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Publication numberUS1668772 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 8, 1928
Filing dateOct 14, 1924
Priority dateOct 14, 1924
Publication numberUS 1668772 A, US 1668772A, US-A-1668772, US1668772 A, US1668772A
InventorsKestell Philip
Original AssigneeThomas Day Company
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Lighting fixture
US 1668772 A
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May 8, 1928. 1,668,772

` P. KESTELL LIGHTING FIXTURE Filed OG'C. 14. 1924 www i @M/5am Patented May 8, 1:9278. l




, j Appncanon `aleireembr 14, 1924. serial No. visser.

The invention relates to lighting fixtures and particularly to hanging lighting fixtures generally known as chandeliers.

An object of the invention V,is to provlde a chandelier fixture which may be quickly as-` sembled, thereby reducing the cost of manufacture of the fixture. A i

Another object of the: invention isto provide a knock down lighting fixture which may be readilyvassembled or disassembled.

A further object of the invention is to provide a lighting fixture which is assembled without the employment of permanentfastening means.` t y j A further object of the invention is to provide a lighting fixture of relatively. low cost which hasthe appearance of an expensive lighting fixture.` l ,j

The invention possesses other advanta" geous features, some of which with the foregoing will be set forth at length in the following description, where I shall outline in full that form of the invention which I have selected for illustration in the drawing accompanying and forming part of the present specification. In said drawing I have shown one form of lighting fixture embodying my invention, but it is to be understood that I do not limit myself to such form, since the invention, as set forth in the claim, may be embodied in a plurality of forms.

Referring to said drawings:

Figure 1 is an elevation of a complete lighting fixture, constructed in accordance with my invention.

Figure 2 is an elevation, partly in section, of a portion of a lighting fixture embodying my invention.

Figure 3 is a perspectivey view of a detail of the fixture, showing the' means .employed for interlocking the parts.

In accordance with my invention, Ivhave provided an electric lighting fixture in which the parts may be readily assembled and locked or clamped in assembled position, without the use of permanent fastening` means, thereby greatly reducing the time required to assemble the fixture and consequently reducing the cost of the fixture. In Figure 1 of the drawing I have shown the inventionembodiedin a four-lamp fixture and in Figures 2 and 3 I have shown the embodiment of the invention ina two lamp fixture, but it is to be understood that as fr l) ,many lamps as desired may be embodied in mounted on each arm. The arm maybe of `any suitable design or configuration, `depending upon the effect desired to be produced .in the completed fixture and it is to be understood that I dol not limit myself t0 the particular shape of arm shown inthe drawingsior to anyl particular shape of arm.`

The lighting fixture of my invention comprises a centralwsupport orrod 2 which is preferably hollow to permit the passage of the electric wires therethrough; Attached to the lower end of the rod 2 and preferably j by being screwed thereon, isa bottom support, preferably in the form of a cup 4 having an upstanding rim. Disposed adjacent and surroundingthe upper portion ,of the rod 2 is a top support, preferably comprising an inverted cup 6 having a depending rim 7. The cup 6 may be urged to ward the cup 4 in any desirable manner and in the present embodiment I have shown a hanger nut 8 screwed to the upper end of the rod 2 and urging the cup 6 downward toward the cup 4. The hanger nut 8 may be connected to the ceiling fixture 9 by a chain 12 or other suitable form of suspending means.

The lighting fixture arms, and there may be as many arms as desired, are held in position between the top and bottom supports, by virtue of the pressure of the nut 8. The arms are preferably formed of cast metal, since this form of arm is cheaper than the wrought metal arm and each arm is prefer ably provided with two projections, respec-l tively engaging the top and bottom supports or cups 6 and 4. Each arm 13 is provided adjacent its upper end with a projection or hook 14 which engagesthe top support 6 and `adjacent its lower end with a projection or` hook 15 which engages thebottom support 4. The cups 6 and 4 are preferably provided with indented rims and the hooks 14 and 15 areformed to fit into the respective indentations 16. Each hook is preferably provided at its base with indentations 17 into which the side walls of the indentations 16 extend when the hooks are enga-ged with the cup. The space betweenthe prong of the hook andthe arm is only slightly greater than the width of the rim of the cup, so that the hook forms a rather snug, tight t with the eup. The extension of the .side walls 18 of the indentation 16 into the indentation 17 in the hook, and the close fit between the prong of the hook and the rim of the cup, prevent any lateral movement or twisting movement of the arm vwith respect to the eup, so that when .the arms and the -cups are assembled the assembled structure is as rigid .as if the arms were riveted or otherwise permanently secured tothe cups.

The rod 2 is preferably provided adjacent its ,lower end with lateral apertures, opening into the lower cup 4, and the electric service Wires extend through these apertures and .are carried out .along the arm 13 to the re- ,ceptaele 2l for the electric lamp 2Q. The cup 4 may be `concealed by a bell '23 he'ld in plaee by the ornamental nut 2 4 and the hooks Ltengagin the .cup 4 may be concealed by a canopy 25 tted onto the rod 2.

In assembling .the fixture, vthe hooks 15 are engaged with wthe lim of the eup 4 the upper .ends .of the arms are brought 'into close relation and the ou `6 slip ed down over .the hooks 14, with t ese hoo s seated in the indwtatimrs in the rim 10i the Youp, and then .the hanger nut' 8 is .screwed down .on the rod unti'l the cup 6 establishes a tight engagement with the hooks 14, thus securely .clamping the .arms between bottom cup 4 and the top wp 6. When `it is desired to disassemble the lixture, the hanger nut 18 is loosei'ied, the cup 6 is raised and the arms may be readily removed. The fixture may be thus quidkly and cheaply assembled and when assembled have the appearance of an expensive fixture.

I claim: y

`A lighting fixture comprising` a central hollow rod, an upright cup secured to the lower end of said rod and lhavingr spaced indentations along its upper rim, a plurlity of lighting fixture arms each having upper and lower divergent branches, hooks on the inner ends of said Ylower branches engagingr said indentations, u` bell. surroundingr said rod and adapted to cover the upper side of said cup,'a canopy mounted on the lower end of said rod and adapted to cover the lower side of said cup, and means at tne upper lend o .said rod for engaging the upper ends of said arms.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand.


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European ClassificationF21S8/06, F21S8/06M