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Publication numberUS1671342 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 29, 1928
Filing dateFeb 2, 1926
Priority dateFeb 2, 1926
Publication numberUS 1671342 A, US 1671342A, US-A-1671342, US1671342 A, US1671342A
InventorsJacob J Cantor
Original AssigneeJacob J Cantor
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Nose and mouth shield for diagnostic reflectors
US 1671342 A
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'MS ZQ, 192s. 1,671,342



' e05 J. Can/Tea BY A TTORNEYS.

.iPat ented Ma y2 9, 3 i i JAconrcAnron; oFvLos AnGELEs, CALIFORNIA.

nosn Ann mournsHrE nFoR ninenosrrc-nnrnncrons.

, Application filed February invention relates to diagnostic reflec i tors worn on thehead byoptioians', physiclans and the li for use in the illumination ofthe eye's throat, etc a In the presentuse of such reflectors, par- 1 ticularly in diagnosing throat affections, it

is highly desirable'that the wearer of the reflector be protected against the cough ng of a patient. It is therefore, a purpose. of my invention to provide an attachmentfor such reflectors which. operates to effectively shield the nose and mouth ofthe wearer. I

It is alsoa purpose .of niy in'vention to provide a rnouth andnoseshieldcapable of being associated with afhead reflector n a. Inannerfto allow of an adjustmentthereof "with respect to the nose and mouth ofthe wearer} to permit of its movement to and retention in a non-shielding position when the shield is not'in use; and the mounting f thereof on. the headband of therefiector so v as to present alsmo oth andhuninterrupted surface to the inner sideof the band onto the head ofthewearer I'Wmdescribe 0111. .Q QifOrm of nQ at d mouthshield embodying my invention and Q its adaptation to a conventional form fo't "diagnosticreflector and will then polnt out the novel features thereof in claims. f

e In the accompanying drawings,

Figure 1 is a View showing in fronteleva- Figure 5 is an.enlarged'fragmentary sec tional view taken on the'line 5.5 of Figure 3. .1 i

Similiar reference characters refer to, similar parts in each of the several views. a Referring specifically tothe'drawings, my invention in its "present embodimenteis shown associated with a conventionalfornr of diagnostic reflector including an adjustand reflector shown in 1 2, 928. seri l No. 55,569., f

able headband 15 madeup "oftwo ply l' rial with a plate1 6 secured between the plies at the front portion otthe band, as shown.

in Figure 2," and provided with a shank 17 upon the freejehd of which-latteris a ballhead 18.

pair of companion ine nbers. 19 are connected by .a' screw 20. and these mein bers: are constructed 'to' provide ball sockets,

v one ofwhich receives the ball head-"18 while,-

the other of which receives-the ball head 2-1.-

formed of a shank 22Lsecured'to the back of a reflecting; element 23." The mounting dejscribed permits of universal ustment of;

stood. j I The shield capableuof application to the mounting for the reflector elementwithout in; any 'way' the reflecting elementf23, as ;will be' under b i y e' h C ns ruc ioniofi l e and. yet allowing of the. necesary adjustment of i mb dyin ffi y n en ion is i the shield. to efiect-ively' protect the nose and mouth of the wearer; and the frictionalai'etention-of the shieldin an elevated position,

as; indicated in -dot. and dash; lines; in

Figure l, ,when notein use. The shield. ,1

proper-is indicated at. 24, :and is shown as mpr ng a e t s ng -9r ther u t-v fable. transparent material mounted ,in ja: frame '25 hingedly connected td'anFarm 26 in a manner to allow the desired lateralaa'd-w j ustment'of the-shield'onthearm; The arm" T 26 is made, up of two strandsot'wireorg] other suitable material soldered together and 1' bent to form an L-shaped"intermediatepor tion and spaced upstandingextensions .27

slidable in sleeves 28 formed onthe vertical edges of'a'plate 29." The plate 29, asshow'n in Figure 2, is providedfwith a central'opening through which extends the} shank 17,;and

the head 18 in order thattlieplatemay; in


its applied positon,.iliefcontiguous' to, outer side of the head band '15.

