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Publication numberUS1669064 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 8, 1928
Filing dateNov 21, 1924
Priority dateNov 21, 1924
Publication numberUS 1669064 A, US 1669064A, US-A-1669064, US1669064 A, US1669064A
InventorsMinetti Frank N
Original AssigneeMinetti Frank N
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Pocket wallet
US 1669064 A
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May 8, 1928.

F. N. MlNETTl POCKET WALLET Fiied Nov. 21. 1924 2 Sheets-Sheet l /N VE N TQE FranK N. Minet-t.

A TTB/VEY May 8, 1928.


Filed Nov. 2l. 1924 2 Sheets-Email? 'lli Mild '1.2i 1 Z8. "im /NVENv-ae Frank N. Mnettl ATTQENEY owner'thereof. to have a neat, compact,well

`Patented May e, i928.



'rocxazr warm.

.Applicationled November 21, 1924. v Serial No. 751,318.

My invention relates 'to combinationpocket wallets and carrying cases having a plurality vof compartments and retaining spaces, which are particularly adapted for use in carrying a variety of articles.

The ob'ects of my invention are to provide an e cient, practical and highly desirable and serviceable pocket wallet capable of receiving various `articles such as bank notes a bank book, a check book, personal and business cards; stamps, small change etc., and` arranged in separate compartments or relation to one another, whereby each of said articles is adapted to be retained'in its own. particular place, thereby enabling' a person -who carries it 'to' at all times have ready, convenient and selective accessibilityto any andv all offsaid articles without the necessity of interfering with or disturbing any ofthe other articles, and facilitating the ke t and orderly pocket wallet; and to provi e a pocket wallet in whicha considerable number of bank notes are adapted to be carried `without the wallet having adaptability or a tendency to buckle, 'wrinkle or otherwise become distorted whenl it is folded previous.

" to being placed in the pocket or after being pocketed. r A Y Other objects and advantages Yof my invention Willbe disclosed herein.

My invention consists in providing a.

pocket wallet having a plurality of separate compartmentsV or retaining .means capableof receiving the respective and various articles, heretofore enumerated whereby the` same-are adapted to be maintained in separate and orderly relation to'one another; in v providing means adaptedwhen said wallet is folded to prevent it from buckling, wrin kling or otherwise becoming'noticeably distorted when a considerable number of bank notes are contained therein;and to provide such a Wallet which is adapted to'be compactlyand neatly folded.

My invention also consists in the details of construction, combination, arrangement and location of the various parts with relation to one another, as herein set forthr` and claimed..

Fig. 6 is a transverse section taken on a line corresponding to 6-6in Fig. l;

Fig. 7 is an upper edge elevation of the Wallet in unfolded position;

F ig.. 8 is a front elevation showing the wallet folded in closed position;`

invention in open or unfolded positionand with various articles positioned therein;

Fig. 9 is a perspective view showing my Y Fig.'10. is an inside elevation showing the wallet 'in' open and extended position and liaying its longitudinal edge and transverse ed es unstitched; Y y

ig. 11 is a longitudinal section taken onV a line corresponding to 11-11 in Fig. 9;. and

Fi smal change, and check book lretaining means.

In the preferred construction ot my invention I .provide lwallet. 1, consisting of leatheroi other suitable, durable and flexible material, having inner side strip 2 and outer 6 and 7 of the wallet, whereby upper edges 8 and 9, respectively, of sides 2 and 3 are pei'- mitted to remain in unsecured relation to each other so that the upper edges can be separated for the purpose of placing bank notes 10,`or other papers, between sides 2 and 3. The bank notes are prevented from .heilig lost or accidentally escaping from be- .tween edges 11 and 12, respectively, yof side pieces 2 and 3 by spaced apart straps 13, 1 4 and 15, respectively, connecting` edges 1land 12. The spaced apart distance between stitching 4 and 5 is sufficient to permit placing the bank notes between sides 2 and. 3

. 12is a detailelevation ofthe stamp, f

side strip 3, respectively, .secured together by 85' stitching 4 and 5 respect1vely,`ad]acent ends withoutV the necessity of folding the notes.

