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Publication numberUS1669895 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 15, 1928
Filing dateJan 20, 1927
Priority dateJan 20, 1927
Publication numberUS 1669895 A, US 1669895A, US-A-1669895, US1669895 A, US1669895A
InventorsBlyth John M
Original AssigneeEastman Kodak Co
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Picture folder and easel
US 1669895 A
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May 15, 1928. 1,669,895



Patented May 15, 1928. p 1,669,895

.. umran STATES. PATENT .orrioE-f.


morons ronnna nun EASEL.

hp plication filed January 20, Serial No. 162,282.

This-invention relates to picture supports, from the face 11 of the sup ort. The. edges and: particularly to a combined holder and 7 and 8- form three si des of a fram ebehind easel for pictures. One object of my inwhichthe picture 41S supportedi Vention is to provide a simple picture hold- The fourthside of; the frame is formed 5 er which may be made from a single piece by the bottom edge 12' of the picture 4 of sheet material by a single punching operwhich rests upon .the lower bent edge 10 atiori. Another object is to provide a pic of flap-9. As will-beseenfi'om rFigi 1, this tureholder which will hold apicture segives the effect of the picture lying wholly cnrely and which will permit pictures-to behind a-cut-out picture frame, ii hereas in be changed. Another object is .to. provide" reality. one edge of the picture'lies on top a picture holden inawhichipunched out flaps: ofthe material 11 and the remaining three form the sole picture retaining structure. edgeslie behind thesanieshet ofmaterial: 05 Still another object is to provide a picture i prefer toemploy a border to acrea e hplderl in which the picturefis supported this efi'ectg sucha) bo'rdel beingsliowniat 13 behind a frame, the picture holding members iniFig. 1. :In Fig. 4- a border 14-is'provided beingicon cealeii fiiomlthe front of the holdand the cuts? and 8- may bemade"through er, and other objects will appear hereinthe border 14c previously printed on the in after from the following specification, the support together with any other desirable novel features being particularly pointed decorative design.

out in the claims at the end thereof. As best shown inF 2 and 3 the pic- Coming now to the drawings wherein like ture 4 is placed in the support by resting reference characters denote like parts the bottom edge 12 of the picture upon the throughout: bent portion 10 of flap 9. In order to hold Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a picture the flap 9 in the desired position a second support constructed in accordance with and flap 15 is formed by a three-sided cut 16 illustrating one form of my invention; made in flap 9. Flap 15 may be bent along Fig. 2 is a section on line 22 of Fig. 1; the line 17 and is preferably providedwith so Fig. 3 is a rear plan View of a picture an adhesive area 18 which may be pasted support showing the construction of the pic against the back 19 of the support, thus the ture holding members; and upper edge of flap 9 is held toward the back Fig. 4 is a fragmentary front plan View face 19 of the support- 1 and the picture i of a picture support before the flaps are is tightly pressed forwardly against the bent into a picture holding position. frame.

In the embodiment illustrated in the Picture supports made as above described drawings the picture support consists of a are particularly suitable for small sized single piece of sheet material such as tough penny pictures although, of course, the cardboard of the type commonly used in support may be made for pictures of any dimy photographic folders. The entire picture 'inensions. Ordinarily I prefer to make the support may be made by punchingv out the picture supports in the form shown in Fig. sheet material into the desired shape, the 4 where the flaps 9 and 15 have been cut picture holding members being also cut out but have not been bent from the material in the same operation. 11, and to ship them in this condition. Then As best shown in Fig. 1, there is a picall the user has to do is press out flaps 9 and ture supporting member 1, which is held 15 and bend flaps 2 along the lines 3, and at an angle to form an easel by means of the picture holder is ready for use. flaps 2 bent along the edges 3. A picture lrVhen it 1s desired to change the picture at 4 is carried in the frame designated broadly it may be slid from behind flaps 9 and 15 by as 5, a sideways movement in either of the direc- The frame 5, as best shown in Fig. 4:, tions shown by the arrows in Fig. 3. If is formed by cutting the material 6, of which desired the flap 15 may be opened and rethe support is made, along the lines 7 and glued to the back 20 when pictures are 8. These intersecting cuts form a flap 9 changed. which may be bent along the line 10 away After a picture has been placed in position the flaps 2 may be folded across the face of the picture like an ordinary picture folder. They may then be bent back into the position shown in Fig. 1 to form an easel when desired.

Having thus described my invention, What I claim as new and desire tosecure by Let-' picture opening, one flap being adapted to support a picture in the opening and the other flap being adapted to hold the first flap to the support. a

2. A picture holding device including a sheet material supporting member, means for carrying and framing a picture thereon comprising a flap cut and bent from the support having a-three-sided frame behind which a picturemay be supported on the flap, the bottom of the picture lying between the support and the flap and defining the fourth side of the frame and a connecting member between said flap and said support from the sheet material and adapted to be concealed by a picture located on one flap behind the opening in the support left by bending the flap therefrom, the second flap being adapted to position the first flap with respect to the support.-

4. A picture holding device comprising a frontmember, a flap attached to one edge of the front member adapted to be bent to sup- 1 port the front member, a. three sided frame formed in the front member by three interr secting cuts, a flap included between the cuts, said flap being adapted to support a picture behind the frame, a second flap formed on the first mentioned flap, said second mentioned. flap being adapted to be pasted against the back of the front member, whereby the two flaps and picture maybe held in a fixed position relative to the front member.

Signed at Chicago, Illinois, this 12th day of January, 1927.


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