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Publication numberUS1670203 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 15, 1928
Filing dateMar 28, 1927
Priority dateMar 5, 1927
Publication numberUS 1670203 A, US 1670203A, US-A-1670203, US1670203 A, US1670203A
InventorsMoller Rudolf
Original AssigneeMoller Rudolf
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Automatic charging hopper for receptacles especially for producers
US 1670203 A
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May 15, 1928. 1,670,203


nunorr mitten, or' man, Gamin y mm I A roM rIc CHARGING HOPPER ron REOEPIACLES ESPECIALLY you rnonuo'nnsf- Application filed March 28, 1927,'Seria1. No. 179,063, and in Germany. March 5 127. j l v I This invention relates.\ to an vautomatic charging hopper for receptacles of any kind, espe'ciallyifor' producers. The charging device is intended. to feed material to thereceptacle inv predetermined intervals over, the, entire surface of thesame and uniformly; independently ofthe grain-size of the charging material.

Charging apparatus for receptacles, and the like general-lyin use have thedisadvan tages that they can operate efliciently only upon a certain sized grain of material Itis, therefore, the object of this. invention to provide a machine of thischaracter for use with miscellaneous; sized grains, thusprovidin'gin reality a universal apparatus. 1

.In the charging hopper according to Y the invention a' predetermined quantity of material is separated in-a rotatable charging shaft of cylindrical :or] other, convenient shape by tworotatable disks. This rotatable charging shaft is inclined so that larger surfaces can be charged centrally from the centre. HA distributor arranged underthe charging shaft distributes the material over larger surfaces. The rotatable charging shaft is opened and closed by the two rotatable discs at predetermined intervals.

An embodiment of the invention is illusviewed from below.

The material to be distributed is fed into thecharging hopper from the supply or directing tube a which is arranged at the side of or above said charging hopper.

In the charging hopper a rotary cut-01f disk I) is arranged mounted to control the upper end of a charging tube 0, said cover being provided with the discharge aperture 6 adapted to aline with the tube 0. The upper open end of the charging tube 0 is arranged in the axis of rotation of the charging hopper and the tubeis inclined away from the vertical. The tube 0 rotates in a casing cl, so that its lower open end moves in a circle on a disc e which has an opening 6 so that the outlet opening, of the charg- The charging apparatus is operated from a-shaft .g mounted at'the side of the Taxis of the chargingapparatus and saidshaft carries a pinion h and also the rotatable disc which meshes with a toothed crown 00i disk e. -The pinionm rotates therefore-said ried as well by altering the ge'ar,wheel transm1ss1on.- At every 'rota'tionffof diske the opening 6 may be brought into'fregistei'; T

with the outflow end of tube. 0 any de sired a The combinationwith a'fixa giigtuiig I tube, and an inclined rotary discharge tube in communication therewith, of: two rotary cut-ofl devices located, respectively, at 1 the junction betweenthe two tubes and at the v outlet end of the inclined discharge tube,

and means for rotatingthe dischargejtube tion.

cut-0E devices located, respectively, at the junction between the two tubes and at the outlet end of the inclined discharge tube, means for rotating the discharge tube and the two cut-off devices in timedrelation,

and a spreading chute carried by the lower cut-off device to receive and distribute the material discharged; 3. The combination with a in communication therewith, oftwo rotary tween. the tubes and the other at the outlet j and the two'cut-oif devices in timed rela--' '85 1 2. The combination with a fixed directing tube and an inclined rotary discharge tubev 1n communication therewith, of two rotary" l fixed directing tube and an inclined rotary discharge tube end of the inclined tube, and means for rotating the inclined tube and the" two disks in timed relation.

4. The combination with a fixed directing tube and an inclined rotary dischargetube in communication therewith, of two rotary apertured control disks, one disposed between the tubes and the otheratthe out let end of the inclined tube, means for ro tating the inclined tube and the two disks in timed'relation, and a spreading chute car-.

60 Z). v The pinion h meshes with; a, pinion z'on j an axle [c .onwhich. iskeyed a'geanwheel 51 0 which meshes with. a toothed crown 10 of, the" tube 0,.- so that this tube can be rotated. The" axle k' of-the-,-gear wheel is is connected bya hinged rod Zlto the axle m, of; axpinion m i ried by-the lower controldisk to receive and distribute the material discharged.

- 5. The combination with a fixed directing tube and an inclined discharge tube in communication with the lower e'nd thereof, and arrotary" support for said dischargetube and through which the rotary movement is imparted to the discharge tube, of two I vapertured disks forming cut-offs, one dis posed between" the two tubes and theot her theloutlet end oi th'e discharge tube, and means for rotating'both disks and the ro-* tary support in timed relation.

I 6". Thecombinationwitha fixed directing L 15 ."munication"withthe lower end thereof and tube and an inclined dischargetube in coma rotary support tor said discharge tube and through which the rotary-m'ovement isi'mport in timed relation and a spreading chutefdepending'drom the'under side of Y the lowerrdisk adjacent the aperture there'- 'of whereby material discharged 'from' the inclinedtubeis received andspread during a rotary truncated conical casing below the Ithe rotary action of the disk, 7 7

fixed directing 7 J The a combination with a tube, of a "device for; directing and" control ling the discharge therefrom, including a my handn I outlet end thereof, an inclineddischaige tube having its upper end in communication with the lower end of the directing tube and bodily carried by said casing, twoape'r;

tu'r'e'd" rotary disks, one mounted above the casing and forming a cut-off between the two tubes and the other being located below the casing and formingja cut-offrfor the out-- let, end of the inclined tube, and means for rotating the; casing and disks .in timed .re

l ti n. f a 8. The combination with fixedydirecting tube; of a device for directing L and controlling thev discharge. tliere'fnonn includingca' rotary truncated conical casingbelow the outlet end thereoffan inclinedfldischarge tube having its upper end i i-communication with the'lower end of :the directing. tube and bodily carried by said casing,,twoiaper;?a:

tu'red' rotary disks; one [mounted above the casing and iorming a v cut ofimbetween .the two tubes and the other being located below' the casingand forming s a cutoff for the outlet end/of the inclinedtube; means for rotating the. casing and-disks in timed r relation," and a directing chute connected" to 1 and depending fromthe-lower side of the lower disk to receive and spread the ma terial discharged fromthein-clined tube. Q 7 "In testimony whereof I havehereuntorset jp 7 RuDon- MtjLL ER I

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U.S. Classification414/302
International ClassificationB65G69/00
Cooperative ClassificationB65G69/00, B65G2814/0247
European ClassificationB65G69/00