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Publication numberUS1672904 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 12, 1928
Filing dateApr 25, 1925
Priority dateApr 25, 1925
Publication numberUS 1672904 A, US 1672904A, US-A-1672904, US1672904 A, US1672904A
InventorsRandall Frank L
Original AssigneeRandall Frank L
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Container for storing and shipping
US 1672904 A
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June l2, 1928. 1,672,904`


Patented June 12, 'i 192e.


eon'ranrn 'ron aroma .um smrrme.

application nea Aprn as, 1m. serial a. 25,946.

This invention relates to containers' for storing and shipping ice cream and other articles whichshould be maintained at a low Y temperature. v

' 5' The object of this invention is to provide a strong and comparatively light receptacle having double walls withan air chamber' therebetween, in which a substantially reduced pressure can be maintained so that the container chamber will be insulated from the outer shell. i'

The features of my invention consist of a metallic outer shellandbottom plate, and an inner metal shell and bottom plate, saidshells and bottom plates being concentric and spaced apart, with an annular ring closing the space at the up r ends of said Y shells, and a coveri'n 2.o which will etectually seal the joints in sai shells as well as the pores of the metal so that the intervening annular chamber willmaintain a pressure below atmospheric.v

Also toprovide a double walled metallic cover for the container, which is also provided with'an outer coating of rubber or other suitable material adapted to render the -same impervious to air so that a ressure below the atmospheric can be malntained 3o therein. l i

` Also to provide means to clamp the cover upon the receptacle..

These and other features ofmy invention are hereinafter set forth and pointed out,l

and'i'are illustrated in the drawin, in which:

The gure is a central vertical section of my improved container.

accompanying In the drawing A Aindicates the outer me-v tallie shell of the' container, and A indi.-

cates the bottom plate thereof, which is pro-v vided with an upturned flange a around the perimeter thereof adapted vto receive thel lower end .of the shell' A. Upon the bottom the .bottom plate A' and down-turned stops c on the underside of the bottoml late C, so that said disc B'is not. only itse f maino rubber or othersuitable material whie is impervious to airl andV outside, I place a covering o tained substantially concentric with the plate A but acts to maintain the inner bot tom-plate C concentric with the outer shell A. The bottom plate C is of ,less diameter than lthe outer shell A, so that the annular llange b thereon is spaced away from said outer shell. Upon the inner bottom plate C is placed an inner metallic shell D which lits inside of the annular flan e b.

Placed -upon the .upper en s of the o ter shell A and inner shell D is a ring E of plate metal having down-tur`ned annular llanges e which lap downwardly over the outer and inner shells, so that when air is' exhausted from. .the space between lthe inner andouter shell, as hereinafter describedithe metallic joints willpbe drawn together.

I provide a nonreturn outlet air'valve F through which air can be drawn from the space between the shells. l

In order to seal the metallic joints hereinbefore described, I cover the interior of the inner shellD with a coating G ofelastic rubber or other material ada ted to resist thepassage of air therethroug said elastic eoatln extending over the metallic bottom p ate, and over the to ring, and over the exterior and Ybottom o the outer shell, and toprotect the elastic coating G, inside hard ruhber material, or other protectivev material, each of said coatingsbeing separately vulcanized in place, so that all the metallic joints and .interstices are perfectly sealed against the passage of airt erethrough, so that when air is exh'austedfrom the space between the metallic shells, a chamber of lower pressure will be maintained.

Around the upper end of the container I form a shoulder H of the protective coat' 05 below which I place a metallic band Hupon whichfare lug ears H? to which clamp rods J are pivoted, upon which thumb nuts Y J are threaded.

To close'the upper end of the container 100 provide a hollow cover consisting of'a metallic plate, K, having an annular shoulder 'c concentric with the inner wall of the container, and around the periphery thereof is a flange lc'. Upon the late K 1s placed an up r plateL havingfa" own-turned peri hr a era flange L which fits around the annu ar flange' conthe plate K. The metal plates Kand L thus v'form an air chamber. The

Ameta1lic c over structure isthen coated with 110 so or other article, desired to be stored canbe placed in this receptacle, and that the same 'at the` ends thereof, indicated by broken lines, to receive the clamp bolts J, and againstA which the thumb-nuts J can be screwed to securely fasten the cover upon the receptacle. Thecross-bar P, is secured in place upon the cover by means of a stri N of the protection material, which holds .the cross-bar P, in place when the nuts J are loosened and the bolts JV swin out of engagement therewith. The crossar P is formed for use as a handle as'shown in the drawing, b 1 means of which the cover can be lifted o of the rece tacle.

The cover is provide with a non-return valve R through which air can be exhausted from the chamber in the cover. The elastic coating M. and the hard rubber protection covering N are each vulcanized in place, so that the same is impervious to the passage of air therethrough, and a pressure below atmospheric can be maintained therein.

It will be obvious that a can of ice cream,

will be securely insulated lfrom thev atmosphere. i@

Having thus fully described the construction of my invention so that others can utilize the same, what I claimas new and desire to secure b Letters Patent is:

1."In a doub e walled container, metallic i ing vulcanized in place, whereby said elastic rubber covering will be protected.

2. In an article of the class described, inner and outer walls of porous metallic material having a rarefraction space therebetween, a layer of soft rubber com ound on the inner and outer surfaces o said walls, and a layer ofV hard rubber compound covering the 'Inner and outer surfaces of said soft rubber compound, and the whole being vulcanized in place, whereby thesaid porous metallic material will be hermetically sealed. Y

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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International ClassificationB65D81/38
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European ClassificationB65D81/38B2