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Publication numberUS1674600 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 19, 1928
Filing dateMay 24, 1927
Priority dateMay 24, 1927
Publication numberUS 1674600 A, US 1674600A, US-A-1674600, US1674600 A, US1674600A
InventorsDonald G Mackenzie
Original AssigneeJohnson & Johnson
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Strip diaper
US 1674600 A
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June 19, 1928.

D. G. MACKENZIE STRIP DIAPER Filed May -24, 1927 Patente'cl im 19,-192s. I ,'1,G'Idfiilllt v mren ,s TArEs PATENT-f Fo;i-"=r1cE-.

flnonazti) e. MACKENZIE, or nnw'nnunswrcx, new JERSEY, assrenon T ronnsoir a common, or NEW BRUNSWICK, NEW Jerse A eonromrionor new JERSEY.

srnrr marina, Application filed Kay 24, 1927. Serial No. 193,840.

' Objects of the inventionare to provide aintegrable. Element -5 is illustrated ascomparativelyinexpensive single use diaper composed of a number of sheets or laminae 5 constructed in such wise as to be non-irritate having an edge fold 7 and element 6is illus- 'ing and generally no'n-discomforting, highly trated as composed'of soft-textured disin- 5 efficient, and capable oj'facile disposal"; to, te'grable layers 8 free of relativepositive provide a diaper of comparatively light connection. j weight and small bulk and yet possessed of I The casing or envelope comprises a cloth maximumabsorbent power to provide a strip 9 and a paper strip-10, with. their side ,diaper. having a duplex filling whereof one margins relatively lapped, as at 11', and seelementis floated and readily comformable cured by lines of stitching f12,-which also oradaptable and whereof the other element serve to anchor the pad element 6. The fac-- ranges: crosswise beyond the limits of the mg strlp. 9 maybe anysuitable porous or first andis marginally secured to the casing! open mesh fabric of comparatively low cost or f'envelope; to provide a. diaper casing material, for example gauze. However,ordi- 15 whereof. the portlon which comes in connary gauze of commerce is relatively rough tact.with the person is highly porous and and exercises something akin to abrasive acabsorbent and. exceedin ly, soft and comtion. Hence, I prefer to employ filmated -finmable and whereof the outer portion is gauze, an invention of Robert W. Johnson. of such nature as to afiord the requisite in This is surgical gauze filmated,'without posisurance against soiling of garmentsp and .tive connection, with absorbent cotton or Jto' providein strip ,form material possessed e ulvalent material in a free fibrous state.

of the characteristics recited. for eventual allze modified in this y iS re k bly severance at will into diapers of any desired Soft textured, conformable and absorbent and length. I yet is possessed of its characteristic mechan 25 Withsuch and other objects in view, the. ical action. The facing stgip shown repre nature, characteristic features," and scope of sents filmated gauze, the fiber 13 being next the invention-will more readil be "underthe filling. I stood from the following detailed descrip- The facing strip 10 is pa er, -.treated in tion taken in connection vwith the accomany usual way to make it uid repellant,

panying drawings wherein and it operates successfully to preclude dis- Figure 1 is a perspective view of strig charge beyond "the diaper,thev longitudinal diaper material, the jcasingbeing parted an -marginal tieperforming a useful oflice in the-fillin ,opened *to clearly disclose the this regard. Y Y Y nature 0 thecomponents and their 'rela,- Y The strip diaper is. of appropriate 3 tionship.

l i a fillin and an envelope.

. p width while its ength is a matter of choice I Fig. 2 is a. section on line 2-2 of Fig. 1., or r qui i i n- I may be pa kag d in roll v According to my invention, I- provide form, say in lengths of several yards, and strip diaper material embodyingessentially may be sold either in package form or by theyard. The strip form is convenient for v The ling-is of duplex form and includes the attendant, requiring but a single cutting ",aprimary or main absorbent ad 5., ranging operation to providean article ready for -m'ediallyand longitudinallyo the strip and use. 5' .96 floated withrelation to the-"other. com Havmg described my invention, I claim nent'ssoas to be conformable or adapta 1e. 1 -Strip diaper material comprising a 45 Element 5 is fsuperim osed upon a second-' casing and filling, the casing embodying 'ary, ad or mat 6,-w ich extends well becom lemental facmg'elements whereof; one


its side limits. and, is fixed-with relais .o soft textured open mesh fabric and 1 i I tion" to 'the' strip. Evidently the filling whereof the oth'er is fluid repellantpaper;i f

elements 5 and 6 may be constituted of like the facing elements 'beingmarginally oine 50 or of di similar materials possessed of requilongitudinalldyi of the strip."

- site absorbent properties, Preferably each 2.'Striapermaterml comprising is constructed of piper of spider web con.- soft .flu y paper fillingjandiappropnate 'sistency, highly a "rbent, and dis casing elements having their longitudi al strip'and whereo filling includin edges lapped and joined, the filling com.-

prising superimposed elements whereof one:

is floated mediall andlong'itudinally of the the other is secured to the casin elements. i '3.- trip diaper material comprising a distinct absorbent mats ..-whe'r,eof oneis xed and whereof the other isrelatively movable for conforming purposes, and' easing elements to which the firstmat is fixed along its longitudinal edges, one of said casing elements consistits under face, modified to increase its absorbent capacity and to impart cushion l attributes. I

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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