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Publication numberUS1674987 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 26, 1928
Filing dateMar 22, 1926
Priority dateMar 22, 1926
Publication numberUS 1674987 A, US 1674987A, US-A-1674987, US1674987 A, US1674987A
InventorsLewis Pengilly
Original AssigneeLewis Pengilly
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Cigarette container and dispenser
US 1674987 A
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June 26, 1928., 1,674,987


INVENTOR L.Pelzgil9f BY (@mdggf Patented June 2., i928. I srrns rm Prices.


CIGARETTE concertina .anni nrsennsnn.

applicati@ inea nai-ch aa, ieee. serial ncaa-141.'

a bottom wall 3 extending between the sides 2 and forming a closure :tor the open bottom of 'the container. rlhe latter is normally maintained in a bottom closing position vby suitable spring means between the frame and container.. In the present instance I have shown coil springs 4 disposed in cups 5 This invention relates to improvements in cigarette holding andl lighting attachments for motor vehicles, to enable a smoker to have a constant supply of cigarettes on hand t in the vehicle and to enable any cigarette to be ignited when desired without having to applya match thereto.n

The present invention particularly represents an improvement over the type of conm tainer and dispenser shown in my application for patent Serial No. 616,906, tiled February 5th, 1923; my'principal object now being to provide a container adapted to be removably mounted on the frame o the igni- M tion device, which is permanently mounted on the vehicle, said container being so ar-. ranged in connection with a dispensing control means that when the container is thus mounted, the operation of the control means otalpin 6 o f the container, one end of each spring bearing against the frame and the other against the container in a, directionto press the bottom of the latter inwardly of said frame. 'libe sides 2 have vertical and outwardly pro]ecting ribs or ridges 7 which have a sliding fit in grooves provided inthe end plates 8 which are formed as part of a supporting frame 9 adapted to be attached tothe dashboard of a motor vehicle or other suitable location. The frame 9 includes a 99 causes a cigarette to be dispensed into alinehorizontal member 9a which extends under ment with the ignition means. The conthe frame A and limits theidownwaid movetainer being removable may be filled with ment of the saine. cigarettes at any time or place without dis- The. container 1-is readily removable at turbing the ignition means, and being comany time by drawing the same upwardly.

Q5 pact and of rigid nature may be conven The container being normally closed in the ieiitly carried in a pocket of the garments ot frame A, may be carried in a pocket of the the owner. garments of the owner if desired, without A further object of the invention is to the danger of the cigarettes dropping out, produce a' simple and .inexpensive device so that he may have a supply of cigarettes @0 and yet one which will be exceedingly efwith him when leaving the car.

fective for the purpose for' which it is de- Projecting forwardly from the member 9 signed, and disA osed in a plane below the same and These objects l accomplish by means of outwar ly of the frame 2 are-cradles 10. such structure and relative arrangement of To enable a cigarette to be dispensed from parts as will fully appear by a perusal of the container onto the cradles, a tab 11 or the following specification and claims. similar projection is mounted on the front In the drawings similar characters of retof the container centrally of its width and erence indicate corresponding parts in the near the bottom. By pullin* on this tab, several views: .the container will be swung lorward about Le lTig. 1 is a front elevation of the container its hinges, causing the open bottom of the and dispenser shown inconnectioii with an container to be vertically alined with the ignition structure.

' Fig. 2 is a' transverse section on the line from the container onto said cradles.

2 2 oit Fig. 1. V A suction cup is mounted on one plate 8, ce Fi 3 is an end elevatori of the container and a heating element 12 1s mounted on the dem@ ed, other plate, .said cup and element. being alined with each other and with the cradles. These features however form no part of the present invention, being 4fully shown and described in my co-pendin application for patent, Serial No. 42,905, ii ed July 11, 1925.

Supported by the lates 8 at their lower ends below the crad es, is an ash tray 13 slidably mounted for horizontal movement transversely oit the structure so that it may be removed by an outward movement at any l Fig. t is cross section of thecontainer.

Referring now more particularly to the characters of reference on the drawings, the numeral' l denotes the container, a rectangular member of suitable height length and width open on the bottom. This container is pivotally mounted adjacent its up er ends in a trame A which rincludes sides 2 etween which the container closely tits, and substantially the same width/as said container, and

formed in the sides 2 concentric with the pivcis ,cradles, and allowing a cigarette to drop llt) time to empty its contents. This ash tray is not only a convenience for the smoker at any time but serves-to catch any ash formed on and dropping from a cigarette during its ignition. l v

In order to prevent cigarettes from being displaced in position in the container when the latter is being carried in the pocket and with but few cigarettes therein, I may place a removable and reversible open ended sleeve 14 `in the container, said sleeve having a snug yft in the container and being provided with a transverse centrally disposed partition 15. This divides the container into two horizontally separated compartments, each having a certain number of cigarettes. Since the height of each compartment ls considerably less than its width, lit will obviously be impossible for a cigarette to become permanently displaced, even though the container may be carried in an up-ended positionin a pocket. At the same time, the capacity of the container is not reduced, and a considerable number of cigarettes may be carried.

vFrom the foregoing description it will be readily seen that I have vproduced such a device as substantially fulfills the objects of the invention asset forth herein.

While this specification sets forth in detailthe present and preferred constructionv ofthe device, still in practice such deviations from such detail may be resorted to as do not form a departure from the spirit of the invention, as defined by the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention what l'. claim -as new and useful and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A cigarette container and dispenser inu lcluding with a structure to be mountedina fixed position, supporting means for a cigarette mounted on the structure, a cigarette container, a frame including sides and a bottom 1in which the container is pivoted at its upper end, means for removably supporting the frame on the structure to the rear of and above the cigarette supporting means, the bottom of the container being open, means normally holding the container in the frame so that the open bottom thereof is covered by the bottom of the frame, and means operable at will for turning the container outwardly to move the bottom thereof clear of the frame and aline it with the supports.

2. A cigarette container comprising an enclosure open at one end, asleeve open at both ends arranged to removably and reversibly lit in the container, a transverse partition in the sleeve intermediate its ends, and means associated with the enclosure for normally closing the open end thereof.

3. Av cigarette container and dispenser comprising a supporting structure which includes longitudinally spaced end transversely extending members having vertical grooves on their adjacent faces open to the top, a frame having sides to fit vbetween said members, the sides having ridges to seat in the grooves whereby to holdv 'the frame against'horizontal movement in said members; and a container for cigarettes pivoted onto the frame at the top thereof, said container being open on the bottom andbeing adapted to be swung outwardly to clear the bottom of the frame.

4. The combination with a cigarette supportingand lighting mechanismk including a supporting frame for a cigarette container,

.of a container adapted to be mounted onto the supporting frame or removed therefrom and transported at will independently! thereof, and means for dispenslng a c1 arette from the container irrespective of w ether it is mounted on the frame or removed therefrom. y

5. The combination with a cigarette supporting and lightin mechanism including a supporting frame or aci arette container,

of acontainer adapted to e mountedonto the supporting frame or removed therefrom and transported at will independently thereof, and means whereby when the container is mounted on the frame'a cigarette may be dispensed therefrom in position for ignition through the medium of the ignition means. lin testimony whereof l aix myl signature.


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