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Publication numberUS1668564 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 8, 1928
Filing dateJan 26, 1927
Priority dateFeb 18, 1926
Publication numberUS 1668564 A, US 1668564A, US-A-1668564, US1668564 A, US1668564A
InventorsWilliam Jenkins Reginald
Original AssigneeRobertson Co H H
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Frame for windows, skylights, and the like
US 1668564 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

May 8, 1928.

R. W. JENKINS FRAME FOR WIX IDOWS, SKYLIGHTS, AND THE LIKE Filed Jan. 26. 1927 inf/1W1? 2W wa hwba Patented May 8, 1928 UNITED STATES.


FRAME non wmnows sxrun'rs, AND THE LIKE.

Application filed January 26, 1927, Serial No. 163,788, and in Great Britain Febmary 18, 1928.

This invention relates to a metal frame intended to be inserted in or around an aperture in a sheet of corrugated sheet metal or other sheet material for'the purpose ofhold-- ing a pane of glass, to form, for example, a window or skylight, or of holding a flange or like part of a structure to be associated vviththe said aperture.

According to this invention, the frameis 19 adapted for attachment to a corrugated sheet by providing at the top, bottom or sides of this frame, ledges which are respectively of corrugated form of suitable pitch to fit to the corrugations of the sheet into which the said frame is to be inserted. Beads or ledges with surfaces of fiat or other convenientform are provided around the interior walls of the frame to hold the bed on which the panes of glass or the like can be held.

When this frame is used as a skylight or window frame provided with means for allowing the skylight-or window to be opened, rain is liable to collect in the joint between the upper edge-of the sash and the frame,

and in order to guard against entrance of rain at this joint a hood may be provided formed integrally with the frame, or riveted or brazed thereto.

The accompanying drawing shows how so the said invention can be conveniently car:

I ried into practice Figure lis a plan view of a frame con structed in accordance with this invention.-

Figure 2 is an end view thereof.

Figures 3, 4, 5 and 6 showsections taken on the line 33, 4-4, 5-5, 6-6, respec tively, drawn to a larger scale.

As shown in this drawing, the sides and ends of the improved frame comprise ribs 0 which are curved so that they can fit closely or be secured to or in ridges orgrooves of the corrugated sheet to which the frame is to be attached. The side flanges b are corrugated in the direction of their length as shown in Figures 4 and 5, whilst the end flanges c are corrugated in a direction trans-. verse to their length as shown in Figure 2.

held therein. The'exterior flanges b and 2 can conveniently be provided with holes 0 so that the. frame can be riveted or bolted in the aperture in the corrugated sheet, or

" section. and end webs '5 may be provided having on their outer sidesfianges b and 0 or panes of glass, the frame may be made of suitable shape-to serve as a foundation On the "insides. of the ribs, flat flanges d are: provided. as a bed for the glass or sash to be.

within the ribs (1 being subdivided as may be hold separate sheets or panes of glass, sashes 'or other structures to be associated with the opening bordered by the frame.

When the frame is to be used as a skylight or window frame it is sometimes required to' mount the sash in such a manner that it can be opened. For this purpose, at convenient parts of the frame, holes 7, Figures 3 and 4, can be provided in the sides ofthe frame. to receive pivot studs on which a sash can be mounted torotate to open and close the same. Alternatively the sash may be rotatably mounted on hinges fixed to the flanges d, or in any other convenient manner. With this arrangement. in some cases, the joint between the upper edge of the sash and the frame cannot-be made weatherproof, and in order to guard against the entrance of rain-water into the interior of the chamber in the wall orroof of which the frame is fitted. a hood 7; is provided which may be formed integrally with the frame. as shown in Figure 3, ex-

tending outwardly from the exterior face of the frame. This hood may be of any convenient form, curved or straight in crosssupporting the hood k or curtain web extending between them. If desired the frame can be made without thehood h. both ends of the frame being made like that shown in the lower part of Figure 1. V v

The frame can conveniently be fitted to sheets of galvanized iron. asbestos protected metal. composition coated or cement asbestos,

or like material. such as is used for the roofs or walls of buildings. and the frame itself can be made of cast. rolled or pressed metal,

or of similar material to that of the sheet into which it isto befixed.

Instead of being employed to hold a pane orsupport for a shutter, ventilator, air-trunk or-o'ther structure associated with the opening through the corrugated sheet, the space uired. r

e invention can moreover bra-applied for use. with sheets of other than corrugated form, for example, flat sheets having longitudinal, transverse or oblique stiffening or reinforcing beads or ridges formed therein, and in this case, the outer flanges b, a at the sides, top and bottom of the frame are made of appropriate contour to correspond with the shape of the'said sheet at the parts in which they are to be inserted.

I claim- I 1. A supporting frame of the character described having top, bottom and side ribs or walls forming an opening through which a glass or the like is capable of being inserted bodily, flanges extended inwardly from said ribs or walls toform a bed for said glass, flanges extended outwardly from said ribs or Walls and provided with corrugations to co-operate with the corrugations of a supporting member having an Opening to which said frame is fitted.

2. A supporting frame of the character described having top, bottom and side ribs or walls forming an openin throu h which a glass or the like is capa le of eing inserted bodily, flanges extended inwardly from said ribs or walls to form a bed for said glass, flanges extended outwardly from attached to the top of said frame and pro- I jectin outwardly therefrom and below th top ri or wall thereof.

3.'A supporting frame of the character described having top, bottom and side ribs or walls attached to one another to be handled as one piece and forming at the front of the frame an opening extending from top'to bottom and from side to side through which a glass or the like of substantially the size of the opening is capable of being inserted bodily and unobstructedly into the frame, flanges extended inwardly from said ribs or walls to leave the opening at the front of the frame of the full internal area of the frame and to form at the rear of the opening a bed for said glass, flanges extended outwardly from said ribs or walls,

and a hood projecting from said frame at the top thereof.

In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to this specification.


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