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Publication numberUS1667564 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 24, 1928
Filing dateJul 18, 1927
Priority dateJul 18, 1927
Publication numberUS 1667564 A, US 1667564A, US-A-1667564, US1667564 A, US1667564A
InventorsPearson Olaf S
Original AssigneePearson Olaf S
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Toilet cabinet
US 1667564 A
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April 24, 1928.

O. S. PEARSON TOILET CABINET Filed July 18. 1927 INVENToR @/af ged/6072,


l Patented Apr. 24, 1928.A


this illustrates my improved i 1,667,564 UNITED sTATEs PATENT OFFICE.


TOILET CABINET. Application led July 18, 1927. Serial No. 206,835.-

toilet ap- "de a novel and on the order of drawer projects,

he same length and breadth as the corresponding i'ace of the box and connected thereto by Ymeans of suitable hinges 8. The free margin of the cover is also connected by means of similar hinges 9 to for use against one side t Accordingly, I have devised an improved cover member as illustrated inFigure 1, for orm of cabinet containing a drawer adapted supporting the free margin of the mirror l() to be moved into or out of closed position upon the corresponding face of they box. within the cabinet, and a cover member his operation presents the mirror 1() into hingcdly carrying a mirror normally enposition for ilse as it supports the cover closed by the cover member but adapted to member 7 in the open position illustrated.

be swung out into position to rest upon one Pileierably, the depthof the cover inembei' to the outer face of the drawer when the parts are collapsed into tion.

It is also an object of my invention to p vide a cabinet structure of the above described character, in which the cover membcil provides a storage space back of the secured inside the space 12, and similarly mirror, for which space the mirror acts `as may be provided on the a closure element when the mirror is not in corresponding face of the box 3 for reventuse. ing any play of the mirror 10 w en the With the foregoing parts are closed as in `igure 2. view, the invention wi general objects in ll now be described y reference to the accompanying drawing tl illustrating one form of construction which I have devised for embodying the proposed features of improvement, and after which the features and combinations deemed to be novel will be particularly set forth in claims.

In the drawing-:

igure 1 is a perspective view showing a toilet cabinet constructed in accordance with the present invention, with the parts in open position; and

Figure 2 is a longitudinal sectional view, on an enlarged scale, with the parts of the device' fully collapsed or in closed relation.

eferring now to the drawing in `detail, construction as 3 within which and 16 respectively in order that, when the drawer is closed, and the cover member let down also into closed osition upon the face of the box 3, the loc ing elements 15-16 will securel lock the several arts in this closed or co lapsed position. Tiiereupon the 05 drawer 4, flying open.

It will thus be seen that I have devised a practical, simple and inexpensive device for embodying the proposed features of improvement, and that the same of any desired, suitable material, and in an esred size and finish, according tothe personal needs or taste of the user. The compartments 6 within the drawer 4 afford spaces readily accessible upon ope ing ot the drawer, after unlocking of the locking device 1.5`16. his likewise permits raising of the cover member 7 and propping of the same into raised position y means of the mirror 10 which is thereby made available for use as shown in Figure ably subdivided t e needs of the user of the cabinet. This box 3 and its drawer 4 may bev constructed of any suitable material, preferably of a light character such as wood or fiber, and to the opposite side of the box, that is at the margin farthest fromthe side from which' the 1. The corresponding face of the box 3 serves as a convenient table during this use of the cabinet, and the storage space 12 behind the mirror 1() is likewise a very useful feature of the cabinet for which themirror 10 serves as a lid or closure Velement so long as the mirror is in closed position.

While I have illustrated and described what I now regard as the preferred form of construction for embodying the invention, I desire to reserve the right 'to make such changes and modifications as may fairly fall within the scope of the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is 1. A toilet cabinet comprising a box member having a top table surface, a drawer member slidably mounted vwithin one side of said box member, a cover member liinged to the opposite side of said box member, am a mirror hingedly carried by the free side of the cover member, said mirror being mov -able independently of said drawer member neem and adapted by restin the free edge of said mirror upon said tab e surface to support the cover member 'in open position.

2'. A toilet case comprising a box member, a drawer member sliding within said box member, a cover member providing a storage space and having-one of its margins hinged to said box member, a mirror hinged to the free margin of the cover member and providing a closure for said Astorage space, sai mirror being movable independently of said drawer member and adaptedto swing outward into position for resting upon the box to support the cover member in open position, and locking means comprising cooperative parts carriedV by the outer face of the drawer and the free margin of said cover member for securing the drawer in closed position within the box and said cover member in closed or lowered position upon one l of the faces of the box.

In witness whereof signature.

I hereunto afix my OLAF S. PEARSON.

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