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Publication numberUS1666197 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 17, 1928
Filing dateAug 16, 1926
Priority dateAug 16, 1926
Publication numberUS 1666197 A, US 1666197A, US-A-1666197, US1666197 A, US1666197A
InventorsAaron Dolmatch
Original AssigneeAaron Dolmatch
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Expandible vaginal syringe
US 1666197 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

April 17, 1928. I A. DOLMATCH EXPANDIBLE VAGINAL s'mmen Filed Aug. 16. 1926 I avw mv toz:

' 5 am]; flalmalzh,

vaginal syringe. 2 R v a, Y

The obgect ozfthe:inventionjis the produc P11011591: a syringe; adapted to simultaneously eX-pand the foldedlnu'cous membrane of the vaginal vau'l tand'iinject ran'irrigating fluid therein. The second o'bje'ct of. the invention.- is the fproductionq of a? syringe -Withfl detach- 'able-expandib'le' fingers-t0 easily clean them 0 and the oth'er parts-of the syringelx y nge I deta'iLi' H a i Fig! 8 theisyrin'ge is indicatednviththe compressible zbulb i shownviniiits entirety by th a i V 7 comprises the u-iwd ide.Wal -1,21, the bottom wall;

The saidbulb 22 and the head 23. Supplemental inner side walls 28' extend fromthe Wall 21 and the head23. The Walls 28 have each formed therewith the lower member 29 at right angles thereto. The walls 21 and 28 with their members 29 form the pockets 30, which ex- I tend through the heads 23. Openings 31. are

formed in the walls 21 and extend tothe pockets 30.

The nozzle ofthe syringe is indicated' with.

its wall 34, thecrown at one end and the usualbulb 36 having the opening 37 at'its other end. Opposite sides of the'wall 34 are increased in thickness to form the thickened ivall portions 38 and 39. Seating grooves 40 are formed between the portions 38 and-39.

The upper ends of the grooves 40 are connected by the curved cross groovc 41, and

beyond the cross groove 41 are formed" the fingers 18 With their shanks are preferpyramidal portions-42. The vthickened portions andpyramidal portion are disposed to v obtain smooth surfaces for the nozzle.--Open- 'ings 43 and i i'are formed in the nozzle.

A pair of 'expandible arms are each. in-

dicated with the pair of fingers 48, joined This invention: relates to Fan "icX aandible tends from the lower ends wings. 31 and; p 1 I fith'e shanks-fiO' to' bear against the lower In thei'a'cc'ompanymg"drawings :LFig. 1 l represents asideelevationofan exeinplifl' jcation of the improved expandible' vaginal" r syringe;.Fig."2 shows a s ection of Figjl on, tl1e-line 2,2; I 1igt- '3 indicates ".a'isect-ion-wof i Fig. 2.0m the;;l ine=3, v3;Figx krepteSents-a? top plan view of =Fi g.:-2 with portions broken Y away{Figrbshows' an elevation of a frag- 4 mentary portion-zof thei syringe with a inodi- 'fi'cation-cFignfi indicates-a section of Fig. fon the line 16,6-';' :Fig; Trepresents ax-{rag minentary longitudinal sectioni'of the;

5 with"a'further modification and Fig.;8 m-

dicates an elevation on a] reduced-scale or. a

- r tareflswungoutwardly iand :nienibrane of the vaginal vault are .ex-

ineinbr 49. 21 spoon sl'iaped': shank 50 ex lf 0 t e ng 4:

