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Publication numberUS1666017 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 10, 1928
Filing dateJan 23, 1926
Priority dateJan 23, 1926
Publication numberUS 1666017 A, US 1666017A, US-A-1666017, US1666017 A, US1666017A
InventorsLininger Bertha B
Original AssigneeLininger Bertha B
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Stocking protector
US 1666017 A
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Patented Apr. 19,1928. i

' BERTHA B, Limena, or VERSAILLES. Missoula.


Y Appiiatinn med January 23, 1926. serillNo. $3,313. f

Ladies hoseare usually supported by garters in the nature of elastic'tapes suspended from the lower en d of the corset', and `which garters are `directly connected with the lio-Se, subjecting thelatter to pulls Vand .strains which usually tear the hose for cause runs therein especially inthose of fine and delicate texture.

It is therefore thecbject of the presentV invention to provide a hose supporterto eliminate the foregoing objectionsythesup-y porter including a. band adapted to encircle the limb lof the wearer and provided with an extension adapted' to be connected with thev usual garter suspendedV from thelcorset, which `of course relieves Vthe hose of any strain or pull incident tothe movements Vof Y thebody of the wearer.

The nature and advantages ,ofv

invention' residing in the construction, com- *bination and .arrangement of parts lals claimed.

, Y In the drawing forming part of this ap- I plication. -like numeralsV of referenceyindivention. f v

' V'Figure 3 is a. detail view showing vhow the Vextension can be separated fromft-he supporter if its useis not desired.

Y 1 f The supporter forming the `subject matterl cate similar Y Figure 1 is a view'v showing the applicationA `of the invention. Y. y 'y p *Y 1s a perspective view of the m-kV Figure 2 i y of the present inventionconsists ofv a limb y'encircling band 10 constructed of elastic ma'-v terial and provided with the usual buckle 11' whereby the Adiameter ofthe band can be varied as the occasion may' require. This band is adapted to be worn vinthe manner shown in Figure 1,l and is connected with the usual garter 12 suspended from the flower V4end vof' the corset or like garment 13 through the in- 'strumentalityV of an extension inthe nature of an elastictalpe indicated at 14. This ex-l the invenn `tionwill be better understood when the fol;l lowing detailed description is read; in connection with the accompanying drawing', the A.

parts in `the 'several views, and

tension also provided with a bucklel sol Y that its length can be varied to meet the'requirements, the tape or ektensionhaving asf sociated therewith a tjabsllwith a 'button ,I Y

hole 17 'for .association 'withfthe` 'fastener` forming part of the ordinary garte'rvlQV above referred to. `The extension or elastic 1 tape.V 14 vof course` extends upwardly*` from the band'10,it beingk connected with the"v lat#k sired. The fastener is preferably ofthe ball Vter by a separable fastenerfclearly'shown in Y n Figure 3, so that the garter or bandlO. can

`be'usedwithout the' extension lt'if sodeJG and socketV type, the component 'parts being indicatedv at 18 and/carried by the band 10 and extensionl respectively. While I have shown only yoneof'these lextensions 14C it is to be understood rthat two or more Aof such. eX-.V

tensions canfbesimilarly used, for ,the otherv *I supports usually suspended from the lower? l il end of the corset or like garment. i

While ith is ,believed Vthat ffrom the rforegoing` description, -the Vnature and advantages of the invention will be lreadily vapparentyI desire to have' it understood that I do not limit myself tov what is 4herein,l shown yand described, and that such lchanges may be` yresorted to when desired as fall withinpthefscope of what is y claimed.

1 Having `thus described the invention.

claim: Y

' A garment supporter comprising Vin comr l bin'ation an'adjustable-band adapted'ltofencircle'the'limb of, the user, yan elastic tape Y risingfrom one vside of theiband, a vheaded Y elementfcarried'by theband, a socket mem-j ber carried by'ffthe lower-end-of theftape,' [whereby the latter is detachably connected:- wit-h the band, said tape Ybeing formed atits upper end with an -'adjustableloop to permit.V the tape tobevaried in length7 a buckle car;lv ried vby the loop, and a tab associated withf Vthe buckle and having abuttonhole for at tachment 't0 a body garment as'y and-for the 7' purpose specified. Y

` x vBigriirni B.' Liivirienn`

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U.S. Classification2/313
International ClassificationA41F11/16, A41F11/00
Cooperative ClassificationA41F11/16
European ClassificationA41F11/16