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Publication numberUS1666006 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 10, 1928
Filing dateAug 20, 1926
Priority dateAug 20, 1926
Publication numberUS 1666006 A, US 1666006A, US-A-1666006, US1666006 A, US1666006A
InventorsDuncan Hartvig H A
Original AssigneeDuncan Hartvig H A
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Ticket holder
US 1666006 A
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, f Eidg-12mm;


April l0, 1928.


Filed Aug. 2o 1926 Q, 5i-b9 I.- -l's Patented` Apr; 1o, 1923's'.

y ,HARTVFIGE A. DUNCAN, or GARnEN c1rY,- Nnw troni;A


Application me@ August 20, i926. seriaifNo; l130,511;

"This invention relates to improvements in p' ticket holders and hasV particularreference toa commutation ticket holder.l

The primary object of7 the invention re-y sidesina holder orkcase for carrying a commutation .ticket the pocket Orvpurse of a l userpso thatthe' ticket' may be kept in a rAnotherobject of theinvention is to provide a commutation ticket holder' in which v4the ticket is swingingly mounted so as to case for the insertion of anew ticket, when be swung beyond one of the open sides of the case, the ticket being easily inserted and retained with'the case for Vswinging move'-y ment, and also capable of removal from the a tickethas been fully'used or the life of vthe ticket expired.

`A still further object aims to provide a commutation ticket case whic'his simpley in construction, inexpensive of .manufactura and easy of operation to cause the ejection of 7 a ticket beyond the case.y

parts, the essential features of which are hereinafter fully described, are particui larly pointed out iii the appended claims, and `.are illustrated in the accompanying drawing, Vin whichz- Figure'l is a perspective view of my im-I proved commutation ticket case showing `a "-ticket in an extended position.

Figure 2 isan edge view of the holder.

f with the ticketin a concealed position.

Figure 3 is an enlarged vertical sectional y view on the line 3 3 of Figure 1. Figure 4 isa horizontal sectional View on Athe line 1 -4 of yFigure l.

Referring more particularly to the drawing, the reference numeral 10 designates a case constructed of a pair of identically shapedl elongated sections 11, 11 which are stitched or otherwise secured along one of With these and other objects in view, the invention resides in certain novel construction and combination and arrangement of their longitudinal edges as at 12,-"Thi's prof y i videsfthe' caseY with aneopenv 'sidewall A open end walls for the ej'ectionofga conimu tation ticket-13, whichfticket` is norn'i'al'ly' concealed-betweenthe sectionsll, 11.' I.The

sectionsv 11 are constructed ofrelatively rigidi leather,rv cardboard or the likeso as'j toiprof,

vide' acase capable ofprotectingthefticket.l from becoming bent or' damaged ywhile carrying the saine in" the pocket otjanser.

The ticket -13 is swinginglylmuntedfwithf in the case by providing aturntable membei- 14 in the opposed walls ofthelsam'e and `ad-1 jacent one of the ends of they case,'and'Jvvlfiichf` member comprises a hollow 'fstud '15: whichV passes through the walls of the vease.' and,

which has ahead 16 on one'vendl which is disposed on the exterior of onev of. thesides-V 'of the case. The free end Lof tliestud 1,5` is crimped over a. diskor buttonx'lfzfwhiclris disposed on the exterior of the opposedsidfe wall. and disk 17 are. dished ,orv concaved to `receive the thumb and foreiinger respectively The outer surface of' the head "T16` of the hand of an operator when imparting .v

av turning movement to 'the lmember"` 14.

Fixedly-mou'nted on vthestud "14 andi dis-""- posed intermediate the walls of. the case v are a pair of?y coacting clamping disks 18',

which have inwardly bentportions or Jawsl 19 and outwardly flared peripheries 2O which, f y

lie flush with the inner VVfaces of the Walls of i the case for guiding the ticket into clamping,

position between thejaws when the saine is inserted into-the case.`

In practica,` they ticket the edge of the same is caused to seatbetween the clamping jaws 19 at which time the ticket i's firmly held for turning move-1 y ment with the member l14:. The casejisoit` f 1 is Vinserted l through the outer open end of the case `until course madeof a size to fully enclose 'the i ticket so that it is normally concealed therein.` However, should it be desiredto eject' the ticket `from the case, the ineinbei 14 is` grasped by the thumb and foienger of they hand of an operator and a turnng movement imparted thereto so as to cause the ticket to swing toa positionbeyond the case as shown that the operator has only onel hand` free, I'

yprovide an extension or shouldery 21on* one.` of the outer corners of the case whereby thel 'n y f,

shoulder may rest against'the body of the user to `hold Ithe case'stationary while the member 14 is given a slight turn. In order` 11035 "it in Figure 1 of the drawings.v In thek event to return the ticket to a position Within the case, a reverse turning movement is imparted toy the member 14 as will be readily appreciated.

It Will be readily seen that the ovv-ners name may be inscribed upon the case, or if Y'desired suitable advertising indicia may be placed on the case and a'case given away for advertising purposes.

Vhile I have described what I deem to be the most desirable embodiment of my invention, it is obvious that many of the details may be varied Without in any Way departing from the spirit of my invention, and I therefore do not limit myself to the exact details of construction herein set forth nor to anything less than the Whole of my invention f ate the Walls of said case for clamping the edge of aticket therebetween.

2. A ticket holder comprising a case having one of its sides open, a member turnab-ly mounted in the opposed Walls ofj'saidcase adjacent one end thereof and provided lWith manipulating heads exteriorly of the Walls V of said case, and lyieldable co-acting clamping disks carried by said member intermediate the Walls oi' said case for clamping the edge of a ticket therebetween, and a projection formed on one of the corners at the other end of said case for engagement With a surface to permit an operator to imparta turning movement to. said member With the` use of but one hand. Y y i i.

3. ,A ticket holder comprising a case having one or its sides open7 a stud passing through the opposed Walls of said case adjacent one end thereoiheadson the ends of said stud land disposed exteriorly of the Walls of said case, the outer faces offsaid;

heads being concaved, and disks Xedly mounted on said stud intermediate the-Walls of saidJ case, said disk having v(3o-acting clamping portions7 the peripheries of said disksbeing iared loutwardly to permit a card or ticket to be inserted betweensaid clamping portionsA in testimony whereof I have afliXed `my signature. i


Md..- A

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