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Publication numberUS1672355 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 5, 1928
Filing dateFeb 19, 1927
Priority dateFeb 19, 1927
Publication numberUS 1672355 A, US 1672355A, US-A-1672355, US1672355 A, US1672355A
InventorsUllman Joseph B
Original AssigneeUllman Joseph B
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Finger ring
US 1672355 A
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June 5, 1928. 1,672,3554 J. B. ULLMAN FINGER RING Filed Feb. 19, 1927 glu/vento@ Jseplz 'Ulli/zam Patented June 5, 1928.'


,iosrg animamos wasiia'fneon, pisfmrmurcornmm. f

This invention relates to 'anger fri^ng.,fandv it consists in the novel features hereinafter described Vand claimed.

A-n objectlof thei'nventio'n is to provide :a ring adapted to be )Worn uponv the finger andwvhich inlay be removed therefrom and usedlas a gamepiece inltheform ofa ytop -or teetotum. l y i i With this .and other obljects', -the structure includes anannular band ladapted :to circum-y scri-be 4the finger off-the wearer and Whichwis provided -at 'one side/With a .pintle andat vits opposite side- With a portion having` prongs adapted fto receive and vhold ea jewel.' vThe head portionis provided Witha ltransversely disposed recess andv afpivo't pin islocated in the ysai-d recess, the axis of the pivot pin .ibe-y ing in alignment with 'the axis.A of Ithe pintle.` One or lmore 'diskszare disposed Within the recess and vareloosely 'mounted 'upon the pivot pin @for free/turning thereon. When more than lone disk. is employed,.they are spaced from each other by suitable spacing Washer-s also .loosely mounted iupon .thepivot pin. The Ydisln'or ldisks yare provided :at 'their peripheral ledges lwith facets upon which valuation characters are ymarked for placed and these characters maybe similar to the spots on dice faces or :representations of the facesofplaying cards i, f w :In the accompanying drawingst Figur-'e lais aside elevational View Figure 2 isra transverse sectionalwview vof ' thereof cuton the lineQMQQOf-Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a perspective view of the disks usedin the ring.. l y Y. i

Figure 4 is a transverse sectional vieW of the ring showing a-moldi'fied arrangement of the number of disks used.

The ring includes an annular band 1, preferably of precious metal, and adapted to be Worn upon the finger. The band is provided 'at one side With a head portion 2 having prongs 3 adapted to retain a jeWel 4 thereon.

For all practical purposes the prongs and.A

the jewel may be dispensed With.

The head portion 2 is provided with ak transversely disposed recess 5 which opens at its ends at the side edges of the band 1, as best illustrated in Figures 2 and'4 of Jche drawing, A pivot pin 6 extends across the intermediate portion of the recess 5 and is secured at its ends in constituting the band portionand the head portion of the ring.

The aXi-s of the pivot pin 6. is disposed in "construction of my n y 'nasen Imre. y y y k'smilieir-'ien medrebruariy 19, 4m; flomax lo, 189,178. y

the median aplane fof the band fl. ...Disks 7 tare.'l

loosely mounted uponthe pivot :pin 6 `and.

are received Within the recess The 4disks are spaced from the side Walls of the recess and .from each otherfby .spacing Washers 8 which kare also loosely imountedfupon the pivot pin 6. 4

The :peripheral ,portions of the disks 7 are; i

substantially flush fwith the yend edges of 'the recess 5, 'as best illustrated iinFi'gures ,2 -and' 4. -The end edgesof thecd'isks 7 are provid'- ed with plane facets .9, upon ,Which are placed value characters 10 `as .furnished 'with dots for inserted jewels or the representations of the faces of fplayingcarls. The axis piv- .dt pm `6 is in alignment-with the axis of a pintle .l1 which lisjprovideduipon the exterior surlface ocfthe band .11, and which is ldisposed diametricallylopposite 'the-:head vportion 2,

