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Publication numberUS1674533 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 19, 1928
Filing dateMay 5, 1925
Priority dateMay 5, 1925
Publication numberUS 1674533 A, US 1674533A, US-A-1674533, US1674533 A, US1674533A
InventorsTempleton Samuel Wallace
Original AssigneeTempleton Samuel Wallace
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Game board
US 1674533 A
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June 19, 1928.



. GAnin BOARD.

. Application filed May 5 My present invention relates generally to game boards and more particularly to what I term a multi-game board for lmproved checkers, the name itself suggesting the primary object of my invention which seeks to improve the well known game of checkers.

The usual game of checkers is played upon a board having its checkered surface ar ranged in eight rows of eight blocks each,

with checkers or pieces, twelve on each side orin each series, disposed at the start of play on alternate blocks of three rows to each series so that two full rows are left Vacant between the two series. This game has long been popular witha great many but with a great many others it is considered to be too limited to be attractive, and my primary object is to enlarge 1ts possibilities so as to make it attractive 'to greater number than usual to each series,

up to four times the usual numbers, with the possibilities of the game and the intricacies of play increasing in proportion to the increase in the size of the playing surface and consequently the number of playing pieces.

My invention provides an increased playing surface over the usual one and for the ready limitation of the effective playing surface and up to the total area of the board.

In another way my present invention proposes to considerably increase or enlarge the possibilities of play, irrespective of the number of playing pieces orcheckers that may be employed, by increasing the field or unoccupied space between opposing sides, as set up for action, from two rows to four rows of checker spaces or blocks, so that four full rows thereof may be left vacant between the two opposing series of checkers or playing pieces at the commencement of play.

In the accompanying drawing which illustrates my present invention and forms a part of this specification:

Figure 1 is a top plan view of my improved game board, and I Figure 2 is an edge view thereof. Referring now to these figures and particularly to Figure 1, I have shOWn a game board 10 provided with a checkered playingsurfacecontaining sixteenrows of sixteen blocks 1925. Serial No -28,194.

each, whereby the game may be played with two series of checkers or playing pieces, each series containing forty-eight such pieces'or in other words four times the number usually employed.


I also provide the board with indications V as to the degree to whichthe board or rather the effective playing area of its checkered surface is to be cut down in order that the game may be playedwithselected numbers of checkers or playing pieces fifteen pieces, being the smallest number, and the greatest number forty-eightto each player permitted upon the present board of increased size;

and I also provide efiective meanswhereby to define effective playing surfaces of various areas wlthin the total area of the'board, corresponding to the number of pieces it is desired to employ.

In the-present instance I have shown a portion 10 as provided on its sides adjacent to its four corners with numerals andletters' by which to cooperate with guide or markers, the latter indicated, in the present instance as consisting'of four bands 11 adapted to surround the board in parallel relation to.

the four edges thereof, and in the crossing relation shown, these bands being sufliciently elastic to grip the board and. sustain the bands in adjusted position and being capable of ready, easy shifting movements in order to cooperate with the. indicating numerals and letters as previously described or with other means having the same end in View, whereby an effective playing surface may be defined-within andbetween the bands of any desired size from that of a space of tenbyten rows square of checkered surface up to and including the full area of the board. 7

p In the above manner it is obvious that the markers may be readily and easily adjusted so that they define in accordance with my invention an effective playing area which.

permits of the leaving of four full vacant rows between the two series of playing pieces, irrespective of the number of checkers or playing pieces that are to be used.

It is obvious I may employ for this purpose various characters of markers "other than the elastic bands shown and that I may also employ various'cooperating indicia on the board other than the numerals and letters shown, to be adjusted in positions in accordance with rules and regulations supplied with the game board.

In the above manners I greatly increase the possibilities of the game of checkers and succeeed in making the same desirable and attractive to aygreat number of people to 5 Whom the game as usually played is too limited to attract and hold interest.

I claim: A game board having a checkered surface and markers extending around, and adjustab'le on, said board to define Within them the effective playing area of the said surface, said board having indicating ,means cooperating With the markers Whereby to facilitate adjustable positioning of the latter as described.


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