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Publication numberUS1673144 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 12, 1928
Filing dateFeb 9, 1927
Priority dateFeb 9, 1927
Publication numberUS 1673144 A, US 1673144A, US-A-1673144, US1673144 A, US1673144A
InventorsGeorge Margaret E Barclay
Original AssigneeGeorge Margaret E Barclay
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Gift-presenting casing
US 1673144 A
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June 12, 1928.


, M7 FIR owiiwi T: 5 {12 L2 ATTORNEY Patented June 12, 1928.-




Application filed Februaryt), 1927. Serial No- 167,037.

more particularly to a casing having an ornamental figure on its front and perforated or cut away in parts to permit visibility of the article carried thereby.

An object of the inventionis to provide an improved casing that shall be so constructed as to be adapted to be readily clasped so as to hold a gift article, such as a handkerchief, a necktie, a glove or stockings,

, stock and as a convenient 'and artistic vehicle whereby the gift article may be presented in a pleasing manner or sent through the mails to a friend.

Another object is to provide an improved casing which shall be both useful and ornamental and which shall be adapted to permit the use of gift articles as portions of front ornamentation, so that many casings having one and the same-ornament pattern on its front may be rendered more attractive to recipients by presenting gifts of different color in the casings.

A further object is to provide a gift-presenting casing which shall be adapted'to be made princi' ally of paper or thin card board shall be simple and reliable and also have ornamental clasps, and which shall be durable and economical in use.

With the above-mentioned and other objects in view, the invention consists in a noval casing including a novel clasp for fastening parts of the casing together, the invention consisting also further in the parts and combinations and arrangements of parts as hereinafter described and claimed.

Referring to the drawin s,Figure 1 1s a front view of the improve casing in which a gift article is visible through a cut away portion of the front of the casing; Fig. 2

is a plan of the casing unfolded, on a reduced scale, portions being broken away; Fig. 3 is a fragmentary detail section on the line 3'3 on Fig. 1; Fig. 4 is a fragmentary detail section on the line 4-4'on Fig. 2; and Fig. 5 is aplan of a convenient form of envelope that may be used in the casing.

Similar reference characters in the diiferentfigures of the drawings indicate corresponding elements or features of construction herein referred to in detail.

Practically the carrier is mainly composed of a sheet of material, preferably of colored or tinted paper and suitably shaped vby means of machinery and dies so as to have two cover portions 1 and 2 connected together on a folding 'portionor line 3, the front cover portion 2 having a keeper flap 4 connected therewith on a folding portion or line 5. The cover portion 2 has a slit .6 parallel to the line 5 and at less distance from the line than. the line is from the adjacent edge of the flap 4, so that the flap when folded over shall cover the slit. The flap has transverse slits 7 and 8 and the portion 2 has similar slits 7 and 8 adjacent to the slit 6*and approximately at right angles thereto, the portion 2 having also a slit 9 and a similar slit 10 likewise adjacent to the slit 6. The flap 4 has a slit 9 in alinement with a slit 9 and also a slit 10' in alinement with a slit 10.

The keeper flap 4 is folded over onto the front face of the cover part 2 so that it shall extend slightly beyond and cover the slit 6 and is suitabl fastened to the front cover part, preferab y by means of aribbon threaded throughthe transverse slits so that the middle portion of the piece of ribbon forms a loop 11 on the front of the flap between the slits 7 and 8, and the terminal portions of the ribbon form tie ends 13 and 14 extending from the slits 9 and 10 respectively, the ribbon having tie portions 12 on the back of the part 2. The opposite part 1 has a clasp tongue 15 on its longer edge that folds on a portion or line 1'6 corresponding to said edge and finally is pushed throu h the slit 6 and held down to the face of the part 2 by the overlapping ed e of the flap 4.

s an example of gift article a handkerchief 17 is illustrated and arranged on the inner side of the front cover part 2, to be held in place by the two cover parts. The front face of the cover part 2 has an artistic print or painting thereon, an example of which comprises a girl 18 Wearing a suitable garment 19, such as a basque and a skirt having a bottom fiounce 20, the front part 2 having an aperture correspondin in outline to the remaining portions of t e skirt, the lower end of the aperture being represented by an edge 21, oppositely inclined edges 22 and 23 corresponding to the side outlines of the skirt and an upper ed e 24 corresponding to the outline of the ower ornamented, in the present case by flowers carried by the g1r Usually it is desired that the gift .article he perfumed or slightly scented, for which purpose a suitable envelope 26 is provided that has a flap 27, powdered perfume being placed in the envelope which is arranged on the inner side of the back part 1, with the flap of the envelope next to the part 1, adhesive substance 28 being used to secure the fla and the adjacent portion of the back 0 the envelope to the part 1. The gift article, being in contact with the envelope is pressed slightly into the aperture .in the front cover part so that a realistic effect is produced in connection with the ornamentation 18.

. In practical use the gift article is placed in the casing and slightly clamped therein by means of the clasp devices, so that the casing and its contents may be handled as may be desired or may be inclosed in a mailing envelope andtransmitted to any desired addressee. The casin may readily be opened after. first wit drawing the clasp tongue 15 from the slit 6. The casing may be further used for decorative or other purposes with a scrap of cloth in the place of the gift article.

What is claimed is: i

1. A gift-presenting casing including a front cover part and aback cover part flexibly connected together at one edge thereof,

the front cover part having a keeper flap flexibly connected to its opposite e ge and having also a slit that is covered by the flap when the flap is folded over upon the face of the front part, the back cover part having a clasp ton ue flexibly connected to its opposite ed e t at is insertible in said slit and under t e edge portion of said flap, and a device to fasten said flap to the adjacent portion of the front cover part.

2. A gift-presenting casing including an ornamental front cover part and a back cover part flexibly connected together at one edge thereof, the front cover part having, a keeper flap flexibly connected to its opposite edge and having also a longitudinal slit located apart from the flap, the front part and the flap having also a plurality of transverse slits in each, the back cover part having a projecting clasp tongue on its opposite edge to be inserted in the longitudinal slit, anda. strip of ribbon threaded-through all the transverse slits and fastening the keeper.

flap to the adjacent portion of the front cover part. 7

. In testimony whereof, I afiix my signature on the 5th day of February, 1927. I


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