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Publication numberUS1668373 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 1, 1928
Filing dateJul 19, 1927
Priority dateJul 19, 1927
Publication numberUS 1668373 A, US 1668373A, US-A-1668373, US1668373 A, US1668373A
InventorsHelen Krasity
Original AssigneeHelen Krasity
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US 1668373 A
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May 1`, 192s. 1,668,373

H. KRA'SITY l MATTRESS Filed July 19, 1927 INVENTOR.

Patented May l, 1928.

UNITED s'rarasV naman xnasrrzfor f# ,NEW YORK.

Application filed `July 19,

:This invention relates to certain new anduseul improvements 'in mattresses, and has more particular reference to an improved mattress vof that type embodying a sectionalV ller and a removable cover therefor.

The primary object of the present invention is to provide a mattressof the above kind in which the mattress ma be readily assembled or taken apart for' eing aired, renovated or repaired.

A more specific object is to provide an improved form of sectional filler for mattresses of the above kind embodying a plurality of filler pads adapted to be laced together in proper end to end relation, and

each embodying a sectional casing, the sections of which are adapted to be effectively held v together by the lacing connecting the pads together. n

A still further object is to provide means for attaching the filler pads to the mattress cover for being held in proper osition when the mattress is in use, althoug permitting .ready detachment of the filler pads from the 25" cover when found necessary.

A still further object is to provide a mattressof the above kind which 1s simple and durable in construction and capable-of being readily manufactured and assembled at aI nominal cost.

y'ther objects will appear as the nature of theinvention is better understood, and the 'same consists in the novel form, combination andarrangement of parts hereincharacters indicate atermore fully described, shown in the accompanyin drawing and claimed.

the wing, wherein like reference corresponding parts throughout the several views,

Figure'l 1s a 'perspective view of a mattressv constructed in accordance with the vpresent invention; en

Figure 2 .is a central i longitudinal sectional view thereof taken upon line 2--2 of gure 3 1s a top plan view of the filler removed'from the mattress cover and show` ing the manner of lacing the filler pads or vsections together; and 5o Figure 4 is a transverse section on line Referring more in detail to the drawing,

' A the present mattress embodies a filler com- 1927. Serial No.: 206,993.

a casing constructed of suitable fabric and formed of similar upper and lower sect-ions 6 and 7 having contiguous marginal'flanges 8 preferably connected by means of a lacing- 9 extending through openings suitably provided at intervals in the flanges 8. casing of each filler pad or section is suitably filled with a cushion filling material l0 f of hair, feathers, felt or the like, and in assembling these filler pads or sections, they Figures 2 and 3. It will thus be seen that upon removal of the lacing 9, all of the pads or filler lsections will be disconnected from each other and the casing sections of each pad will be disconnected. In this way the casing sections may beremoved for access to and renewal of the cushion filling material 10 or for renewal 4and airing of any oi the parts. v

The mattress furtherl includes a cover formed of suitable fabric and including a lower tray-like section 11 adapted. for snug reception of the filler composed of the con' nected pad sections and shown in Fi ure 3, and a lid-like section 12 adapted to t over the bottom section 11. The cover sections are detachably connected at the sides and Vends by means of buttons 13 attached to the lower cover section 1l and engaged in suitable button holes provided in the cover section 12. By reason of this construction, the upper section 12 of the mattress cover may be removed for access to and removal of the filler. v

In order to eiectively maintain the filler in proper iat condition within the cover, the lower section 11 of the latter is rovided with inturned flanges 14 along, t e sides thereof to which are connected buttons 15 v 6 and 7 of .each pad. In this way disconf nection of the pads from the bottom cover section 11 may be readily had, but when the parts are assembled as shown in Figure 2,y

the pads are prevented from creeping within the cover such as would cause bulging of the llatter objectionably at diierent points.

In constructing the present mattress, the filling material 10 is placed inthe lower casi'- ing sections 7 of the several filler pads or sections, and then the upper casing sections are placed over this-lilling material with the anges 8 ot cooperating casing sections 6 and 7 Hatly engaged with each other. Thev flanges 8 at adjacent ends of adjacent pads are thenoverlapped, and by then threading the lacing 9 through the flanges 8, the sections 6 and 7 of the pad casings are joined together and the several pads or filler sections are connected. The filler thus constructed is placed in the lower mattress cover section 11 and buttonedy to the latter by engaging the buttons l5 in the button holes 16. Upon then placing the upper mattress cover sec tion 12 over the filler and buttoning it to the lower cover section l1 by use of the buttons 13, the completed mattress is had. K

From the foregoing description it is believed that the constrnction as well as the advantages of the present invention will be readily understood and appreciated by those skilled in the art.

Minor changes may be made without .def parting from the spiritand scope of the-invention as claimed.

What I claim as new is p 1. In a mattress, a cover embodying an upper section and a lower section,said lowton holes.

2. In a mattress, a filler comprising a plurality of pads arranged in end to end relation, each pad embodying a casino' com; posed of upper and lower sections lhaving contiguous marginal flanges, the anges of adjacent pads at adjacent ends of the latter being overlapped, a lacing extending through said flanges to detachably secure the casing sections and the pads together, a removable sectional cover for said filler, means tol detachably connect the side rtions of the pad casing flanges to the sides of one cover section, said side Aflange portions having button holes, andr saidlast named means embodying inturned flanges on said one cover section projecting beneath said rside ange portions and having buttons engageable 1n said button holes.

In testimony whereof I aix my signature.


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