The straps 13, 14 and 15, preferably, are formed integral withside 3 and their ends 13, 14 and 15 are secured to lower edge 11 of inner side 16 of side 2 by stitching 17, as will be `clearly understood upon examination 'of the construction shown in Fig. 5. Also,

it`will be noticed that the Astraps are relatively long, lreference being directed to loop portion 18n in Fig. 5 and to space 2 between edges 11 and 12 shown in Fig. 10, wherebyl a considerable number of bank notes or other papers of equal size' are capable of being edges 11 and 12 are free to recede from each` jpocket wallets in which -lower edges 11 andplaced between sides 2 and 3 rin unfolded posit-ion, without overtaxing the ycapacity of the wallet for the reason that the top edges 8 and 9 arev unsecured together and lower other to an extent of distancev entirely dependent upon the effective length of the straps. This form of construction is a. great stepin advance of the usual structure lof 12 are stitched securely-together over their entire length, whereby the lower edges are' prevented from automatically or otherwise spacing themselves apart to conform to and adjustably receive various numbers of bank notes, whereby when a' 'considerable quantity of notes is placed in the usual type of wallet it is adapted to buckle, wrinkle and otherwise become distorted so 'that it is im? possible to neatly fold it previous -to placing it into the pocket.

placed in a mans hip -pocket, where it is usually carried, is rather an uncomfortable thing upon -which tosit, whereas my wallet can be folded evenly and without buckling keepin slippedI or being wrinkled or distorted irrespectiveof the number of bank notes placed therein, providing the respective length ofstraps 13,

v14 and 15 is not less thanthe collectivethickness ofthe bank notes themselves. Stripor sheet 18 also of leather or other suitable flexible material has slit 19 therein and has its ends 20 and 21, respectively, secured to upper and-loweredge's J8 andlll of the side 2, as by stitching` 22 and 23, whereby usual tapered tongue 24, fixed to the stub end of bank checkbook 25, may be slid'betwen strip 18 and inner side2 and with its tapered end126 projected through the slit,.whereby the check bookis adapted tofbe maintained in its proper position in the wallet. End 27 of the' check book` to further facilitate ,under transverse strip 28 having its upper and lower edges 29 and 30, respectively fixed to upper and lower edges 8 and 1'1 of side 2` asby stitching 31 and 3.2,' respectively. St`itch1ng`3l and 32,`.respectively,

secures ends 33 and 3 40f transverse strip 35 near upper and lower edges 8 and 11. re-

Furthermore, a distort-- ed .and Aimproperly folded walletl when it-'in its proper position, may be spectively, of-inner side 2, the strip 35 being superimposed u on strip 28.: The strip 35 is particularly a apted to maintain business or personal cards 36 within the folds of the wallet, and as'the cards are readily accessible when in this position a. very conven- 'ient and desirable card carrying case is,

therefore, incorporated in my invention. If desired, bank book 37 ymay be slipped between end 27 of check book 25 and strip 28, whereby as a user of my invention may carry both. a check book and a bank book in his pocket wallet there is no occasion for hiirrto be without either one of them thereby affording him an opportunity yto keep an accurate account of his'bank; account at all times, whereas when bankchecks are written without the writer making a record thereof it is impossible for him toloe in possession of -dependable information regarding his credit. balance at his bank. Not infrequently considerable embarrassment is caused an'individual who 'unintentionally issues a bank check when having insufficient funds in the bank. to guarantee. payment ofthe amount of money specified on the check and which embarrassment may be avoided by the proper application and use of my invention.

Furthermore, it being possible to conveniently carry a'bank book in my wallet there -iS i no occasion-for an owner thereof to'depo'sit money in his patronized bank without having the proper record ofl deposit entered into `lthe book when the deposit is made, whereby considerable trouble' and sometimesl money is saved an individual.

A convenient pocket 38 is provided by strip 18, having its extended and integral side or end 39 (whereby sheet 18 is formed) secured to inner side 2 by stitching 40 and 40 respectively. The pocket 38'is particularly advantageous for the purposeof carryling small articles such as stamps, memorandums,.small change, etc'. and which are prevented from being accidentally lost therefrom, as by flap 41 secured to upper edge 8 fof inner. side 2 of 1the .wallet by stitching 42.

Usual .snap clasp connection '43 provides convenlent means for releasably securing flap 41 `in engagementwith the body portion of the pocket. Forconvenience in fastening i3 to retain them from accidentally slipping out of said elongated pocket.

As afurther provision and to provide cooperating'means, whereby the wallet can be A14: and 15 at 47 in outer side strip 2, as-

shown in Fig. 7, t allow for the necessaryl greater radius at that point on the outer side3 than the radius of the corresponding portion of the inner side 2 when the wallet is in folded and closed position.

