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Publication numberUS1672466 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 5, 1928
Filing dateJan 14, 1927
Priority dateJan 14, 1927
Publication numberUS 1672466 A, US 1672466A, US-A-1672466, US1672466 A, US1672466A
InventorsOshman Benjamin, Oshman David
Original AssigneeOshman Benjamin, Oshman David
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Nursing bottle
US 1672466 A
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June 5, 1.928. n'

'B. sHMAN ET Al.

NURS ING BOTTLE Filed Jan. 14, 192'?l BY*i nw oRNEY E Patented June 5, 1928.



Application filed January 14, 1927. Serial No. 161,058.

This invention relates to nursing bottles, and its principal object is to provide a safety, sanitary, efficient, and improved nursing bottle. i

Heretofore, therubber nipples of nursing bottles were attached to the bottle-necks by merely stretching and slipping the nipple over the neck, and while doing so the users lingers often deposited germs upon the interior side of the nipple, with consequent danger to the infants health. Those nipples also frequently slipped o the bottleneck during the feeding, thereby causing annoying spillage, spoliation, wastage, and depriving the infant of food. Foreign substances and impurities often found in milk, frequently entered the nipple and were taken up by the feeding, with consequent injury to the infant. Upon removal of the nipples and cleansing of the bottles, the latter were frequently left openthroughv lacky of sealing means, and gathered germs prior to refilling of the milk.

Among the objects of this invention, therefore, is the provision of means for remedyf ing the above mentioned disadvantages.

Other objects and advantages will hereinafter appear. v

In the accompanying drawingsf'- Fig. 1 shows a nursing bottle of this invention, with the improvements thereof shown in cross-sectional elevation.

Figs. 2 and 3 are cross-sectional elevations showing modifications of the improvements.

The usual nursing bottle 1 `isprovided at the extremity of its neck 2 with a threaded portion 3. The nipple 4 is made ofthe usual molded rubber film 5, thel lower portion 6 of which is slipped over and firmly cemented'to a nut 7 made of any suitable material, such as hard rubber, glass, celluloid, or composition. Said nut is provided with a tap 8 which may be threadedover the neck-extremity 3 in the manner shown, and it may be threaded firmly against a gasket 9 which surrounds the threaded lextremity 3 and rests upon an annular shoulder 10 that `forms part of the glass bottle-neck and is located at the base of the threaded eXtremity 6. The nut 7 is provided with a central tapped hole 11 into which vthreads the terminal 12 of a tubular strainer 13 provided with a plurality of fine perforations 14, whereby when the nipple is in the mounted statel shown the strainer projects downwardly into the bottle-neck 2.

When using this nursing bottle, the infant feeds at the nipple 4 in the usual manner,y

and the milk filters vthrough the strainer 13 before entering the nipple and is thereby fed without danger of contamination which might result from possbile limpurities ofthe milk. yAs the nipple is directly cemented to the'nut 7 and the latter is in turn screwed to the bottle-neck, any possibility of the nipple accidentally slipping oi from the neck is precluded. The threading of the nipplenut 7 against the gasket 9 produces a firm closure of the bottle, and any'possible leakage is prevented. It will be noted that the provision for detachment of the strainer 13, by unthreading it from the nut 7,- permits thorough sterilization of all the parts, as is regularly required for nursing bottles.

According to the modifica-tion shown in Figs.2, 3, the bottle-neck 2 is provided at its extremity with an additional threaded portion 15 which is of smaller diameter than the threaded portion 3 which receives the nipple, and the strainer 13 is provided with a hollow the portion 15, thereby securing the strainer to the bottle instead of to the nipple, as was shown in Fig. 1. The nut 7 to which the nipple is cemented is threaded over the portapped flange 16 which treads over sfo tion 3 and against the gasket 9 in the manner l described in connection with Fig. 1. The tubular shell of the strainer 13 projects above the flange 16, forming the portion 17 which is threaded. When the nursing bottle with all of its parts are sterilized and the nipple is stored away, a cap 18, Fig. 3, may be threade'dover the portion 17 in the manner shown, and the bottle may be thereby eiiectively sealed and its interior'maintain'ed in cleansed sterilized state untilneeded for'further use.

Variations may be resorted to within the scope of the invention, and portions of the improvements may be used without other-s.

Having thus 'described our invention, we claim- 1. A nursing bottle on said neck, a nipple therefor having a threaded nut adapted to engage said thread, said neck having an additionalthread, and

having a'neck, a thread a threaded perforated strainer engaging Said said strainer having a threaded portion, and latter thread and extending into the bottle. a cap threading over said portion. 10

2. Anursing bottle havinganeck, athread Signed at the city of New York, in the on saidrneek, anipple therefor. havinga county `of New York., and State of New 5 threaded nut adapted to engage ,said thread, York, this 12th `day offJanuary, A. D. 1927.

said neck having an additional thread, a threaded perforated strainer engaging said BENJAMIN OSI-IMAN. latter thread and k'extending-into fthehottie, DAVID`OSHMAN.

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U.S. Classification215/11.1, 210/474
International ClassificationA61J9/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61J11/0025, A61J9/00
European ClassificationA61J9/00, A61J11/00G