ofthering.l When used as e ga-me or toy-device, gfthe ring is 'removedfrom the nger of the Wear# er and grasped :between 'the fingers .and Ithe l f will have a It'endency Ito remain lat a. state ofy rest, and consequently, .this kinertia will cause the axes of the ring ,and the pivot pin 6 to rotate With relation to thedisks so lthat the facets of the disks vare exposedsuccessively, at .the ends of `the .recess 15 .and at thefo'p- -pos'ite'side of thehead .portion A2of the rin When the ring stops spinning, Lwill fal upon one side or thev otherk and conse uently, the va'lue characters uponthe expose facets of the disks will be displayed to'view upon the said plane surface. Thus, the ring may be used-as a game or a toy device and each player is .entitled to the credit for the valuey of the characters which each player brings up athis turn of the device in play.

From the foregoing description taken inA conjunction With the accompanying drawing, it Will be seen that a combined ring and play device of simple and durable construe tion is provided, and that the same is-of an vornamental character and may be easily carried uponthe finger of aman, andis` readily accessible for use as a device of amusement.

From the foregoinv descri tion of the device,

t e operationthereof Will be readily understood and it Will be seen that I have provided asimple, inexpensive and efficient means for carrying out the objects of the invention. p

` hile I have particularly 'described the elements best adapted to perform the functionsset forth, it is obvious that various Vchanges in form, proportion and in the minor details of construction may be resorted to Without departing from the spirit or sacri-l ficing any of the principles of the invention. Having described the invention, what is claimed is:

l. A ring comprising a band provided kat one side with a head portion having a transversely disposed recess and at its opposite side withv a pintle, av pivot pin disposed transversely across .said recess and having its axis in `alignment with the pintle, a disk loosely mounted upon the pivot .pin and housed- Within the recess and having peripheral facets adapted to be exposed at the ends ofthe recess, and means for distinguishy 8. A ring comprising a band provided with a head portion having a recess passing therethrough, and provided With a pintle, .said head portion having means for receiving a jewel, a pivot pin passing transversely across rthe recess and having its axis in alignment With the pintle, and a disk located inthe recess and loosely mounted upon the pivot pin and having -facet surfaces distinguished from each other by valuation characters.

4. A ring comprising a `band provided at its side with a head portion, .and having at its opposite side apintle, .the head portion having a recess passing transversely therethrough opening at the sides of the band, a disk loosely mounted upon the' pivot pin and housed in the recess and having its peripheraledge substantially flush with the end edges of the recess, the peripheral edge of the disk being divided into plane facets and the facets having distinguishing valuation characters.

5. In a finger ring, a band, means thereonto 1 assist in the yspinning thereof, .and additional means on said band providing chance playing elements upon the'spinning of said ring and forming ornaments therefor When the ring is not in play.

6. In a finger ring, a band, a pintle carried on the periphery to permit spinning thereof, and means carried on said band diametrically opposed to said pintle providing chance playing elements upon the spinning. of said ring and forming ornaments there for when the ring is not in play. 7. In a fingerring, a band, a pintle carried on the periphery to assist in the spinning thereof, vand rotatable elementsv carried on the band opposed to said pintle, said elements being brought into play as chance devices upon. the spinning of'said ring and.

forming ornaments therefor When the ring is not iii play.

8. A ring comprising a'ba'iid, apintle on the periphery to permit spinning thereof, and movable playing elements housed Within .said band and adapted for use upon the spinning of said ring.

9. A ring. comprising a band having a head thereon provided With a transverse .re-i cess, a piiitle on the periphery` of said band opposed to said head to assist in the spinning of said band and movable members housed Within said recess and operable as chance playing elements upon the spinning of said band.

In testimony Whereof I aiiix my signature.

JosEPi-i B. ULLi/nnv;y

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U.S. Classification63/1.13, 40/639, 273/143.00R, 63/15, 273/147
International ClassificationA44C9/00
Cooperative ClassificationA44C9/00
European ClassificationA44C9/00