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Publication numberUS1669169 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 8, 1928
Filing dateDec 31, 1924
Priority dateDec 31, 1924
Publication numberUS 1669169 A, US 1669169A, US-A-1669169, US1669169 A, US1669169A
InventorsMoss David H
Original AssigneeBrandes Lab Inc
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Shipping box
US 1669169 A
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May s, 1928. 1,669,169

D. H. MOSS SHIPPING Box Filed Dec. 61, 1924 FIG 5. ON LIP/E 53 OF F76. Z.,



Patented May 8, 1928.






Application tiled December 31, 1924. Serial No. 759,114.

My invention relates broadly to receptacles and more particularly to a construction of paper receptacle designed particularly for insuring the sate shipment of electromagnetic sound reproducers and acoustic horns forming a part thereof.

One of the objects of my invention is to provide a paper receptacle having,- interior supporting wal'ls and partitions formed to rigidly lock the acoustic horn and base of an electromagnetic. sound reproduccr in posid tion in the process ot packing` the reproduccr and prot-eet the same against movement and. destructive forces from the exterior' ot` the package during shipment.

Another object of my invention is to provide a foldable package or crate for electro magnetic sound reproducers which may be manufactured and shipped in bulk in knock down Hat form with removable inserts forming' interior strengthening members for thc crate when the package is assembled to receive the electromagnetic sound reproducer.

Still another object of my invention is to provide a removable insert for a shipping` package for electromagnetic sound reproduccrs in which the reinforcing insert l'or the boxserves to remove destructive 'forces and pressure from the throat of the horn of the electromagnetic sound reproducer by supporting the device during shipment. at a point adjacent the base directly from the cap ot the rcproducer thereby erlin'iinatng the crushinpr ofthe bell or throat of the horn.

Still another object of the invention is to provide a plurality of tlat foldable inserts for a shipping crate which may be sealed Within the crate in such manner that in order to remove the acoustic horn from the crate the seals must be'positively broken thereby insuringr the delivery to a customer ot an electromagnetic sound rcproduccr which has passed al'l factory tests prior to its sealing, which reproducer is known to he ot tirst quality when the seals remain intact.

Other and further objects ot' my invent ion will be understood from the spccii'icatiou hereinafter following by reference to the accompanyino drawings, in which:

Figure l 1s a vertical cross sectional view taken through the shipping box showingA the acoustic horn and electromagmttic sound rcproducing device securely sealed hcrein;

Fig. 2 is a horizontal sectional view looking down upon the shipping crate and showing the arrangement ot the acoustic horn there- 1n; Fig'. 3 is a cross sectional view takenA through the shipping box and electromagnetic sound reproducer therein, showin@ the method ot' supporting the sound reproducer 00 to eliminate the application of pressure upon the bell or throat of the horn; and` Fig. 4 is a perspective view showing the arrangemeifitr of the inserts within the shipping box for` protecting the electromagnetic sound repro i ducer during shipment.

lVith the increased popularity in the art of radio there has arisen a demand for a construction ot' shipping box which would protect the relatively fragile horn. ot the electromagnetic sound reproducer against destruction. Herctotore it has been the practice to pack the device in an ordinary box. The result ot' this in a great many iii- .stanccs has been the crushing of the horn which have a central U shaped aperture 9o therein of a size corresponding to the diameter ot' the cap ot' the electromagnetic -sound rcproducer and terminating at such a dis tance trom the bottom of the crate that the periphery of the bell of the horn rests in contact with the bottom of the crate at the opposite end theI'eOf.

'lhe sleeve of the horn and lforward portion ot the throat are substantially spaced away from the interior walls of the crate and the horn is so secured against movement that no directI forces are applied to tilul horn proper. A second insert member is next applied to the crate disposed 'in a.

piane substantially paral'lel with the top and 106 hmmm will, of the crate but spaced mterand protective characteristics of 80 I prog5 iok mediate said Walls in such manner that the back of the throat of the horn contacts with the insert so that the horn is prevented from moving Within the carton during shipment.

