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Publication numberUS1675140 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 26, 1928
Filing dateMay 20, 1926
Priority dateMay 20, 1926
Publication numberUS 1675140 A, US 1675140A, US-A-1675140, US1675140 A, US1675140A
InventorsOtto G Schenderlein
Original AssigneeOtto G Schenderlein
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Automatic hose reel
US 1675140 A
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June 26, 1928.


Z/ Utta G. Sche/ider/e/-h A TTORNEY Patented June 2e, 192s.



.Application med may 2o,

The present invention relates 1to hose reels,

and in particular to automatic hose reels adapted for use in connection with the water or air service in garages and service stations, and also for park and garden purposes.

My invention'consists broadly of a hose reel inclosed in a swivelled Casin and havlng means in the form ofa spring motor for automatically winding the hose on the reel, also means for the automatic control of the motor, and novel means for the introduction of-airor water to the hose as carried by the reel.

An important object of my invention is the provision tof a simple and eflic'ient device of the character described, having a reel from which Aany desired length of hose may be unreeled for use at a remote or near point zo from said reel, and which will automatically rewind such length upon the reel by imparting a slightv jerkto the hose to. release the motor-controlling means. v Another bject is the provision of a hose a reel of the character deslgnated that is p rovided with a spring motor having means for its automatic controland additional means for adjusting the spring tension of the-'driving spring of the motor. Further objects are the provision of a reel device of the character described that is compact, neat in appearance, positive action, turnableabout a vertical axis, and one that may be moved' from place to place as a complete unit.

Other objects and advantages of the inventionwill be apparent with reference to the subjoinedspecification and accompanying sheet'o drawings in which:

Figure 1 is'a face elevation showlng a preferred embodiment of' my invention, and with a portionof the casing Ibroken away td expose mteriorparts;

Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view of the device showing the hose reel anda length of hose in section thereon; the driving motor, control means therefor and the bearings and supports are shown in full; the section is indicated as taken on the line 2-2 of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a greatly enlarged ,detailed and centrally-sectioned view of the spring motor, motor controlling means, reel supporting bearings, and stuiiing box arrangement for the housing of the inlet pipe thereu 17926.. serial No. 110,351.

11n and outlet pipe leading therefrom to-the ose;

Figure. 4 is a detail AView of the spring motor taken on the line 4 4 of Fig. 3 and Figure 5 lis a detail face view'of the motor controlling means.

Referring in detail to the figures of the drawmg in which an embodiment of my in Ventron is shown, the numeral 1 in a general way indicates a cylindrical casing preferably mounted upon a standard 2, which is in turn supported by a base 3' and pedestal 4, and 't which` latter has a ball bearing 5 mounted upon its upper end, thereby forming a member providing for the -free rotative movement of the standard and casing -relativeto said supporting base.

The casing 1 is provided with a hose reel 6 h avlng a central web 7, and a concentric vaxle member 8 rigidly bolted to the web and supported in bearings 9 and 10. The bracket 9 secured to the casing side 9 has the bearing 9 formed "therein, and the bearing 10 .is formed in element 10 secured to the casing side 10". The axle member 8 preferably/consists of a shaft 11 having at one end a hollow element 12 having fianges 13 and 14, the iange 13, as stated, being rigidly `bolted to the web 7 of the reel, and the viiange 14 being secured by screws or the like to a second flanged element 15 which .forms the journal in `the bearing 9v The journal member 15 also forms a stuffing box 16 having the usual" gland nut 17 The gland 17 and the inner end of thev element 15 are provided with aligned openings through which the inlet pipe 18 extends. The inlet pipevmay be held stationary kin any suitable manner, such as by theA setscrew 18 of the flange 18". so that the reel and its integral axle member 8 may ',rotate therewith relative to said inlet pipe.

A-discharge pipe y19'leads from the cham-l 'ber 20, formed 'in the element 12, to the inner face of the reel 6, and terminates in any, .suitable connection such as an elbow 21 Fig.