As shown inF-igure 3,.the sleevesq28are' i spaced apart to receive therebetween tongues 30' on the vertical edgesoifi a, resilient. plate 31, this-plate functioning as a spacer and locked. against vertical movement :through. themedium of the tongues 3O engaging; the

sleeves 28. The plate31 is likewise provided with an opening through which the shank 17 maybe extended an'dinappliedfposition;

. as shown in Figure 2, it is supported in spaced relation to the plate 29. A-locking Washer 32 is adapted to be interposed between the ball head 18 and the plate 31,'as clearly-shown in Figure 2, and this washer is provided with a s'lot'in which the'shank17 is received. The washer is designed to occupy the space between the head 18 and the plate 31 and when applied funetions'to aflex the platev inwardly, thus placing the plate under tension andithereby exerting suflicient pressure upon 'thetongues to cause the latter to bindingly retain the extensions 27 [against accidental movement, so that any vertical T,adjustment of the extensions :can be maintained. The "tension *of the plate J31 created as just described also functions to spread'thewasher 32 andtheplate 29which' sets up .suflicient friction between "the wash j Y is not-inuseflt'may'beswung-tothe elevated position shown in dot and-dash lines'inFigj er and the head '18-and'the plate 29 and the band 15 to vreleasably retain -the entire mountin'gjin any circumferentiallyadjusted position, to alloiw -rota-tive movement of the plates on the shank but to iricti'on'allyretain the plates in any :circumferentially adjusted dental displacement from thefsh'ankthrough indentationsfil in the plate 31, all as clearly. shown in Figu ref5. JItwill be; understood that the 'projectionsnand indentations funcy tion to releasably secure the washer' against movement onthe plate but in'a manner to perm'it the-manual removal of the Washer' 'when desired to -pe rmit 'dismounting "of the shield. FIn pi'aCtice, the shield :24 is adjusted to 00- cupy" ei-shielding position with respect i to thenose'a'nd mouth of the'wearer, as --clearly il-'. lustna'tedin Figure sothat vvhen the wear. er is examining a patient with his face in close proximity to the face-ofthe' patient, he will be protected "against the breath and coughingoif thepatient. The' sliieldinaybe adjusted to properly protect "the nose and? mouth' by vertical -movement of the extensionsQZ in the sleeves"28. "-When 'thesliield u re 1', and by virtue of thew-operation of the parts of the shield mounting, asjpre viouslyv I described, it will "be manifest 'that' the shield is frictionally maintained in such elevated position against the possible dropping-flofthe shield to vertical position.

' Although have herein shown and de scribed only one formof nose and mouth shield-- embodying my invention, it is to i be understood ivar'ious changes and modifications :may be made t-herein :without -'de parting from the spirit of the invention and the spirit and scope of the-appended claims.v

' I claim-as: my invention:

" A shield mounting of the-character-defirst plate between the sleeves, both of said plates beingformed with openings through 1 i which a headed stud projecting from a head.

band is adapted to.v extend, an arm having spaced extensions slidable in the sleeves, and

ailock washer slotted to'receive-the :headed Y j stud and adapted to engage'between'the sec-. Y

end plate and the head of said stud for :placing ztheseoond plate under tension to cause the'tongues to bindingly engage and "re Y thus retain the extensions against movement in the sleeves and tospread the-first plate and washerinthe-manner and for the pure posedescribed'. I 1 v shield mounting as embodied in'claim 1 wherein the'sec'ond plate is provided with 'rece's'sedlportions and the 'lock'washer is pro:

against accidental displacement.

to:the arm; d. In combination with a head 'handhaving a stud provided with ahead upon-which j a dianostic reflector is a'dapted to be'mountf 7 ed, a nose and mouth'shi'eld, and means for vided with: projections engageable within said recessed" portions to lock the washer adj u'stably'm ounting the shield-on'the shank of the stud {comprising a'pla te 'rota'taloly mounted on'the shank, an arm connected to the shield and-having spaced extensionsslid,

ably associated with-thep late sofas to ,per?

mit. radial "adjustment 10,1"; the shield wi'thf respectto the stud, a second plate ineunted and means interposed between the head of we- .odthesh'ank and engagingftheextensions, Y

movement of the; latter and'to simultaneous-* 1 lyiorcethe first plate'into engagement with I the head b-andfso'asrto' frictionall'y retain the shield againstfrotational "movement about 'tl1e-stud.,".='

- '5.Thfecombinationas' embodied in elaimpairsof spaced sleeves slidably receivingthe' extensions and the second" plate is provided w th tongues engaging the extensions be,- tween'the pairs of sleeves. 1 I r e. The a combination as embodied in claim 4 wherein the secondplateiisprovided'with v recesses and the last means comprises a washer slotted" to receive "the shank-oi the; stud and provided with projections enga ing Within "said =reces'ses to lock' the washer against accidental displacement.

-' 7 A shi 1d mounting of the characterde.

scribed comprising pair. oats-plates arranged 1,671,342 t a v with respect to the plates, and means 'adapt- 8. A shield mounting as embodied in claim ed to be interposed between the head of 7 wherein said means. comprises a washer,

said stud and one of said plates for placing and the Washer and the? first said plate are I the latter under tension and causing it to provided with coaeting mea'ns for'preyenting a l5bii1dingly engage the other plate, and the displaeement of the washer.

flatter plate to engage the head band for'the purpose described.

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