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Publication numberUS1671547 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 29, 1928
Filing dateSep 21, 1927
Priority dateSep 9, 1926
Publication numberUS 1671547 A, US 1671547A, US-A-1671547, US1671547 A, US1671547A
InventorsWestwood Rothera Harold
Original AssigneeWestwood Rothera Harold
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Receptacle lid fitting
US 1671547 A
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May 29, 1928. 1,671,547

. H. W. ROTHERA RECEPTACLE LID FITTING Filed Sept. 21, 1927 Patented May 29, 1928."


' 'nnoEr'rAc E L n rrrrine.

Application filed September 21, 1927, Serial in. 221,000,, and in Gi -eat Britain september s, 1926.

This invention, which relatesto improvements in lid fittings for various receptacles, more particularly sanitary dust-bins, has

reference to the kind of lid fitting which The present lnvention consists in that the hook member on the lid projects upwardly, in a vertical plane, from the periphery thereof and faces inwardly of saidlid to engage with the eye orequivalent member on the receptacle in such manner that the lid has to be swung through a large angle before the hook member can be disengaged from the eye or equivalent member by a backward movement of the lid. v

For a clear understanding of the invention, reference is to be had to the following description and accompanying sheet of drawings illustrative of practical embodiments of the invention, and wherein Figure 1 is an elevational view of a dust- I bin with hook-and-eye fitted hinge and looking clamp.

Figure 2 is a top plan view thereof.

Figure 3 is a fragmentary vertical sectional view illustrative of the locking clamp of said dust-bin. 1

Figure 4 is an elevational view of a dustbin fitted with a modified arrangement of hinge and locking member.

1 formed with a rolled over or beaded rim 2*,

a pair of hook-like members 4, 4 project from the periphery of the lid 3 in a vertical plane so that said hooks 4, 4, which consti-.

tute the other component of a hinge, can

be engaged by the eyes 1, 1 by an upward hooking movement.

Diaznetrically opposite the aforesaid twopart -hinge there provided the clamping 7 member, the same consisting of a swivel-ling clamp of the nature where a handle on :the

lid imparts, an angular movement to a more or less horizontally disposed pro ection 5 located underneath the lid 3, see Figure 3,

said projection5 being adaptedto ride under a radial or other lug 6 secured to the bin2.

, The handle member,"f0r convenience of assembly, consists of two parts, viz :-the, Jhandle proper 7 and the projections 5, said handle 7 extending from a vertical spindle 8which drops through a hole in the lid 3,

9-to rest ontop of the lid 3 aforesaid, said collar Qbeing formed with a cutaway por j tion 10 which engages a stop pin 11 on saidv lid 3 to maintain the projection5 in engagement with the lug 6 on the 'bin 2, and prevent over-turning of said projection 5 under projection 5 and to the lid 3 aforesaid, the

said spindle 8 being provided with a collar the action of'the spring 12 connected to said cutaway portion 10 of the collar 9 allowing of the handle 7 being swung to one side to 1 disengage the projection 5, into which the spindle 8 fits and is pinned or otherwise see cured thereto, from the lug 6 aforesaid.

Referring now to the arrangement of lid fitting shown in Figures 4, 5, and 6 of the drawings, the hinge component on the bin 2 is constituted by a horizontally disposed spindle 13 formed in one with or conveniently affixed to the vertically disposed upper ends 14 of a pair of brackets 15 affixed to the bin 2, said spindle 13 being, at each end,

formed with an eccentric 16. The hinge component on the lid 8 consists of a hooklike member 4 projecting from the periphery of the lid 3 in the horizontal, plane, said hook-like member 4 being formed with opposite and'horizontally disposed shoulders 17. Diametrica-lly opposite the hinge aforesaid is the clamping member, the same consisting of a springy rod 18 affixed by its lower part to the bin 2, and at its upper end provided with a vertically disposed loop-like handle 19 which, when the lid 3 is shut down over the mouth of the bin 2, projects inwardly and over the rolled over or beaded rim 2* of the lid 3 aforesaid, said springy rod 18 being movable in and guided by a horizontally disposed eye 20 projecting perpendicular from the bin 2. i

To engage the components of'the hinge together, the lid. 3 is held in a more or less vertical position; and the hook lof said'lid is then hooked under the horizontally dis-' using said spindle. 13 as a pivot, till the.

shoulders 17 of the said hook l engage with the eccentric portions 16 of said spindle 13 and turntherearound, thus locking the component parts of the hinge together, at the same time, the rolled over or beaded rim 2*- of the lid 3 snaps past and engages under the loop-like handle 19 aforesaid.

-I cl.aim: p

1. A hinge comprising-two members one of which include's a spindle "formed at each end with an eccentric portion, and the other member of Whichconsist of a body portion formed With an offset hook adapted to engage, the intermediate portion of the spin dle, and shoulders formed at each side of the hook and adapted to engagewith the eccentrio portions of the spindle. I

2. A hinge adapted to connect a, closure member to a support including an eyed component constituted by a, horizontally disposed spindle formed at each end With an eccentric portion and brackets disposed vertically of the support for carrying said spindle, and a hookcomponent ofthe hinge adapted to project from theperiphery of the closure member in a horizontalplane and provided at each side of the hook portion with opposite I and horizontally disposed shoulders, the hook engaging the spindle and the shoulders engaging the said eccentrio portions of the spindle.

In testimony whereof I have affixed my signature hereto this seventh day'of September, 1927. w v HAROLD WESTVVOQD ROTHERA;

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U.S. Classification16/267, 220/848, 220/324, 220/810
International ClassificationB65D43/16, B65D45/22, B65D45/00
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