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Publication numberUS1671890 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 29, 1928
Filing dateSep 30, 1924
Priority dateSep 30, 1924
Publication numberUS 1671890 A, US 1671890A, US-A-1671890, US1671890 A, US1671890A
InventorsEllen Chaine Ruth
Original AssigneeEllen Chaine Ruth
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US 1671890 A
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May 29, 1928. 1,671,890

I R. E. CHAINE HAT Filed Sept. 30, 1924 XNVENTO F.

HUT/ ELLENCHA/N ATTORNEYS Patented May 29, 1928.



2 Application filed September 30, 1924. Serial No. 740,855.

This invention relates to the art of millinery and more particularly aims to provide, as a new article of manufacture, a complete head covering of a novel and valuable character for women. By a complete head covering is meant a true hat, rather than a mere bonnet such as worn by some old ladies and worn even by young women of the period between 1870 and 1880, or the mainly decorative or rather badge-like con.- traptions worn by house-maids, trained nurses, etc. In other words,the cardinal object of the present invention is to provide a new type of head covering for women, which. shall actually be at once a real hat, for street wear patricularly, that is, a hat of swagger or chic appearance, and also a'hat affording perfect protection against the elements and giving the maximum amount of ventilation consistent with such protection, whether worn asthe hat per se or as an emergency waterproof covering or substantially waterproof covering for another hat of the turban or cloche type now the favorite of fashion.

1 Accordingly, a very important object of the invention is to provide a hat of the kind 1 above indicated of what may be termed a collapsible nature, that is, a hat which may be stored, in the home as well as in the factory or in the stock room of the retailer, in more or less flat or sheet .like condition, preferably as a single flat sheet (of one or more plies of material all over or in different parts) and yet which may be easily and expeditiously transformed into an attractive piece of head gear adapted to function when worn as herein explained.

Another object is to provide,in the case of a hat pursuant to the invention which when collapsed is of the unitary sheet form above mentioned,-a hat which shall have its single ply or include a major ply so designed that the following ends are attained, to wit:

(a) That the ply last mentioned may be cut from standard material such as oil cloth or the like, with practically no waste of material;

(b) That the new hat, when reshaped for wearing on the head, shall include at the back one or more slash-like ventilation openings, and a plurality of intervening rainproof sheds, hail-deflecting aprons or snowavalanching gulleys; and

(a) That such opening or openings and sheds, aprons or gulleys, shall be so selfadjusting, due primarily to the out of the blank or blanks and the inherent relative degree of flexibility of the sheet material, as to coact, not only to provide a hat of strikingly novel and attractive design, but to perform the highly important and Very utilitarian functions already referred to.

In a broader aspect, the invention aims to provide a hat, whether of the knock-down type or not, so designed as to include a plurality of ventilation slits at the back and a plurality of folded crown components with the materialof the hat, at the back, being limp enough and of sufficient fullness to permit the weight and limpness of the material I to automaticaly establish and maintain such folds.

The invention will be more clearly understood from the description, taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, the

but showing the hat in rear elevation, upon the head of the wearer.

Like reference characters refer to like parts throughout the several figures of the drawing.

Referring now to the letters of reference on the drawing, the blank of Fig. 1 includes a section 4, a section 5 including the tongues 8-8, and the tongue 6. The section 5, comprising the tongue 6 and tongues 8'8, is so patterned with respect to the section 4 that the latter at its extremes forms a pair of projecting tongues, leaves or flaps 7-7. That part of the section 4 above the dotted line 2 in Figure 1, constitutes, when folded, the brim of the hat. The shape of the brim depends entirely upon the cut or shape of the section 4. By varying the shape of the secton 1- above the dotted line 2, any desired shaped brim may be obtained.

Referring now to 2 and 3, the characteristics of the new hat just above mentioned, will be clearly seen,the reference characters 4 and 5 being applied only to Fig,

the dot-and-dash line 12'of Fig. l.

2, the reference characters 7 and 8 being applied to bothFigs. 2 and 3, and the reference character 6 being applied only to Fig. 3.

It Will be observed that the section t forms the brim-portion of the hat, while the section 5 in its entirety (excepting the tips or free ends of the leaves, tongues or flaps 6 and 8) forms the crown-portion of the hat. It will also be seen that, after the blank of Fig. 1 is shaped into the hat of Figs. 2 and 3, the edge of the section 4 may be turned up and back along the line of fold 9 (Fig. 1) to augment the swagger lines of the hat and toproduce a hat which is-a perfect replica of the classical Grecian helmet. The sheetlike structure of Fig. 1 may be equipped, with an additional underlying ply, marked. 11 in Fig. 2. This latterply need not extend further beyond the section 4 than Very striking clients may be obtained by using zt'a bi' ics Whose colors blend or contrast, as desired. The crescent-shaped area indicated in dot and-dash lines in F ig. 1 at it is hand painted with a floral or other design in suitable colors. The fasteners 15, 16 and 17 may be of any desired type, many forms of which a-repurchasable on the open market.

As to these fasteners 15, 16 and 17, it will be seen that one of the flaps 7 carries a fastener 15, and the other flap 7 carries the fasteners 16 and 17. These fasteners may if preferred be i'mpern'ianently mounted in place by means of suitable button holes not shown. It will also be seen. from Fig. 1 that the flap 7 carrying the fastener 15 is provided, at a point corresponding With the location of a fastener 17 on the other flap 7, with a'button hole 17". It will further be seen from Fig. 1 that the flap 6 carries a button hole 17 that one of the flaps 8 carries a button hole 15, and that the other flap 8,

carries a similar button hole 16*. The blank of Fig. 1 thus carrying the male and female fastening devices 15, 16, 17 and 1-5, 16, 17 and 17 .it is .a matter of but a few seconds to fashion. the blank into the hat of Figs. 2 and The fastener .1'7fisfirst engaged With the button hole 17 and is then engaged with the button hole The fasteners 15 and 16 are engaged with the but ton holes 15 and 16 respectively; with the result that as soon asthe section 4 is turned up and back .as indicated at .11 in Fig. 2, the hat is fully formed.

I claim: 7 I v 1. As a new article of manufacture, a hat blank fashioned from a unitary sheet comprising a substantially triangular central tongue, a pair of substantially triangular into form the brim of the hat, and means to fasten the several tongues to the brim to form the crown of the hat.


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