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Publication numberUS1670176 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 15, 1928
Filing dateMay 7, 1927
Priority dateMay 7, 1927
Publication numberUS 1670176 A, US 1670176A, US-A-1670176, US1670176 A, US1670176A
InventorsWoolery Lew C
Original AssigneeWoolery Lew C
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US 1670176 A
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Patented May 15, 1928.


Application led May 7,

^ This invention relates to a signal intended especially for use by automobile drivers, but which may be permissibly used whereever such a signal would be useful.

Its object is to provide a Hag signal of the kind universally understood, easily attachable and detachable to a glove or semiglove to be-worn by the driver of a motor vehicle. f

A further object is to provide a glove or semi-glove to which the signal may be attached or detached. The invention is not limited, however, to a detachable flag but a permanently attachable Hag may be used as hereinafter specified. The invention therefore resides in the glove, the signal, and the combination of the glove and the signal.

Referring now to the drawings,

Fig. 1 shows a side view of a glove having attached to the little linger thereof a flag, preferably colored red,

Fig. 2 shows aside View of a human hand wearing a semi-glove upon its little finger, said semi-glove having detachably secured thereto a flag signal ofthe kind shown in Fig. 1, means for securing the semi-glove to the wrist of the wearer are also shown,

Fig. 3 shows a view of the wrist attachment of the semi-glove in a position corresponding to that of Fig. 2.

In each of the figures like reference characters indicate like parts. ,l

In Fig. 1, numeral 1 indicates a leather or fabric glove having a little finger 18,]

pierced as to its outer or lower edge 2 with a plurality of eyelets 3. The eyelets pierce bot-h of the thicknesses of cloth occurring at this point. A ring 4 or other fastening device passes through each eyelet `and also through a. corresponding eyelet 5 in the hem 6 of a flag 7 which is about as wide as the finger of the glove is long. It will be observed that the flag 7 is detachable from the glove and for this purpose the rings i are split transversely.

In the form ofthe invention shown in Fig. 2, 8 represents a. semi-glove of leather or fabric adapted to fit about the little finger of the wearer. On its lower or outer edge lwhich is permanently 1927. serial No. 189,638.

12 which 4cooperate with a corresponding male or female snap not shown in the drawwwe LEW C. WOOLERY, 0F BISIBiEE, ARIZONA.

its edges are sewn orotherwise wearers wrist and is se-v The other end of v the thong is provided with a row of snaps.

ing but which lies under ,the snap 12 shown fastened to the portion 8b. It will be seen,

therefore, that the thong allows adjustment to different sizes of wrist. y

In Fig. 3 there is a .slight modification, which consists in leaving out the portion shown in dotted lines on Fig. 2 and designated at 8C. This portion, designed to fit over the back of the wearers hand, is not strict-f ly necessary and maybe omittedl from the construction, which alteredform is shown in Fig. 3. a

In Fig. 2, 7 hem of which is provided with snap buttons 9a, adapted to cooperate with t-hose designated 9, thus providing ameans for readily detaching the signal flag from the semi` glove. In Fig. 3, the flag is sewn permanently to the semi-glove and may k,also be so applied to an entire glove.

The method of operation of the signalv motor vehicle A drivers,`

will be obvious to since it is common for such drivers to' indicate in which direction they will turn their vehicles by extending their hands outside the vehicle. The red flags attached'tothe glove hand of conspicuous and also warn of danger.

It is to be understood that the glove of indicates the fiag signal, the i the driver will render same very the driver may be suitably Colored as well `attached thereto in this invention. Various other modifications will readily occur to those skilled in the art and all ,such modifications I claim yas my own if they fall within the scope of the appended claims.

as the flag g 1. A signal comprising a glove and a fabric signal depending from said glove.

f 2. ,A signal comprising a glove and a Hag depending from the side of the little linger 5 of said glove.

3. Inv a signal, a covering for the'little finger of the human hand, means for holding s aid covering to said iiagsecurable to the outer e little -inger, a dge of the little linger covering, and means said iag to said finger covering. l Y

4. In a Signal, a glove and a flag attached f thereto and extending below the saine.

5. A signal including a glove, a flag loeloW the glove, land means for detachably 15 connecting the iag with the glove.


adapted to secure 10

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European ClassificationG08B5/02