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Publication numberUS1670161 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 15, 1928
Filing dateSep 7, 1927
Priority dateSep 7, 1927
Publication numberUS 1670161 A, US 1670161A, US-A-1670161, US1670161 A, US1670161A
InventorsWilliam Wullenwaber
Original AssigneeLena M Meyer
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Self-cleaning comb
US 1670161 A
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- 1,670,I6l b May 15, 1928.

Potonted Moy 15, f928.


fhiS invention re1teS to coInbS, nd the obiect of the invention iS to rovide a Selfole8ning oon1b.

In ordi11ary con1bS, the di1't, dndru ond 6 tho like a I'e liable to gather at the interSec tion of tho teeth Wh tlle bose ond olog -1 the SlitS betvveen the con1b toeth. fy coIn iS So construoto(l oS to ovoid ony tendenoy of the dirt and fofeign 111attel' to clog at t11is 1o point.

1y invention iS illuStrotod in tho acCon1- ponying draWing, Wherein -igure 1 iS on elevation of a ooInb con sfructed in accofdance vith IIly invention;

Figure 2 is o Section on the Hne 22 of Eigufe 1.

Beforfing to t}1iS draWing, deSignates tlle bock of the comb, Which comb moy be Inode of any suitble nloteriol os, for in Stonco, cellu1oid, hord fubber, oluIninuIn, of the like, and the Stri of moteriol ffoIn Which the oomb iS formed iS S1ite(1 to provide tlle teeth 11. The comb hs the nsual forIn except that ech tooth of itS base is bent ()ut vol'd in o curvo oS of 12, ond the olternate teeth ore curved outvofd in reverse direo- *tionSl llllS ono tooth of its baSe iS curved i11 one (1ifoctio f11e next succeeding tooth is cufvod in tho opposite diroction, ond So on. so 1'oln thoSe ourved portions 12, fhe teeth extend (10 n in the sonlo plone, oS shovn in Eigure 2.

vVith o oomb of this charooter, dirt Win not olog u of the interSeotion of tho teeth vith the back of the con b for tho reason fflaf lenty of spoce* iS left-betvveen the por tlonS 12 th1'Ough Which the dirt, dondu ond the Hke may drop, S at tllo boses of the foeth tho teeth afo sI)1eod oPaff laterolly in o )poSite diroctions so that ony dil't poSSing u Word befvoon tho teeth connot olog be tWoen t o oloSoly odiocont edgo focos. I (10 not viSh to be 1Initod to fho )orticuhLr oufvoturo of the tceth ofthe oonlb 1()1' to the PoftiCulf conStruofion of fflo coInb itS01f oI' the Shape thefeof.

I cloim:

1. f Conb of the choracter deSCribod hoviIlg oj back ond teofh intersecting tllo bock, eoch tooth being cufve(i latefolly outv1'd with relotion to the planeof the bock ot its iunction vith the bock ond then extending downWrd in roximate1 the plane of tlle back olterIiate teeth having the cufvod. portions extending in felatively roversed di I'ections.

2. A coInb of the ohoTocter desoribed in cluding o bock ond tcet11, ooch tooth odio cent the bck being ouTved outvvofd ond then iI1va1'd into the Plone of the book ond t]1en extendod to the oint of t11e tooth in tlo )lone of the back, olternofe teofh hovingtheir ourved I)ortionS extonding do nwal'd in o posito directions.

In toSthnony whereof I hofounto ox my Signaturo.


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U.S. Classification132/137, 132/160
International ClassificationA45D24/02, A45D24/00
Cooperative ClassificationA45D24/02
European ClassificationA45D24/02