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Publication numberUS1667211 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 24, 1928
Filing dateAug 22, 1927
Priority dateAug 22, 1927
Publication numberUS 1667211 A, US 1667211A, US-A-1667211, US1667211 A, US1667211A
InventorsLight Floyd F
Original AssigneeLight Floyd F
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Bucket hanger
US 1667211 A
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Aprii 24, 192s. 1,667,211

F. F. LIGHT BUCKET HANGER Filed Aug. 22. 1927 I r11/'enter Wj/af 27,57%*

Patented Apr. 24, '1928.



Application filed August 22, 1927. Serial No. 214,635.y

kThis invention relates' to an improved hanger' or suspension device which is especially, but not necessarily, adapted tor supporting a paint bucket on the building wall while lpainting to maintain the bucket in a convenient position to aid in the paintf ing operation.

rhe most common `type of paint bucket hangers are constructed to hang directly on the rungs of the ladder. However', owing to the different angles at which the ladderis tilted, the bucket is frequently in an out of the way position, thus hindering rapid work. In addition, the paint drips trom the bucket in this position and accumulates on the ladder, making it disagreeable to handle in moving itfrom place toy place.

Vhat I propose is a simple and inexpensive article of manufacture which has been carefully designed with a view'toward suspendingthe-bucket directly from the build,- ing wall, particularly when the sameiscomposed of weatherboard.

The features of constructionr of the im-` proved hanger will become more readily apparent from the following description and d awings In the drawings Figure l is a perspective view of the hanger' showing the manner in which it is supported, and the way in which the bucket is hung therefrom.

Figure 2 is a detail the improved device.

In farrying out the invention, I provide what may be designated as a prop, indicated by the reference vcharacter 3. This comprises a substantially U-shaped length of wire whose bight portion is represented by the reference character l while the arms are indicated by .the reference character These arms are bent laterally and pointed to provide prongs as at 6 to be imbedded in the weatherboard 7, as shown in Figure 1. Rockably mounted on this prop is a fra-melike member generally designated by the reference character 8. This is composed of a single length of wire which is bent to provide a pair of arms 9 terminating in angularly bent prongs 11, the latter being' inperspective view of tended tol be wedged between the` weatherboard as also shown in Figure 1. `The intermediate portion of this part S is bent to provide .eyes 11 which surround the bight portion 4 ot' the prop. yThe remainder is brought together andtwisted as at '12 and then .finally bent to form a suspension hook 18 for the bucketll. Thebail 15 of they bucket is simplv engaged with the hook as shown in Figure 1.

A device of this kind is convenient, in that it can be readily placed in position to suspend the bucket within convenient reach of the ladder and yet entirely out of the way of the ladder. Not only this, the device is thought to be practical, dependable, and

otherwise efficient. However, the excep` l tional simplicity renders the device capable of an easy understanding, for which reason a more detailed description is believed unnecessary. i

Minor changes in shape, size and rearrangement of details ma within the scope of the adJoined claims.

I claim 1. As a new product ofpmanufacture, a bucket hanger of the class described comprising a frame-like member including a pair of spaced parallel arms terminating at one end in right-angularly bent anchoring prongs, having intermediate eyes, and provided at its opposite end with a suspension hook, and a substantially U-shaped prop, whose bight portion is extended through said eyes.

2. As a new product of manufacture, a

frame-like suspension member composed of a single length ot wire bent upon itself to provide a hook at one end, the portion of the wire inward oi. the hook being twisted together and formed with oppositely disposed eyes and tern'iinating in spaced parallel arms whose extremities are bent to provide right-angularly disposed anchoring prongs,

anda substantially U-shapedprop includ-A ing arms terminating in prongs, the bight portion of said prop extending through said eyes.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


be resorted toy

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U.S. Classification248/216.4, 211/35, 248/217.1
International ClassificationA47G29/00, A47G29/06
Cooperative ClassificationA47G29/06
European ClassificationA47G29/06