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Publication numberUS1669063 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 8, 1928
Filing dateSep 22, 1926
Priority dateSep 22, 1926
Publication numberUS 1669063 A, US 1669063A, US-A-1669063, US1669063 A, US1669063A
InventorsCecil Mills Walter
Original AssigneeCecil Mills Walter
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Exercising device
US 1669063 A
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May s, 1926. 1,669,063

W. C. MILLS EXERCISING DEVICE Filed sept, 22. 1926 Patented May 8, 1928.


Application led September 22, 1926i.` Serial No. 136,993.

rl`hc present invention relates to a coinbined exercising and amusement device, the

` primary object of the invention being, to

provide a device oll this character including radiating arms to act as supports for perw sons hanging thereon, the arms being constructed so that they may revolve on a supporting post. f Y

An object ot' the invention is to provide a device of this character whereby a person may support his weightby his arms while the device is being rotated, thereby strengthening the hands, wrists and arms of the person using the device.

VA still further object of the invention is to provide an adjustable support whereby the device may be adjusted for use by tall orY short persons. j

vWith the foregoing and other objects in view which will appear as the description proceeds, the invention resides in the combination and arrangement of parts and in the details of construction hereinafter described and claimed, it being understood that changes in the precise embodiment of the invention herein disclosed, may be made within the scope of what is claimed, without departing from the spirit of the invention.

Referring to the drawing:

Figure 1 is a perspective view illustrating a. device constructed in accordance with the invention, and illustrating how the device is used.

Figure 2 is an enlarged vertical sectional view through the device.

Figure 3 is a sectional view taken on line 3 3 of Figure 2.

Figure 4 is a sectional view through the outer end of one ot' the supporting arms.y

Referring to the drawing in detail,`the reference character 5 indicates the supporting post of the device which is preferably hollow.

This post is sunk in the ground surface in such a way that it lwill be held in 'an upright position at all timesto support the weight ofthe persons using the device.

The reference character 6 indicates a tubular supporting member formed with an opening adjacent to its lowery end to accommodate the bolt 7 which bolt is adapted to pass through registering openings 8 in the post 5, which latter openings are arranged in verticall spaced relation with keach other so that the supporting post 6 may be adjusted vertically with respect to the post 5,

Threads arer formed exteriorly of the supporting section v6 and are arranged adjacent to the upper end thereof, which threads are adapted to be positioned in the threaded opening of the coupling 9 there being provided a supporting washer 10 disposed on the upper end of the tubular supporting section 6 that acts as a support for the bearings 11 between which the balls 12 are positioned.

Associated with the coupling 9 is a head 13 which is provided with an extension 14 threaded as at 15 to accommodate the nuts 16 tor securing the head within the coupling 9. Bearing members 17 and 18 are ar! ranged between the head 13 and coupling 9 and accommodate the balls 19 that sup- Vport the weight of the head and persons holding onto the arms 20.

These rarms k20 are formed with threaded extremities 21 that are positioned in threaded openings formed in the head 13, the

arms being of constructions to extend upwardly and outwardly as illustrated by Figure 1 ofthe drawing.

Bracing arms 22 have connection with the arms 2O and act to hold lthe arms in their operative positions against sagging under the weight of the persons hanging on the arms.

From the `foregoing it will be obvious that dueto this construction, the head which' supports the arms 20 may be rotated with Y the minimum amount of exertion on the part of the person using the device.

In the use of the device, persons grab the arms 20 in a manner as illustrated in Figure 1and a person pushes or pulls on one of the arms to rotate the head to cause the head to rotate at the upper end of the post. l I claim f 1. In a device ofthe character described, a hollow supporting member having threads Vformed atv its upper end, a coupling having threads cooperating with the threads of the supporting member to removably secure the coupling in position, a head having a reduced portion extending through the coupling, bearings supported between the head and coupling, a nut on one end of the reduced portion to secure the head on the coupling, said reduced portion extending into the hollow supporting member, and arms extending from the head.

2. In a device of the character described,

a support, coupling removably mounted. 011

the Support, a head having a reduced portion extended mto the 'coupi1hg,' bearing members disposed between the coupling and head to revolubly supportthe--head,fsafid 5 head havingthreaded openings, upwardly and outwardly curved arms havingfthreafdedi extremities fitted in the threadedropenings 'of the-head,` 'arms connecting the ii'st menti'onedai'ms Vand disposed 'adjacent to the upperSurfaces of the irst mentioned arms.



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U.S. Classification472/14
International ClassificationA63B7/06, A63B9/00
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