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Publication numberUS1674553 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 19, 1928
Filing dateApr 30, 1927
Priority dateApr 30, 1927
Publication numberUS 1674553 A, US 1674553A, US-A-1674553, US1674553 A, US1674553A
InventorsJones Charles S
Original AssigneeJones Charles S
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Educational device
US 1674553 A
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lJune' 19, 1 928.



June 19, 1928.

c. s. JONES EDUCATIONAL DEVICE Filed April so, i927 2 sheets-snoei l 2 S u m Patented June 19, 1.928.

germes. roars, or

' @nase-'1MAL 1 This invention vrelates to v,an Aeducatiorinaldevice, yand v has lfor :its object v"the,provision ofjan instrumentality fordisplaying togthe kpupils of the class :various groups or eolumns ofligures for raddition 'and in `which many combinations offingures-.may be had.

A further object yof the .inventionis the provision of an instrumental-ity l'having' 'a plurality of belts of progressively"inc-reasing length and in whichy the length of theV belt -isproport-ionate tothe number of iiglures imprinted thereon, so that various com-v binations of figures may be displayed before an opening in a casing carrying the belts for conveniently disclosing columns of figures for addition, andy in which a great number of variations mayl be had.

`This invention will be best understood from a consideration of the following de-A tailed description, in view of the accompanying drawings forming a part of the specification; nevertheless, it is to be understood that thel invention is not confined to the' disclosure, being `susceptible of such changes and modifications vas shall define no material departure from the salient features of the Vinvention as expressed inV the apV v pended claim.

In the drawings: n Figure 1 is a view in perspective'of the educational device constructed in accord,

ance with the principles of my invention.

Figure 2 is a'liorizontal longitudinal section of the device,

Figure 3 is a fragmentary vertical section showing the means for vtightening the belts Figure 4'is a view in elevation of the educational device,

Figure 5 isa vertical section taken along the line -5-5 of Figure 4, and e Figure 6 is a vertical section taken along the line 6-6 of Figure 4.

Referring more particularly to the drawings 10 designatesa housing having its front end open and providedwith tracks 11l to receive the. opposite ends of a sliding door or closure 12. .The opposite ends of the sliding door are reduced, as sho-wn at.13. An auxiliary door 14 is provided at one end of the casing and has it-s opposite ends reduced, as shown at 15, and received'within thetracks 11. Therdoor 14 is provided with a knob 16 for manually moving the door while the door 12 is provided with a knob 17 for a similar purpose. These doors are adapted ItoA be moved toward andaway from each'4 other for linc-reasing the adisplay opening "18`1i-"n the v'front-'of the casing vand for exposing thenumbers 19Vonthe various belts as will be presently explained- A It willbe noted thatl a pluralityv of vbelts are arranged at differenthorizontal levels Vwithfthe uppermost belt -19 being the shortest in. rlengthwwhilef the lowermost belt. 20 fis the `longest. The intermediate belts progressive ily! increase in sizel fromv the vuppermost to `the lowermost so that the belts from the shortest Lto the longest have an increase in number of the indicia 1n order to provide for differ-v Secured to the sha-ft is aA drum 25 lon which thefvarous belts are trained so that lwhen Vthe shaft and drum are rotated the belts 'separate pulleys which. are disposed in stepped relation, with pulley 30 being' disposed at the top which is adapted to idle when the belt 19 is revolved. The lower mostV pulley 31 idles when the belt 20 is moved by the'rotation. of the drum 25. Each of the idling pulleys, as shown inl Fig. 3, has ball bearings 32 and 33 seated in pockets in the opposite ends of the pulley embracing an aXle 34. This axle is supported by a bolt 35 having a bearing 36 to receive the aXle and a nut 37 in co-operation with a disc 38 secures the pulley 30 to the bolt 35. This bolt isprovided with a flange 39 embracing the inner face of the rear wall 40 and a washer 41 and nut 42 co-operate with the fiange 39 for locking the bolt in position.

zontally for tightening the belt.

The operationk of my device is asfollowsiv VThis bolt is mounted in a slot 43 in the rear wall and is adapted to beadjusted horibetween the inner edges of the doors by opf Y erating the crankv 29 various combinations of iigures Will be had due to the tact that the smaller belt 30 at the top of the casing will travel through a greater number ot' revolutions than the loWermost belt and since the belts increase in length proportionate ifi-om the top to the lovvermost that the other belts Will have diierent periods of moVe ment and thus co-ope-rate with the other belts to provide different combinations of columns oi figures foradditi'on. The manipulationo't the doors Will determine the number of columns which may be desired for the purpose. v

l. claim: ,y

n educational device comprising a easing.; a plurality of belts of progressively in ereasing lengths located at different horizontal levels in the casino, a plurality of doors slidably mounted at the front of the easing the doors adapted to be moved to- Wards and away from each other to provide the vertical openings of varying Widths, said belts having numbers adapted to be exposed through the openings between the doors, the varying of the openings providing for additional columns to produce varying combinations ofnumbersi'or the purposes of addition, means for simultaneously 'rotating the belts7 idling pulleys located inV stepped relation in the easing and adapted ,to receive and support the belts7 the varying lengths of the pulleys cooperating With the variations f of the openings at the l'ront of the easing to provide not only additional columns of numbers but for variations in the numbers in the columns. y

oHAnLns s. Jonas.

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U.S. Classification434/197
International ClassificationG09B19/02
Cooperative ClassificationG09B19/02
European ClassificationG09B19/02