2. to which is -secured one end of the hose v 22, the otherv end 23 thereof .extending integrally formed gear 32 thereon. saidsleeve y31 member to whichthe inner end of the spring I 27 is securedas by a pin 33, Figs. 3 and 4.

the face thereof by pins Vto gravitationally ably consists of a casing 26 having coiled therein a strong flat spring 27 that has its outer end secured, as at 28 Fig. 4, to the flange of the casing 26,' the said casing being in turn rigidly secured to bolts 29 or in any other suitable manner. The element consists of a cylindrical casing having a tubular extension 30 forming a bearing for the shaft 11, and which extension comes within close proximity to forms a journal for `a slee-ve 31 having an The rovides a normally stationary A flanged disk 34 is pinned or otherwise secured, as at 34', to the extremity of the j shaft 11 and is thereby adapted to rotate therewith and within the element 10. The diskis provided with a pair of gravity-actuated pawls 35 and 36 loosely pivoted to 37 and 38, and each 39 and 40 adapted engage the notch 41 in Fig. 5,in the ring element 42 concentrically formed upon the inner face of the reel casing Side l0". the notch 41 it will swing outwardly against the flange of the disk through t-he centrifugal action of the revolving hose reel due to the pawl has asingle tooth .urge of the coil spring 27 to accelerate the rotation of the reel, and to drop back into normal locking position again when such speed is slackened by manually retarding the reeling of the hose.

The gear 32 and tubular extension 30 are `held locked against movement by a pinion 143 mounted upon a shaft 44, and which shaft is provided at its outer ends with a lever 45 lever is adapted to tighten the spring 27 t0 any'desired degree' of initial tension by the rotation of the extension 30 through the gear and pinion, and the bolt 46 in the lever handle is adapted to hold the said member 30 fixed bv its engagement in any -one of a plurality of holes 47 in the casing side 10".

Thetendency of the spring 27 is to rotate y the reel in a clockwise direction. and when the hose has been completely wound upon the lreel the spring should normally be under slight tension; but when the hose is being drawn out to its limit.considerable increased l'tension is applied to the spring, anda slowing down or stoppage of hose unreeling Causes the uppermost pawl 35 or 36 to drop and engage its tooth in 'the notch 41, thus permitting any desired working length of hose to be unreeled. Obviously, a sharp pull on the hose rides the tooth out of the notch and permits the spring 27 to function and the reel web 7 i by the inner face of the casing 26 and therebyl When a pawl is disengaged fromv having a spring bolt 46 in its handle. The` automatically reel the hose to its normal position, thus always presenting an orderly reeled hose ready for use.

A flexible connection 48 from any source of supply may be secured to the pipe 13, to l i allow the free swinging movement of. the standard 2 about the pedestal 4 and likewise the casing'relative to the base 3Q From the foregoing description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, the advantages of the construction and method of operation will be readily understood by those skilled in the art to which the invention appertains, and while I have described the principle of operation, together with the device which I now consider to be vthe best embodiment thereof, I desire to have it understood that the device show-n is merely, 30

illustrative and that such changes 'may be made, when desired. as fall within the scope of the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States the following:

1. In combination, in a hose reel, a revolvably mounted shaft, abearing for the same, a sleeve revolvable on lthe bearing, means for positioning the sleeve on thev bearing and for holding the samevin adjusted position,

a casing fixed relative to the shaft having a flange encircling the sleeve and spaced relative thereto, and a spiralspring tensioned between the fiangc and thesleeve.

2. In combinationin a hose reel, la revolvably mountedshafh'a bearing for the same, a sleeve revolvable on the bearing, a gear integrally formed on the sleeve, a pinion engaging the gear, means for rotating 'the plnion for posltioning the sleeve, means for locking the pinion in adjusted position, a

casing fixed relative to the shaft having a flange encircling the sleeve and spaced relative thereto, and a spiral spring-tensioned'- between the flange and the Sleeve.


3. In combination in a hose reel, a 'revolvably 'mounted shaft, a bearing for the same,-

a sleeve revolvable on the bearing, means for positioning the sleeve on the bearing and for holding the same in adjusted position, a casing fixed relative to the shaft haviifa' flange encircling the sleeve and spac'f` i thereto, la spiral spring tensioned' between the flange and the sleeve, -a disc element on the shaft having pawls pivoted to the face thereof and a stationary notched ring concentric with the shaft 4coacting with the pawls for locking the shaft against rotary motion and for releasing the shaft when the latter is rockedwith ajerking motion.

In testimony whereof,-I -alix my signature.



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