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Publication numberUS1674668 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 26, 1928
Filing dateJun 26, 1924
Priority dateJun 26, 1924
Publication numberUS 1674668 A, US 1674668A, US-A-1674668, US1674668 A, US1674668A
InventorsSpaeth Charles
Original AssigneeMarvel Equipment Company
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Dispensing pump
US 1674668 A
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C. SPAETH DI SPENS ING PUMP- June 26, 1928. 4 1,674,668

Filed June 26, 1924 2 sheets-sheet 2 l l flttomugs Patented June 216, 192,8.'


icia. N

CHARLES sr'anrir,y 0F oLnvnLniinigoiiio, AssiGNeRfro, THE'MRV'EL EQUIBVMENT coMrANieior, CLEVELAND, o;f1io,.iy oonromirion o FoHIo. v

DisPENsiNG ruin?.

Applica/tin iied annees, 1924.y serial No. 722,471.A

VMy invention 4relates to an'improvement in liquid dispensing pumps, particularly 'inv a dispensing pump having ay discharge spout y or nozzle, and a drain pipe to vcatch and return'the drippings or overiiow to the container or source of supply. In the present case the drain pipe' is an' upright member' adapted to swing away from the spout when a receiving vessel is thrust beneath the spout to be filled. Pint and quart measures are commonly used as receiving vessels and suoli measures are usually provided with hooded tops terminating in spouts to facilitate emptying the measure or' its contents without spilling. The contracted. or hooded top or receiving end of the vessel vor measure demands correct positioning of the measure beneath the spout and constant attention on the part of the person handling the measure to avoid spilling and loss While the measure is being filled, and the measureis held in the hand in close proximity to the spout until the full quantity is delivered.

In general, my object is to provide the pump and its drain pipe with a simplek device adapted to permit a receiving vessel or measure to be placed in a positive non-slipping push engagement with the drain pipe so that the measure may be used to'retire drain pipe provided with a guide and sup-v port for a receiving vessel, a measuring vessel being also shown in a receiving position beneath the nozzle of the pump.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged top view of the pump assembly illustrated in Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a side elevation of a pump havingy a spring-controlled drain and return pipe and a guiding supportk or rest mounted upon the pipe which is shown in its normal dripcatching position beneath the spout. Fig. 4 is a perspective view of a drip and drain pipe and a crescent-shaped vessel-rest mounted in an adjustabley position thereon.

The pump P shown in the drawings represents a known type of oil dispensing pump l adapted tobe 'operated by a crank handle 2,14'

andftheupper endiof` this pump is providedv pipe fis rseated in a vertical' boi-e 6 at ojnesidekof base 7 yof'jthe pump, and 'a coiled spring Ssleeved over the pipev within bore 6 is arranged to rotate the pipe andhold its enlarged mouth piece 9 normally beneath nozzle 4 to catch thedrip and overflow which is returned to thev tank or receptacle 10.

` withaplateral discharge spout terminating in `a `depending delivery nozzle 4. An oi'setV feo The coiled spring permits the pipe to be l pushed rearwardly and held temporarily in that position until a given quantity of oil is discharged into a'receiving rvessel or measure 11 having a handle 12 to permit it to be held in the lefthaiid of the operator while crank handle 2 is being operated with his right hand. A hoodand spout 13 on measure 11 interfere somewhat in placing the measure in the most advantageous position for the reception of the stream of oilto be delivered from the nozzle 4 while pressing and holding pipe 5 in a retired position under the tension Vof coiled spring 8 until the vessel is filled. To yovercome this objection and to provide a centering holder and guide for the measure as well as a'positivesupport for the measure and its contents, I rsleeve a collar 14 over pipe 5, which collar is 'formed with a concaved or crescent-shaped branch or part 15 adapted' to extend laterally beyond they side ofthe pipe where the round body or neck of measure 11 maybe nested withink the concavity and its position definitely fixed in c respect to the center of turning movement of ypipe 5 and so that the measure may be used to press the pipe rearwardly or away from the operator without slipping or shift in position while the measure moves in a short arc to a receiving position beneath the nozzle. W'hen the measure is in this engaging and rest position its spout 13v eX- tends beyond-the upper' vertical part of pipe 5 and may bear against the pipe to further steady and stabilize the measure, and collar 14 is rotatably mounted upon the pipe and may also bev raised or loweredv to different positions thereon andfiXed thereat by a set screw 16. Thus, collar 14 with its bearing and rest portion 15 may be ixed onthe pipe at the most advantageous distance from the nozzle topermit the hooded spout of the measures in common use to pass beneath the nozzle without interference and lstill be in imy such proximity thereto that s lashing or Waste may be avoided in filling t e measure, and the collar may be rotated to place the concaved rest and bearing portion l5 in any desired radial position on the pipe to facilia tate pressure engagement and assure a stable support for the measure. l

What I claim, is:

1. In a dispensing device having a de? livery nozzle ,and a drip and drain pipe pivoted to swing back and forth in respect to said nozzle, a receptacle embracing guidingand supporting yoke fixed at one side of said pipev and spaced from the top of said drain pipe to permit the spout of a receiving vessel guided by said yoke to be supported on one of the prongs of they'oke Without interfering of the vessel Withsaid delivery nozzle.

2. In a dispensing pump, having a delivery nozzle and a rotatable drain pipe beneath said nozzle a vertically adjustable be supported by saidV yoke Without intere' Jeiing WithV said delivery nozzle.V

In testimony whereof, I aflix my signature..vv

CHARLES jsriinfri-I;

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U.S. Classification222/109
International ClassificationB67D7/60, B67D7/58
Cooperative ClassificationB67D7/60
European ClassificationB67D7/60