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Publication numberUS1666756 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 17, 1928
Filing dateAug 28, 1926
Priority dateMay 7, 1925
Publication numberUS 1666756 A, US 1666756A, US-A-1666756, US1666756 A, US1666756A
InventorsCarl Sass
Original AssigneeCarl Sass
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Cleansing box for use in sewerage pipes
US 1666756 A
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Aprill 17, 192s, 1,666,756

C. SASS CLEhANSING BOX FOR USE IN SEWERAGE PIPES Filed Aug. 28. 1926 Patented Apr. 17, 1928.


. 'or.niairsnve Box ron USE IN SEWEBAGE PIPEs.

Application filed August 28, 1926, YSerial No. 132,253, and in Germany Iay 7, 1925.

The invention provides the hereinafter d escribed improved cleansing box for use in a sewerage lpipe and has for its ob]ect to provide a cleansing box having an improved intercepting ydevice capable of regulating and cutting oil an inner space.

Sewerage pipes having interior interceptent invention which consists in providingV the cleansing box with aninterception shut-v ter capable of cutting off an inner space Vsaid shutter consisting of several sector shaped metal rods arranged parallel one to the other and constructed to permit of single dismantling. v

By this special arrangement it is made possible for the independent parallel sector shaped rods,4 when the sewerage mat-ter is cleansed to be independently taken to pieces and to be pivotally raised onlyso far as the sewerage matter to be cleansed necessitates.

Still further the device possesses the'ad-- vantage that the single rods can bev easily cleansed and can be interchangeable.l

The invention is illustrated by way of ex'- ample in the accompanying drawing upon f which similar letters of reference denote cor responding parts.

F ig. l shows the cleansing box in longi` tudinal section, and

Fig. -2 is a section taken along the line .fi-B of rig. 1.

' The cleansing box a hasA two longitudi nally connected tubes b, c, of which the tube b is shutk ol'V by a rearwardly actuated piv- 46y oted valve d whichcan be taken to pieces inthe box having two trunnions e bearing in grooves f situatedk on the inner .walls of the box.

Within the cleansing box la is an interception shutter composedof several independent sector formed metal rods g parallel to one another. The independent metal rods g have at their upper ends a perforation h by means of which they are pivoted on a bearing boltz' and are separated by distance sleeves/2 lying adjacent the various rods. They bearing bolt z' has its ends bearing in a box-casing Z, which latter is conveniently attached to a partition wall 'm of the box. 60

The independent sector formed rods .g normally abut against the edge 'n of afiange of the boxcasing'l.

v Havingnow described my invention what I claim and desire to secure by Lettersg 1. A sewer grate comprising a supporting Y bolt, a plurality of juxtaposed, parallel sector-shaped-rods having toothed lower ends,

a means for suspending the upper ends of` said rods rotatably independently and exchangeably from said common support. l 2. Asewer grate construction comprising Z in combinationl with a partition wall ofthe sewer, anda box attached thereto, a grate composed of a plurality of-juxtaposedl sector-shaped fparallel rods, perforated near their upper ends having toothed lower ends, a common bearing bolt resting with its ends in the walls of saidv box, and sleeves on said 8 bolt separating said rods from each other,

said rods allowing thefree passage of the excrements or-faeces, and preventing the passage of animals. Y i In testimony whereof I aix my signature.

,CARL sass. Y

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International ClassificationE03F7/06, E03F7/00
Cooperative ClassificationE03F7/06
European ClassificationE03F7/06