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Publication numberUS1674264 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 19, 1928
Filing dateNov 3, 1924
Priority dateNov 3, 1924
Publication numberUS 1674264 A, US 1674264A, US-A-1674264, US1674264 A, US1674264A
InventorsPrather Eugene H
Original AssigneePrather Eugene H
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Sign frame for interchangeable advertising signs
US 1674264 A
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June 19, 1928.


more stares EUGENE H. rn i'rnnn, or MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA.

' Application filed Novcmberfl, 1824; Serial No. 747,546.

This invention relates to a sign and particularly to a supporting means or carrying frame for a sign in which the sign proper maybe readily inserted or removed so that different signs can be quickly and easily dis played. p

It is an object of this invention to provide a simple and eflicient supporting means or frame for a sign having one side thereof movable, said frame having a guideway in which the sign is inserted which is closed by said movable member. It is more specifically an object of the invention to provide a rectangular sign frame having an open front and 'havinga guideway formed therein, said frame having a swinging member at one side thereof adapted to expose and to close one end of said guideway whereby a sign can quickly and easily .beinserted or removed through said guideway and also held therein.

.Theseand other objects and advantages of the invention will be fully set forth in the following description made in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which like reference characters refer to the same parts throughout the different views, and in which,

Fig. 1 is a view in front elevation of the device, a portion thereof being shown in a different position in dotted'lines;

Fig. 2 is a partial view in rear elevation of the same showing the device in different positions; and

Fig. 3 is a horizontal section taken on the line 33 of Fig. 1, as indicated by the arrows.

Referring to the drawings, a frame adapted to hold a sign is disclosed and while this frame may be of various shapes, in the embodiment of the invention illustrated, the the same is shown as substantially rectangular having a bottom portion 4, sides 5 and 6 and a top portion 7, the latter being somewhat pointed. These various side members 4, 5 and 6 are each formed of a pair of members 8 and 9 of rectangular shape in cross section and disposed at right angles to each other, as shown in Fig. 3, which members are preferably separate. The top side of the sign is likewise formed of a substantially triangular shaped member 11 having pieces 8 secured at the edges thereof and overlying the piece 8 of the side port-ions 5 and 6. A molding 10 is shown as extending about the angle formed at the front of members 8 and 9 for ornamental purposes. A. plurality of then securely held in the frame. as shown, may comprise a frame With a sheet strips 12 extend across the rear of. the frame, said members being illustrated as extending vertically and the outer "ones 'of wh ch overlap and extend inward of the members 9,

strips 12 having their inner surfaces flat agamstthe rear of the members 9 or flush with the rear surfaces of member 9. An in ner frame 13 isf secured at the inside of the frame described and comprises side, bottom and top pieces shown J in cross section in Fig. '3, said'pieces being mortised together at the corners and having a rabbet or right angle notch cut therein in one corner fit ting over the pieces 9. The inner edges of said pieces are of curved.formationfor'ornamental purposes. I will be seen that a SlOL or guideway is thus formed in the frame between the member 13 and the rear members 12, the bottom piece 9 and the piecell forming reflbectively, the bottom and top-of said guideway. The side 5 of the frame comprising the members 8, 9 and 10, is con sti'ucted to swing outwardly and is hinged 8 to the top portion of the frame by. the hinges 15, said swinging portion having a hinged latch .16 at its bottom adapted to engage over a keeper 17 illustrated as a staple projecting from the bottom member 4. It. will be seen that when the swingingend. of the frame isswurig outwardly,'one end of the guideway referred to will be open. A flat sign shown as 18 can then he slid into the guideway. After the sign is entirely inserted in the frame the swingingside 5 can be closed, as shown in Fig. 1 and the sign'is Sign 18,

of material secured thereto.

lVhen it is desired to. change the sign it is only necessary to again swing the sign outwardly when the sign can be removed and the matter thereon changed or another sign inserted. Various signs or signs having different matter thereon can thus be displayed at intervals. 7

The device comprises a sign holder. which can be very cheaply madeand one which can have an ornamental and attractive appearance. The auxiliary frame 13 constitutes part of the guideway and holding means for the sign, is smaller inroutside dimension than the main frame, thus giving a pleasing and ornamental appearance to the front of the device, and at the same time using less material than if it were of the same dimension as the outside frame. The strips 12 constitute an eflicient backing for the sign and at the same time are quite cheap 'to make 7 and some of-these strips also co-operate in holding the slidable signin place and to form the guideway for the sign. The outside frame protects the sign from any rain or moisture when the sign is out in the weather.

Hi sieir Pa i easily made and assembled. The device has aeen amply demonstrated in actual practice andfound to :be very successful and efficient. will, of. course,be understood, thatvarious changes may bem'ade in the form, de

tails, arrangement and proportions of the parts without departing from the scope of applicants invention, ivhich, generally stated consists in such a device as shown and described defined in the appended claims. i i r hat is claimed is:

1 Assign device having in combination a main frame, enclosing an opening therethroi igh and having one of its sideshinged, an auxiliary ornamental frame of smaller outside dimensions than said main frame secured against the front side'of said main frame, said auxiliary frame having an opening or substantiallythe shape of the opening said main frame, but of smaller dimensions, \vhereby the inner peripheral edge of said auxiliary frame will overlap theinner peripheral edge of said main frame, a backing structuresecured flush against the rear s de of said main frame arrdtraversing said opening,

periphery of said auxiliary frame and the front surface of said backing constituting a guidevvay, and a sign plate slidable in said guidewaywhen said hinged member is raised and secured Within said frame by said hinged member When closed, said sign being displayed through the opening in said ornamental auxiliary frame.

sign device having in combination, .a main frame having a bottom with sid esextending at right anglesthereto and a pointed top side, thus enclosing an opening, said frame having an outer fiat surface and having one of its sides hinged at its upper end, an auxiliary frame enclosed in said main frame and being of smaller outside dimensions t-han said main frame and secured to the front thereof, said aaxiliaryframe havsmaller opening than said main frame, th us'pro ecting inwardly thereof, a plurality ofspaced vertical strips extendingacross the inner periphery of said I the back of said main frame,- the outer ones i of which extend inwardly of said main frame and overlap the sidesthereo'f, said outer'strips, therear side of said auxiliary. frame and theinner periphery of said main frame forming a' guideway for receiving a sign plate, and a sign plate slidable into said giiideway when said hinged side of said main frame is raised and secured therein when said hinged member isclosed, said sign being displayed through the opening in said auxiliary frame.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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