An advantage of myy invention is that.V

pocket wallet 1, together with the various articles adapted to be carried therein, represents a very compact package when in closed position, whereby the wallet containing various articles is capable'of, being carried within a. pocket -of an-individual without undue discomfort and inconvenience to the user, whereas if the various articles, adapted to Abe neatly filed and carried withinthe wallet are separately placed in various pockets not only is it difficult to locate any particular article, but also, and more important, it is necessary to utilize a multiplicity of pockets which for many reasons is exceedingly un-` ;idesirable, as for instance, one or more of the articles are likely to be overlooked and forgotten when they are being changed from one suit of clothes to another and with varying and troublesome results, among which is that an imperfect and unreliable record of bank deposits and written bank checks is likely to be made, not -to mention the many other cases and undesirable Icircumstances 'which might be occasioned byuntimely forgetfulness to carry on his person the various and indispensable articles, such as may all be contained by mywallet, in consequence of which the likelihood'of not having the desired article in ones pocket'at an opportune time, is considerably reduced. 4

' It is apparent that I have invented a practical, serviceable and effective combination pocket wallet and carrying case particularly intended for the purposes described herein. My invention may be used for other purposes than those specifically pointed outv as the -various compartments and retaining strips are adaptable to receive many different articles and which will fit therein according to the special needs of the par-k ticular user, it being understood that the enumerated articles which I have mentioned are merely shown in the drawing andfineluded in the descriptive matter for illustrative purposes.

While I have chosen to illustrate the form and construction of 'my invention by the drawings and explanations of the same, fit is understood that my invention resides in the combination, arrangement and location of parts and in the details of construction as herein set forth and claimed, and that changes in the precise embodiment of the invention can be made within the scope of what isclaimed without departing from the spirit thereof.

What I claim as new and desire to secure. by Letters Patent 1s:l

l. An article of manufacture comprising a pocket wallet having a pair of longitudinal flexible strips having their respective ends secured together, a pair of straps fixed to the lower edges of said strips and one of said strips having a fullness of material intermediate said straps and a transverse flexible strip having itsvvends Secured'to one of said strips and having a longitudinal slit therein adapted to receive the back of aA check book, substantially as described.

2. A pocket vwallet comprising apair of longitudinal flexible strips having their lespective'ends secured together, a strap fixed to the lower edges of said strips, a flexible sheet having its outer ends secured to a side of one of said strips and having a longitudinal slit therein adapted to receive the back of a check book, said sheet having its inner edge secured to the outer side of said last longitudinal strip and having its central portion secured'to the outer side of said last longitudinal strip, whereby a pocket is formed in said wallet adapted to receive small articles, a fiap secured to said last longitudinal strip and adjacent the opening in said pocket and means for securing said flap in engagement with the body of said Pocket and a. ,liexible strip having its ends fixed to the longitudinal edges of said last longitudinal strip and positioned adjacent an end 'ofrsaid last longitudinal strip and oppositely disposed from said sheet, whereby an end of said checkbook is adapted to be inserted under said last .transverse strip, substantially as described.

3. An article of manufacture comprising a pocket wallet having flexible sides open along one longitudinal edge and having a plurality of spaced apart fiexible connections along the other longitudinal edge to permit said sides to be held in spaced apart relation to form an elongated pocket, and

one of said strips having a fullness of matc-A ral intermediate a pair of said connections, a pocket formed on the inner side with its opening adjacent the open edge of said wallet and having ay flap to cover said opening and folded downwardly over said openledge of the pocket, a sheet secured to one of said strips and adapted to receive an inwardly projecting tongue attached to the back ot' a check boo-k, a strip secured at its ends near the other end of said vinner side to form holding means for the other end of said check boo-k and to receive and hold a bank book, a strip superimposed on said last mon.- tioned strip and having free edges adapted to receive and hold cards thereunder, a. flap attached to one side of said wallet adjacent the open edge thereof and having its free end adapted to embrace the contents of said elongated pocket whereby said contents are held in orderly position therein and means adjacent the respective ends of said Wallet adapted to detachably secure said ends together in folded position.

4. An article of manufacture comprising a pocket wallet having a pair of Alongitudinal 1flexible strips spaced apart at their upper and lower longitudinal edges and having their respective ends secured together, one of said strips having a greater length of material than the other to provlde 'a fullness ot' material at the center thereof .to prevent buckling when folded, substantially as set forth.


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