The shanks 50 are' loc'atedin the pockets 30. 18f:;arje"nor1na1ly seated, in the -groo ves'4;0' andf'the connecting members 49 Theshan'ks 50 y-entering the fingers .48 {through the open.-

positioning; the lower 1 ends of members 29. a

irrigating fluid, which may be accomplished mmersing the upper" end of the nozzle havingthe 5 *Wall" 34 therein, and then compressing and l releasing the "bulb 20, by vir the of Which 'thelfluid isdrawn and) said bu lb throughvtheopenings- 43and 44. 'In I i this operation thcsa-id-bulb 20is preferably I Tousethe syringefit is ffirstifilled'with the "compressed lat 1hS' 'W2lll between the shanks serted th'e vaginal cavity a nd 'the bulb 20 is compressed by bearingshanks 50, by means of which thel-fingers-w48 'Ithe Pfold's of the panded, and at 'the' fsaine :tiine the fluid' in .wthebnlbQO discharged-through the open- Aings=43 and44 into the v'aginal' cavitysv'Ihe ends 50 1 ofth'e'zsha-nks 50 ane alOGEEtGd thereon; overthe in the portions of the openings 30, that extend throughthe head 23 and-constitute fulcrunis for the fingers 48 and said shanks 7 i In the modification indicated in'Figs. 5 and 6, the bulb is again indicated at'20 with its head 23. The nozzle is again ShOWll' with its Wall 34. The expandible fingers are again shown with the pair of fingers48, which extend'frorn the shank 50 having in this instance parallel edge' walls 50? in; line Y In this with the sides of the fingers 48. modification no openings like 31 are made in Wall 21 .of'thebulb 20, and theshanks 50*,

are entered into-the pockets 30 through their open ends in the head 23. I Inthe forni of the invention indicated in- Figs. 1 to 6 inclusive, the bulb 20 with its head23. are preferably made of soft rubber,

and the nozzle having the Wall 34 and the having the port 24;. The nozzlein this in-r stance'is indicated with the wallfiisiniilar to having thickened portions and grooves as described for the nozzle having the said wall'34." The wall 64 is integral with the bulb 20 and like the latter is madeof soft rubber. In this modification the fingers are of. a compressible bulb for a taneously again indicated at 48 and the shanks are shown at 50. V v Having described my invention what'I desire to secure by Letters Patentand claim is: I

1. In a vaginal syringe the combination fluid, a pocket bulb, a nozzle from the bulb formed with the wall of the having openings extending m. and fingers having a shank formed therewith, said shank located in said pocket of the bulb, a compression of swinging said fingers outwardly 7 from the wall of the-nozzle and discharging the fluid from the bulb through the openings of the nozzle.

2. In a vaginal syringe the combination of a compressible bulb for a fluid, a pair of pockets formed with the wall of the bulb, a nozzle extending from the bulb and having openings extending therethrough, said nozzle having seating grooves in its outer surface and twopairs of fingers eachhav outwardly from said nozzle.

1 one end of ing avshank in fulcrumed relation to said bulb, each of vsaid shanks seated in one of the pockets of the bulb, said fingers normally 'seated'in the seating grooves of the nozzle, said bulb when compressed at said shanks simultaneously discharging the fluid therefrointhrough-the openings of the noz zle and expanding or swinging said fingers 3. In a vaginal syringe the combination of a compressible bulb fora fluid, a head at the bulb, a pair of pockets formedthe bulb simulwith the bulb, a hollow nozzle having openings with one end supported in and extending from the head of the'bulb, said nozzle having seating grooves in its outer face and two pairs 0t"v fingers" oppositely positioned and each having a shank, each of said shanks detachably seated in one of said pockets of the bulb, each pair of fingers normally seated in a pair of the seating grooves of the nozzle, each of said shanks at its upper end fulcrumed in the head of the compressible bulb, said bulb when shanks simultaneously discharging the fluid therefrom through the openings in said nozzle and expanding or swinging said fingers outwardly from said nozzle.

4. In a vaginal syringe the combination of a compressible bulb, a head at the open end of the bulb, a hollow nozzle having open-' ings at its outer end extending from the opening of said head, two pair of pockets formed with the wall of the bulb, the openings of said pockets extending through the head of'the bulb and two pans of fingers located to normally bear against the outer face of said nozzle, each pair of fingers hav- AAItONfDOLMATCH.

a compression and compressed at said and a compression of said bulb over

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