The construction of the shipping boxvvill be more clearly understood by reference'to the accompanying drawings in detail, Wherein, reference character 1 designates the crate formed from corrugated cardboard. The cardboard of the crate is normally flat toiacilitate manufacture and shipment to the point where the electromagnetic sound reproduce-rs are to be packed and cut to shape in such manner that the board may be folded to form the rectangular assembly as illustrated in Fig. 4. The bottom wall 2 of the box and the top walls 3 and 4 are corrugated in a direction transversely ot the longer axis oi' the box while the end fold members 5 and G and 'i' and 8 are corrugated inthe direction of the length of the box. The sides of the box 9 and 1() and the end walls 11 and 12 are corrugated transversely of the length of the carton. The combination of the transverse and longitudinal corrugations operates to increase the strength 'of the carton and eliminate deformation under pressure during shipment. I provide a substantially U shaped insert 14 having side flanges 15 and 16 of a height substantially equal to the height of the base 17 of the electromagnetic sound reproducer. The insert 14 is provided with a central U shaped aperture 18 'of a width corresponding to the diameter of the cap 19 so that the partition 14 serves to support substantially the entiie weight of the clectroii'iagnetic sound reproducer and relieve strain from the acoustic horn 20. The insert 14 is strengthened by a second insert 21V apertui'ed at 22 corresponding to the aperture 1S in partition 14. The insert 2l is placed immediately adjacent the insert 14 and the weight oi the electromagnetic sound reproduccr thereby divided bctween the inserts 14 and 21. The periphery of the bell of the acoustic horn at 23 rests iii contact with the bottoni 2 of the shipping box forming a substantial support for the horn. An additional insert 24 is provided extending between the end 12 ot the box and the partition 14 with upwardly extending flanges 25 and 2G which engage the side Walls 9 and 1() of the carton. The insert 24 extends parallel to the bottom 2 and top 3 and 4 of the carton and rests in contact with the back oiM tliethroat ot the acoustic horn as shown at 27. It willtherefore be seen that the partition 24,1;eiids to rigidly main# tain the acoustic horn in position within the crate. It will be observed that the electromagnetic sund reproducer cannot be removed from the carton Without disengaging the insert 24 from the interior of the crate so that a positive indication may be given it the package is tamperedi'with after the iinal inspection and packaging for shipment.

While I have described a preferred embodiment of the invention it will be understood that modifications in detail may be made and that l intend no limitations upon the invention other than are imposed by the scope of the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention, What- I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent ot the United States is as follows i. A shipping carton for an electromagnetic sound-reproducer having a base, a cap and an acoustic horn, a pair of substantially U shaped inserts tor said carton having their side portions arranged to engage opposite side walls oi' said carton, one ot said inserts extending traiisyersely Within said carton at a distance from one e'ndvthereof corresponding to the height ot the base of said electromagnetic sound reproducer and having means embracing the cap of said reproducei at a distance from the bottom of said carton whereby the periphery of the bell of f said horn rests upon the bottoinof said car- `ton and the other of said inserts extending parallel with the bottom of said carton and contacting with said acoustic horn for rigidly securing said acoustic horn within said carton.

y 2. A. shipping carton or'an electromagnetic sound reproducer having a base, a cap and an acoustic horn, a pair of substantially U shaped inserts and a separate flat insert tor reinforcing one of said inserts, said rein.

forcing insert being positioned adjacent said U shaped insert and transversely within said carton, said reinforcing insert aiidsaid U shaped insert being centrally apertured from one side to receive and support the electromagnetic sound reproducer at the cap thereof with the periphery of the bell of said acoustic horn resting against the bottom ot' said carton and the other of said inserts being positioned parallel with the bottom of said carton and extending between said first mentioned insert and the end of the carton in contact with said acoustic horn for securing and positioning said horn against move-`Y nient within said carton.

DAVID H. Moss.


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