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Publication numberUS1666265 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 17, 1928
Filing dateApr 23, 1927
Priority dateApr 23, 1927
Publication numberUS 1666265 A, US 1666265A, US-A-1666265, US1666265 A, US1666265A
InventorsJoseph E Rosenfeld
Original AssigneeJoseph E Rosenfeld
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Tongue-blade holder
US 1666265 A
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April 17, 1928.

J. E. ROSENFELD TONGUE BLADE HOLDER Filed April 23. 1927 m T m V Patented Apr. 17, 1928.



Application filed April 23, 1927. Serial No. 186,028.

This invention has reference to means for preventing muscular action of a persons tongue while undergoing diagnosis and treatment. 7 I

A characteristic feature of my improved tongue blade holder is a clasp extremity so designed and constructed whereby the same may be attached to an ordinary flash light in such manner that the lens of said light will be above and in line withthe tongue blade; a means permitting light rays to fall for the most part directly within the mouth of a patient and upon the tongue while undergoing diagnosis, or mouth and throat treatment. 6

The main object of my invention is to provide an article for the purpose whereby the same can be attached to an ordinary flash light to more expediently perform diagnosis and treatment. 7

Another object of my invention is to so construct the device whereby tongue blades of various breadths, lengths or thicknesses may be used.

Other objects of my invention are to provide a device simple in makeup, economical to produce, durable and thoroughly efiicacious for the purpose.

\Vith these and other objects in view, the invention consists in certain noval features of construct-ion and arrangementof parts as hereinafter shown and described and then specifically defined in the claim.

In the drawings forming a part of the specifications -Fig. 1, is a perspective view of my invention showing the mode of operation in diagnosis and in treating the mouth and passages leading therefrom.

Fig. 2, is a side elevation of my improved tongue blade holder with a tongue blade in operative position therein.

Fig. 3, is a plan view of the tongue blade holder.

Fig. 4, is an inverse side View of Fig. 3, with a tongue blade in operative position therein.

Like marks of reference, refer to corresponding parts in the different views, in which A represents my improved tongue blade holder; B a tongue blade, and C an ordinary small size flash light.

The holder A, by preference is formed up from sheet metal. This metal by preference is of thin gauge spring steel for the purpose of rigidity as well as flexibility, and it 7 ways 3 embraces oppositely disposed reverse curved clasp members 1, adapted to stride and clasp v edge guideways 3 and a flat ended terminal a. V

The curved edge positely disposed guide ways 3, for the reception of the tongue blade B. The free edges of these curved portions are disposed to hug or impinge said blade against the body portion 2 sufficiently tight to prevent said blade from accidental dislodgment while in use, yet permit said blade to be readily withdrawn when necessary.

At the outer ends of said guide ways the flattened body portion of the device terminates in a tongue or fiat extension 4. This extension tends to facilitate the entrance of the tongue blade B into the open ends of the guide ways 3, and it also tends to stabilize said blade while being used.

It will be noticed that in forming up the metal to produce an article of the character set forth, a slight upward curve 5 is formed at the juncture where the body portion 2 joins with the clasp members 1. This curve effects a triangular formation 6 of the material, with the longer dimension uppermost and transverse to the body portion 2, as shown. This being so, a tongue blade B, having been thrust between the curved guide and pushed rearwardly against the angular surface 5, as shown in Fig. 2, said blade at its end will be slightly deflected, or at least impressed and rendered more rigid in its attachment, owing to the binding tendency between the parts. By means afore said, tongue blades of various widths amenable to be entered between the curved edges 3, can be securely held in operative position within the device.

The invention comprehends the use of removable tongue blades from sanitary points of view; however it would be evident that the flattened portion 4 might be further extended and provide a tongue blade admirably adapted for the purpose, and as such fully as capable of being sterilized as are surgical and other instruments for biological purposes. 7

It will be obvious that an ordinary small size flash light is admirably adapted with which to use my improved attachment for the purpose outlined. The device may be readily attached or removed as expedient,

portions form the opi and owing, to tllie niethod of its attachment and the 'direotio'n of the light rays, -a

patients tongue may be readily, harmlessly ing the "objects, "advantages and general utility o'fmy'invention it is believed will have been frilly comprehended.

Haring therefore setf fo'rth my invention, what'I'c'larm asnewan'd (lesneto'secureby Letters Patent, is

. Theboinbiiiation with *ifl'fiash light "barrel, abattery carried in said barrel and --a lamp deriving light from said battery carried by saidbarrelyof a portableeplit holding member carried by said barrel, said member having'anelongated projection formed opposite its split portion and extending in substantially "parallel alinenient with eaid barrel, said extension having .underly 'oiirved'eclges between said split portion and of saidsplitholding-portion or said' inem her and said extension, whereby -a-tong1-ie blade may be held in' an operable"position.


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U.S. Classification600/241
International ClassificationA61B1/24
Cooperative ClassificationA61B1/24, A61B1/06
European ClassificationA61B1/24, A61B1/06