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Publication numberUS1668489 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 1, 1928
Filing dateMar 9, 1927
Priority dateMar 9, 1927
Publication numberUS 1668489 A, US 1668489A, US-A-1668489, US1668489 A, US1668489A
InventorsBrand Achill W
Original AssigneeBrand Achill W
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Exercise cushion
US 1668489 A
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' May 1, 1928.

A. w, BRAND EXERCISE CUSHION Filed March 9. 1927 Patented May 1, 1928.

UNITED STATES ACHILL w. Basin), or monno narcanrronnm.


Application filed March 9, 1927. Serial No. 174,020.

This invention relates to exercise cushions, and particularly to a cushion or support adapted to be used by an individual, when in a reclining position, to so adjust and support the body that the respiratory and'other organs of the torso will properly and most etiiciently function in a natural manner.

An object of my invention is to provide a cushion having more or less solid base and a proper cushion portion which can be used by an individual to obtain a proper positioning and disposition of the bodily Weight when the party is reclining, the party lying on the cushion either on the small of the back just above the pelvic region or higher up, up to the shoulder bone tips sidewise on either side, between the hip bone and the false ribs, or face downward, with the cushion at any desired point from the breast bone down to the pelvic bone structure.

A further object is to provide a cushionwhich can be made of different length, height, and width to suit the particular patient using the same, and which is so constructed that its density can be adjusted to increase and decrease its fiexure under pressure.

l/Vith the above and other objects in view, which will be apparent to those skilled in the art, this invention includes certain novel features of construction and combinations of parts which will now be set forth.

I In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a View in perspective, showing a cushion constructed in accordance with my invention.

Figure 2 is a side elevation.-

Figure 8 is a transverse vertical sectional view.

The base 1, which is of wood or other suitable unyielding material, is preferably of rectangular shape, and the body 2 of the cushion is built up on this base of curled hair or other suitable material, so that it takes substantially the shape of a truncated cone, this body being provided with a covering 3' of fabric or other suitable material, and being stitched and tied through longitudinally and horizontally, as indicated at t and 5, so that it will retain its form and will be more or less unyielding.

This body portion hasa cushion portion 6 constructed thereon and provided with a covering 7, this cushion top portion being adapted to be in contact with and bear the ing and supporting the cushion in the proper relation and facilitate the rebound action of the body portion when the cushion is used upon a bed, couch or other more or less resilient surface. The top portion 6 prevents harsh contact with the body of the user, and the body .portion 2 ascertains the height of elevation and the pressure which will be exerted by the cushion, this body portion being adjusted as to its density through the belt or strip 8. The use of this cushion will compel the patient to automatically partake of deep breathing in inhaling and exhaling, and the pressure against the body will exert a beneiicial massaging action.

When my improved cushion is used with children or infants, it may be found desirable to strap the same in place, and the cushion can be placed in proper position to adjust the spine andvsupport the torso so that the lungs will function properly.

For hygienic reasons, it may be found; desirable to place an additional covering of fabric or other material over the entire cushion, or such a covering can be fitted over upon said body substantially in a plane parallel to the base of the cushion to vary the resiliency thereof.

2. An exercise cushion, coin-prising a substantially rectangular unyielding base, a body portion of cushion material built up on the base to be of substantially truneated cone shape and tied through to preserve this form and to give rigidity, a topping cushion on the body portion, a covering for the top and body portion, and a belt adjustably fitted around the body portion substantially in a plane parallel'to the base of the cushion. In testimony whereof I hereunto afiix my signature.


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U.S. Classification5/630, 5/643
International ClassificationA47G9/10, A47G9/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47G9/10
European ClassificationA47G9/10