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Publication numberUS1667772 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 1, 1928
Filing dateMar 23, 1927
Priority dateMar 23, 1927
Publication numberUS 1667772 A, US 1667772A, US-A-1667772, US1667772 A, US1667772A
InventorsJennie M Coon
Original AssigneeJennie M Coon
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Automobile signal light
US 1667772 A
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May 1, 1928. 1,667,772

J. M. cooN I AUTOMOBILE S IGNAL LIGHT- Filed March 25, 1927 i 15 ture and having reflecting Y 90 conveniently t0 direction.

PatentedMay 1928. g

umrao STATES 7' may; in. coon, or harm cnnnx, momenta I aurouonmn sienna main.


1,667.7?2 am" caries.

, Application filed March 28, rear. Serial Hal-77,831.

7 l indications are not readily changeable; as require. To obviate conditions of use may such objections I'have provided a simple construction of indicating means adapted for application ordmarylamp strucfaces cooperating of the lamp so as the light rays "and project with the normal reflector v to concentrate them through tachment. This attachment may be most and economically formed from a plate having an indicating face and di. verging Wings formed with an inner reflecting'surface, the entire structure bein replac'eably supported within an ordlnary 'lamp reflector by the front lens or transparent plate of the lamp. In so form' this attachment it is of particular im-- portance that the reflecting surfaces upon the wings thereof be directed in an inclined plane to the vertical so as to cooperate with the outer rays from the lam reflector and concentrate them upon the indicating face of the device.

In the application of asignal lamp of this a character 1t is very desirable to control the same in connection ,with cowl lamps cooperatingwitheach of'the s i al lamps so as to indlcate to an. approaching machine the intention f the operator to turn in either The invention has a novel and improvfi for an objectito provide constructionof inbar for. sigpal lamps compris and. confine the he signal lam" is indicating face.

I light rays to the area of t A further object of provide w Another object of the invention is to pro-' vide an ttachment comprising a plate with rovide a special. ti

the indicating face of the atin the lamp. The latter form h I di f d prises the in y avmg an in ca ace an at mgsextended therefrom to, engage thereth the invention is to" a replaceable construction 11 ving be M a central mdlcatmg face and oppositely incurvedas at23 to a central indicating face and opip'osite diverging wings having. inclined re ector surfaces adapted to concentrate the light rays upon the indicating face.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will be hereinafter set forth and the novel features thereof defined by the ap pended claims.

I'nthe accom Figure 1 is a p of the invention anying drawing: an showing the appllcatlon to a vehicle;

Figure 2 is a vertical detail section of the v indicator applied to alanip;

Figure 3 is a detail perspective of one indicator;

Y Figure dis a similar view of the opposite indicator; and I with when manufactured 'or preferably as;

inserted withof the invention is shown in Figure 2 wherethe lamp 10 is provided with the usual parabolic refiector 11 and bulb- 12 at. the centerthereof,

of the lamp while the outer end an attachment adapted to be Figure 5 is a perspectiveof a modified form of theinvention. Like reference numerals designate corre-' casing hasapplied thereto thejremovable run 13 carry-i ing'the lens or trans arent plate14 at the front of the lamp. uch a casing may be supported in any desired manner, for instance by the adjustable clampas indicated all; 151 which clmprises lugs 16 mounted upon e are an en 'n a late 17 secured to the f nder 18. gagl g P Withinthe lamp plate or bodyfitfl is inserted and this comicating face 21 which as shown has applied thereto 9 des1nat1on 22 which may be of any desired 0 aracter. While the words Right? and. ft. have been mg, it is obvious that other lettering m Figures 2, 3 and 4 may plate is formed with rearwardl diverging wings 23, which are preferabl disposed diagonally to the indicating face 21 and upon the .inner face of these wings a reflectmg surface 24 is provided. The riplieral edges of the Wings 23 are prefera l y conform to the curvature apphed such as Stop or Slow. This 1 just described thesig nal shown in the drawof the parabolic reflector 11 whenin contact therewlth.

The reflecting surface 24 may be'formed by painting or otherwise, and owing to the inclination thereof receives the outer rays from the parabolic reflector and turns them toward the indicating face so as to concentrate the light at that point and prevent the passage of any light above or below the area of the indication. In the application of the invention as an attachment this plate is retained in position within the reflector of the lamp by contact with the lens Mthereof,

- as shown in Figure 2, sothat it is readily 4 may be of any desired color glass and carries similar the desi nation 28 having a transparent or etterin The plate in this instance 'is provi ed with the wings 29 similar in construction to those before described and havin the inner reflecting surfaces 30. While t e signal lamp so far described 80 may be positioned upon an automobile" in accordance with a the desired requirements, still a convenient arrangement thereof is shown in Figure 1 wherein lamps bearing opposite directional indications are mounted upon the rear fenders 18 as before described. Separate, circuit lines 31 for these'lamps extend from a battery 32 or other source of electricity and such circuit is carried throughan ammeter 33 and dash lamps 34 connected therefrom to controlling switches 35 conveniently disposed upon the steerin wheel 36. In each of the circuits 31' a cow lamp 37.'is interposed so that when circuit is made by either switch 35 to the corres ondin rear lamp the cowl lamp of such circuit lndicates at the front of the machine the direction of turn to be made. The dash lamps in these circuits readily show the condition thereof and the battery and circuits are ounded to the frame ofthe 'machine in t e usual manner.

The construction presented is of a simple character adapted to be economically manufactured and ver effectively applied to the ordinary type 0 automobile lamp so that when positioned therein either permanently or as an attachment the rays of the lamp are concentrated upon the indicating survthereto as changes and alterations may with inner reflecting surfaces face of the plate and obscured from all other ortions'of the lamp lens. The re placea le mounting of the indicator plate permits the ready change thereof for different characters of signal or the ordinary use of the lamp without such signal indications.

While the specific construction of the lamp and the indicating member has been shown and described, the invention is not confinccel3 made without departing from the spirit of the invention as defined by the following claims. I

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent'of the United States, is

1. An indicating member for signal lamps including a reflector, said member compris ing a body having an indicating face and oppositely disposed. wings extended therefrom toward and within the lamp reflector arranged to confine the light rays from a portion of said reflector to the area of said indicating face.

2. 'An indicating member for signal lamps comprising a body having an indicating face and inclined wings extendin therefrom isposed opposite the lamp reflector to cooperate therewith and concentrate the light rays upon said indicating face.

3. An attachment for signal lamps for association with the reflector thereof and comprising a plate having a central indicatmg face and oppositely diverging wings for confining the light rays to the area of said face.

4. An attachment for signal lamps for association with the reflector thereof and comprisinga plate having a central indicating face bearing a signal designation, and oppositely disposed wings having inner reflecting surfaces arranged to cooperate with the lamp reflector and concentrate the light rays upon the indicating face.

5. An indicating attachment for signal lamps for association with the reflector thereof and comprisin a central portion having an indicating flesignation thereon, and oppositely diverging wings bent therefrom and formed with curved edges adapted to conform to the surface of the lamp reflector. a

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.

MR8. JENNIE M. coon.

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