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Publication numberUS1665271 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 10, 1928
Filing dateMay 11, 1927
Priority dateMay 11, 1927
Publication numberUS 1665271 A, US 1665271A, US-A-1665271, US1665271 A, US1665271A
InventorsLubbers John A
Original AssigneeLubbers & Bell Mfg Company
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Display stand
US 1665271 A
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A riuo, 1928.

J. A. LUBBERS. DISPLAY .STAND Filed May 11, 1927- i Patented 10, 1928.

s um TED, ES

JOHN A. LUZBBERS, or cLinToN, .IowA; iissr'e von-rdnussnnseJenni, MaNurAcTu-n- ING COMPANY, or "oLI NToN, IOWA, Af oonPon-A'rron or [IOWAL j I men's-Yemeni).

Application fl led May 11, 1927. Serial No. 190,494.

Thisinvention relates to improvements in advertising display stands, and more particularly to display stands having the article itself supported on its face. Many forms of display stands have been heretofore arranged to support one or more of the advertised articles themselves, such standsv being usually placed on counters or, shelves or in a store Window. p

H) In carrying out my invention I have provided a display stand wherein the advertising matter may be printed or otherwise applied to a cardboard of relatively large area, while the portion of the stand upon which the advertised articles themselves are directly mounted is backed by a metal piece concealed behind the advertising matter, but having supporting pieces extending through the card in position to hold the advertising articles at any desired point or points on the face of the card. This arrangement makes it-possible to produce a relatively large piece of dis- 7 play advertising by means of the cardboard piece and at the same time providing the re- 2 uired strength for supporting the advertised articles, at a much reduced cost. My invention also contemplates the provision of metallic supporting members. in standard shapes and sizes, but capable of being utilized with display cards varying widely in size and shape and all detachably connected 1 thereto.

The invention may best be understood by referring to the accompanying drawings,,in as which Figure l is a perspective View of a display stand constructed in accordance with my invention, V a Figure 2 is a sectional view of the stan taken on line 22 of Figure 1, I

Figure 3 is a detail front view of themetal backing piece forming a part of my invention, and

Figure 4 is an enlarged detail view taken 4 5 on line 44 of Figure 3.

As shown in the drawings, I have illustrated my invention as applied to a display, stand for fly swatters although as 'Will here- 7 inafter more fully appear, it may be utilized for promoting the sale of a wide variety of articles or goods.

In the form shown in the drawings display member 10 comprises a piece of cardboard, fibre, or similar stiff material, and

carrying on its face suitable advertising matter. Manifestly this display member may be f ormed in a wide variety ofshapes. V 4

The display member is supported by means of a metallic backing oryeasel, 12 herein shown in'the form. of a sheet metal piece having a forwardly curved U-shaped groove 13 along its lower front margin which forms both a lower supporting edge for the display standand a retaining groove for the lower margin of the advertising display card 10. At suitable points onthe surface of the me tallic backing are formed one or more for wardly extending projections or supporting members" 15, 15 which register with aper tures 16 in the display board 10 and extending beyond the front face of said board so1as to form rigid and substantial supports for i the article or articles to be displayed. In

the form shown these projections or supports consist of up-turned hooks cut outof the metal piece itself, and upon which are in dotted lines;

mounted a plurality offly swatters,-indicated Separate means mayalso be provided for V securing the upper bend of the display card 1O against-the metallic-backing12, for inr stance, a pair of wings 16,16, may be cut out of the metallic backingand bentso as to project forwardly through the display card. 7

Under many conditions, however, the projectingsupports.15, 15 would be alone sufii- 'cient to retain the card in place on its'me tallic' backing. I

Any suitable means may be provided for propping up the backing'at the desired angle, in the form shown a vertically extending tongue 17 being cut out-in the center of v the metallic portion and bent along its upper edgeso as to form an easel support as shown. A beading 18 is also provided inthe metallic piece extending along opposite'sides of the tongue 17 and arched over and across the reinforce and strengthen the backing 7 Although I have shown and described certain embodiments of my invention, it will be understood that I do not wish to be limited to i the exactv construction illustrated and described, but that various changes and modifications may be made without departing, from the spirit and scope of the invention.

I claimfasmyinvention upper end of the metallic backing so as'to r I In a display stand, the combination of a sheet metal easel member having its lower supporting edge bent upwardly to format no P board of fibrous material or the like having .one or more, aperturesf therethrough and fi adapted' tobe detaohably molinted on said V easel member; with its lower edge fitting in 'May, 1927. said groove and its apertures registering I u with the projections on said easel; wherebfi said projections extend beyond the face of said board to form rigid-supports for ad- 10 V vertised articles,

Signed at Clinton, Ia day of d I JOHN A. LUBBEBS.

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U.S. Classification248/459, 211/72
International ClassificationG09F1/00, G09F1/14
Cooperative ClassificationG09F1/14
European ClassificationG09F1/14