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Publication numberUS1667802 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 1, 1928
Filing dateMay 23, 1927
Priority dateMay 23, 1927
Publication numberUS 1667802 A, US 1667802A, US-A-1667802, US1667802 A, US1667802A
InventorsHoman Jr Louis J
Original AssigneeHoman Jr Louis J
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Foot gauge
US 1667802 A
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May 1, 1928. 1,667,802


FOOT GAUGE Filed May 23. 1927 annea -om anatomy Patented May 1, 1928. i




Application filed May 23, 1927. Serial No. 193,543.

This invention relates to devices for gang Each leaf is provided with an ovel shaped ing the human foot to determine the requiaperture adapted to fit over the foot at the \site width or size of the appropriate shoe. ball. As disclosed, the apertures are dis- The object of the invention is to provide aposed with the long axis on an angle to the 5 gauge for determining the width size of the edge of the leaves. Each leaf is provided shoe appropriate for the foot gauged. with an aperture of a difi'erent size, said Other objects and certain advantages of sizes corresponding to the various shoe the invention will be more fully set forth in widths. The apertures are graduated in the description of the accompanying drawsize from one side of the gauge to the other 10 ings. forming a part of this specification in so that the leaves are serially disposed in which: relation to the shoe sizes which they indi- Figure 1 is a plan view of the gauge showcate. ing one of the leaves thereof swung away In use the salesman or person measuring from the remainder. the foot places one leaf after another over 15 Figure 2 is a side view of Figure 1 with the foot until one leaf goes over the ball of the portion at one end thereof broken away the foot. The leaf going over the ball of the to show the graduated arrangement of the foot indicates the correct width number. A apertures in the leaves. gauge of this type can also be used to deter- Figure 3 is a sectional view taken on line mine relative arch data.

20 33, Figure 1, detailing the construction of It is not necessary that the leaves bear the the pivot holding the leaves together. shoe number, but the leaves are preferably The gauge comprises a plurality of leaves numbered serially and the shoe salesman or each differently apertured, said leaves assomanufacturer comelates the serial number ciat-ed to provide a gauge adapted to deterand the shoe width.

mine relative foot widths. Having described my invention. 1 claim:

More specifically, a plurality of leaf cle- A gauge for determining the width of shoe ments 1 are pivoted together compactly in appropriate for a foot, said gauge comprissuperposed relationship by a screw 2 having ing, a plurality of leaves compactly pivoted a nut 3 on one end thereof to hold the leaves together each leaf provided with an aper- 30 on said screw. Washers 4 are used. between ture elongated to fit over the ball of the the leaves and the screw head and between foot to be measured. said apertures graduthe leaves and the nut. The leaves are prefated serially as to size. erably made of cardboard fibre, or some sim- In witness whereof. I hereunto subscribe ilar sheet material. Sheet metal can be used. my name. 35 if desired. LOUIS J. HUMAN, JR.

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U.S. Classification33/3.00A, 33/512
International ClassificationA43D1/02, A43D1/00
Cooperative ClassificationA43D1/02
European ClassificationA43D1/02