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Publication numberUS1672944 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 12, 1928
Filing dateSep 1, 1927
Priority dateSep 1, 1927
Publication numberUS 1672944 A, US 1672944A, US-A-1672944, US1672944 A, US1672944A
InventorsJowett George F
Original AssigneeJowett Inst Of Physical Cultur
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US 1672944 A
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June l2, 1928.

G. F. JOWETT DUMB BELL Filed Sept. 1, 1927 w Y MMMBMMM da/f,

Patented June 12,1928.




Application led September 1, 1927. Serial No. 216,956.

My invention relates to dumbbells and has for one of its important objects a very sim-` ple means for varying theweight thereof lined by. or included within the terms 'i or language of the appended claim.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a side elevation of my improved dumbbell;

Figure 2 is a longitudinal sectionalview thereof illustrating the dumbbell `with a lesser number of laminated disks, and

Figure 3 is a view in perspective of the body portion of the dumbbell.

My invention in the form or embodiment shown in the drawing and briefly described comprises the body portion, indicated generally as at l0, the laminated disks or weights, 11, and the locking means there- 25 for, 12.

The body portion, 10, of the dumbbell preferably consists of a hand holding portion, 13, and a pair of spaced and integrally formed rims or flanges, 14. The outer surfaces or faces of the flanges, 14, are of course parallel so that the laminatedweights adjacent thereto may firmly seat against it, whereas the opposite faces, l5, of the flanges are suitably tapered or gradually thickened toward the center thereof so as to present a smooth surfacel to the hand of the user. By forming the center of the hand holding portion, 13, slightly larger in diameter than the ends a iirm grip may of course be obtained. 40 To effectually prevent the dumbbell` from moving in the hand while exercising, I preferably form one side thereof with a plurality of finger receiving depressions, 16. It is a well recognized fact that greater benefit is derived in exercisingfrom devices of this nature when they are iirmly gripped.

The laminated disks or weights, 11, are preferably die-cast so that they may be uniform in shape and weight, and are of slightly larger diameter than the outer diameter of the flanges or rims, 14, as is clearly shown in Figures 1 and 2. The centrall located openings, 11a, are of course forme slightly larger in diameter than the threaded portion of the screws, 12, to permit their easy removal or replacement with respect thereto. By forming the outer edges ofthe disks, 11, rounded, very smooth outersurfaces are presented. i

The screws, 12, for fastening the laminated weights, are each provided with the enlarged heads, 17, which are somewhat fiattened.` for the purpose of readily gripping, so that they may be easily operated when it is desired to increase or decrease the number of disks. With particular reference to Figure 2 of the accompanying drawing, it will be noted that the hand holding portion, 18, of the body portion, 10, of the dumbbell is threaded but a relatively short distance from each of the ends, the remaining or center portion being formed with a slightly enlarged counterbore to facilitate the threading operations.

It will be readily understood therefore that dumbbells formed in this novel manner may be readily manufactured upon a high production basis as for example by the die-casting method and requiring but three separate members, namely the body portion, the laminated disks, and the retaining screws, they may be readily interchangeable and sold at a comparatively low price.

I claim:

A dumbbell comprising a main element including a hand gripping portion and end disks on such hand gripping portion, the main element having an axial bore opening through ,the ends thereof, such bore having end ortions of relatively reduced diameter and interiorly threaded, the central portion of the bore being of relatively enlarged diameter and smooth, screw-rods threaded to cooperate with the threaded portions of the bores and having terminal operating heads of materially less diameter than that of the end disks, and series of independent weight disks of a diameter greater than that of the end disks and designed to `be held by the screw rods between such end disks and the terminal heads of the rods, said weight being formed with central openings to receive the screw rods, whereby whenithe dumbbell is resting on a surface the full contact is borne by the edges of the weight disks alone.


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U.S. Classification482/108
International ClassificationA63B21/072, A63B21/06
Cooperative ClassificationA63B21/0728
European ClassificationA63B21/072F