw-lf ATTORNEY Patented Apr. 3, 1928.



'- Applcatonuled March `8, 1927.," Serial No. 173,745.

"This 'invention relates to a drawy bar shift for tractors.

` VAnobj ect of the invention is the provision of a device 'for easyand readyy manipulation of V the'draw bar of the 'tractor'at any time particularly while' the tractor is in 'motion andundenfnllfload."

"'A further "object of the 'inventionis the pov'isionbf a swinging draw bar which'is adapted Y'to be manually "shifted particularly whenthetrctoris plowing on" a hillside and turningthe furrow down the hill.

yAt this time the y'tractor and plow 'are both inclined' to workdownthe hill and the plow doesnot vprovide la'sufhcient 'depthA of cut..

l/Vhenthe end of the field is reached itis necessary' to turn the tractor so that the furrowv is thrown up the hill whereby the plow willnotfcut too deeply. "In shifting the swinging draw bar ofmy improved device I'am able to overcome this difficulty by shifting the draw bar at a predetermined angle tothe longitudinal Va'Xisof the tractor and maintaining the angular shift'.

This inventionnwillA be "best 'understood from a considerationfof the following detailed description, in view/of the accompanying drawings forming a partof 'the specifi cation; nevertheless it is to be" understood that the invention is not confined to the disclosure, being susceptible of vsuch changes andl modilications which shall 'define no material departure from the salient' features of the invention as expressed'in the appended claims'. i f Y In the drawings: t Figure 1 is a side'view in'elevation of `a tractor equipped withv the swinging draw bar and showing the means for operating the same, y

AFigure 2 is a horizontal sectiony taken along thevline 2-2 of Figure 1,

Y and alfront axle 13.

Figure 3 is Va ,transverse vertical section taken along the liney 3-3 of Fig/ure 1,l p

Figure i is a fragmentary planY view of the rear end4 of the tractor,

Figure 5 is a view in perspective showing the rear end of ay tractor and the operating means for shifting the draw bar, and

Figure 6 is a view in perspective showing the parts of the draw bar shifting device in detachedfrelation. u u Referring more particularly to the drawingsl() designates generally a tractor having a rear axle housing 11, a crank casel 12 i Ay draw ba'r'lll is pivotally mounted atfits,`

inner end on'a' bolt 15' carried by Ithe end of an ar1n`16 in a bracketk '17 vbolted'tothe' inner end Vofthev arm 16.' ,A U-shaped bracket 18 is rigidly secured to the inner end ,of the arim ldand'to itsupper face and isconnectedby means fo'f a radius rod bolt 19 which Vis cars ried by: apair of'ea'rs 20j' depending froirn the lower face of the crank case 12'. The out-V` er'endof'the bar 16 is bolted, as at 21, to the frontend ofthe tractor framel and" on't'he front axle'bolt. 'f '1* The free end of the draw ybar 14: has'an eye 22 pivotally connected thereto', asshown at 23.' v'ihis'free endy oftheV arrn is located betweenthe'arms 24 ofthe Ushaped cross head 25. This cross head` is provided with passages 26 to receive thezreduced ends 27' of a sleeve 28." The sleeve iniconjunction with the reduced end 27 provides shoulders 29 which are adapted to abut thevisnner faces ofthe arms24 ofthe crojssvhead; The re duced portionsare provided with diametri--` cally Ldisposed. lugs 30 receivedl by notches 'luformed in thearms 24 andL opening into the passages 26. yThe co-operationof the lugs with the notchesA prevent rotation of the sleeve. Said sleevevis internally threaded, as shown at 32, for a ypurpose which will be' presently described;v A' pair of lbrackets are bolted to the dierentialj'caSing34jby meansjof 'the usualJ bolts `which secure the rear axlehousings 11 to thedifferential casing.' The outer ends'of the brackets are provided with bearings' 36 which' receive'a sleeve 37 and set screws 38' carried `bythe bearings secure the sleeve vagainst rotation. A shaft 39 is rotatably mounted inthe sleeve"37 and has yahand wheel Ll0 to provide for manual rotation lof theshaft.' A sprocket wheel 41 is rigid withanend'of the shaft over which is trained a chain 42' adapted to drive thel sprocket 43 rigid with one end ofa screwt. u At the upper end of depending brackets 45 are formed bearings 46 which are secured by set screws 4-7 to the sleeve-37. iThe low?. er ends of these bracketsare'provided with horizontal lextensions-i8 to which are Asecured bearings 49 formed off` strap iron. "kboltf'O secures the bearingt)` to' net VVonly the horif` ZontaleXtension iSibnt to' an' inwardly -eX- tending flange 51. of the`U-shaped bracket 52.y This 'bracketis disposed inwardly 'of the cross head 25 since thebearings 49 pro;

ject outwardlyof the bracket'where 'they re-' mounted on a tractor, a bracket supported by the tractor, bearings carried by the bracket and offset from said bracket, a screw mounted in the bearings, means for causing rotation of the screw, and a U-shaped cross head carried by the screw and receiving and guiding the free end of the draw bar, said cross head adapted to be moved laterally of the longitudinal axis of the tractor for shifting the free end of the draw bar, an internally threaded sleeve secured to the arms of the U-shaped cross head and engaging the threads of the screw, said cross head being provided With slots, and Wings projecting from the sleeve and received byy the slots in the cross head to prevent rotation of the sleeve.


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U.S. Classification280/470, 280/496
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