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Publication numberUS1665576 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 10, 1928
Filing dateNov 12, 1926
Priority dateNov 12, 1926
Publication numberUS 1665576 A, US 1665576A, US-A-1665576, US1665576 A, US1665576A
InventorsCarl A Witham
Original AssigneeCarl A Witham
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Bag of paper or other flexible material
US 1665576 A
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Filed Nov. 12. 1926 In venf'ors 0. AT Wit-ham.

Patented Apr,. 10, 192s.

4 UNITED STATES can A. m nim, 01? moms, mmnnsou.


' Application fled November My invention relates to bags of paper or other flexible inaterial. An object is to provide'a bag of such material having a re-' stricted pouring opening or mouth so that 5 the contents of the bag may be poured without danger of spilling. It is, of course, old to provide containers of rigid material with restricted pouring months but so far as I am aware it has not been customary to provide bags or sacks of flexible material with such mouths. Bags of this kind when manufactured are commonly left open at the top for the complete cross section of the bag with the result that it is almost impossible to pour out the contents without spilling some of it. This is particularly notlceable in the case \of bags employed for holding popcorn, candy, breakfast foods, and various materials of a more or less granular or pulverulent nature which are commonly poured out of the bag, a portion at a time.

A further object is to provide a bag having a restricted pouring mouth having a tendency to remain closed but whiclrmay be readily opened by a squeezing action so that the contents may be readily poured.

The full objects and advantages of my invention will a pear in connection with the detailed description thereof, andthe novel features of my inventive idea will be particularly pointed out in the claims.

- In the accompanying drawings which illustrate a practical embodiment of my invention Fi 1 is a perspective view showing a comp eted bag in collapsed condition. Fig. 2 is a perspective view. showing the bag in .expanded condition and with the mouth open for pouring therefrom. Fig. 3 is a perspective view showing the upper portion of the bag creased and ready to be folded to complete the bag. Fig. a is a perspective view showing the creased portions partly folded over. Fig. 5 is a frontelevational view of the bag in thepartly completed condition shown in Fig. ,4.

The drawin s show my improved bag as being made" rom a customary form of collapsible paper bag which has longitudinal creases 10 midway along two of its opposite sides, these creases leading into inclined 12,1920. Serial No. 147,915.-

creases 12 near the bottom so that the bag maybe made to assume a-fiat condition as shown in Fig. 1 by folding over the bottom member 14. The manner in which the top portion of the bag is manipulated to produce the improved bag will be understood by referring particularly to Fig. 3. A portion of the material at the top is cut away so as to leave a tongue 16 projecting from one of the 00 uncreased sides of the ba it being noted that the two uncreased 'si es are shown as wider than the two creased sides. The other uncreased side is cut so as to provide a tongue 18 which is somewhat longer than the tongue 65 16. Instead of cutting the tongue 18 entirely free, astrap 20 is left projecting from one side thereof. At the four upper corners, the material is folded on pairs of inclined lines 22, the pairs of lines being so arran d that thetwo lines of a pair meet each ot or at the points 24 located a fraction of the distance from the top to the bottom of the bag. Triangular portions 26 are thus produced which are pasted or otherwise secured.

This decreases the cross section ofthe bag at the top. The strap pasted around the two tongues so that a restricted mouth for the bag 1s completed as will be apparent .from Fig. 2. On accoupt of the tongues 16 and 18 being encircled by the strap 20, which is secured to the outside thereof, the mouth tends to remain-practically closed as shown in ,Fig. 1 but by appl ing a slight pressure at'the two opposite si es, the mouth is made to assume the open position shown in .Fig. 2 so that the contents may be readily poured out Without liability of being spilled. The fact that the ton e 18 is longer than the tongue 16 aids in t 1e pouring operation when the bag is held'with the longer tongue 18 on the lower side. If desired, the excess portion of the ton e 1-8 may be folded over and secured there y .producing a complete seal for the bag. a 95 I claim: I 1. A bag of paper or other flexible ma terial having vertical sides manipulated at the upper end of the bag to reduce the cross section thereof, oppositely disposed tongues extendin up from said reduced portion, and a strapli e piece of material secured around said tongues to produce a single restricted to reduce the cross-seetion of the hag at the opening. base of the tongues, and a straplike piece 2. A bag of paper or other flexible lmateof material secured around said tongues to m I ri'a'l having vertical sides extending from the produce a restricted pouring opening. bottom to a place near the top,-to ngues ex- In testimony whereof I hereunto afiix my, tending'up from opposite sides, the matesignature. rial at the four upper corners being folded s CARLA. WITHAM'.

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U.S. Classification383/43, 383/906
International ClassificationB65D75/58
Cooperative ClassificationY10S383/906, B65D75/5866
European ClassificationB65D75/58G1