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Publication numberUS1675372 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 3, 1928
Filing dateDec 10, 1927
Priority dateDec 10, 1927
Publication numberUS 1675372 A, US 1675372A, US-A-1675372, US1675372 A, US1675372A
InventorsHartwig Mohr
Original AssigneeHartwig Mohr
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Swimming device
US 1675372 A
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July 3, 1928.

H. MOHR svnmu DEVICE Filed Dec. 10, 1.927

Patentecl July 3, 1928.



Application filed December 10, 1927. Serial No. 239235.

This invention relates to the improvement in swimming and has for its object, to render swimming much faster, more graceful and safer and less fatigung in short, to

aid in swimming and water-heading.

A fish has fins and a tal, adapted for propelln g a seal has its hind feet converted into fin-like flappers, a steamer has its screw, a (luck or goose has a 'Web between its toes,

so has a frog, in order to make swimming easier and faster. Man hasnot My inventon makes of man a better swimmer, than he has ever been before.

Fig. 1 shows the device positioned for use. Fig. 2 shows the device alone. i Fig. 3 shows the device adapted to swimming trunks. Fig. L shows the device adapted to use with tights.

' and the third side the lengtlrof the easy spread, say about 24 inches for agroWn-up' The device consists simply of a suitable person, between the ankles. This will not interfere with walking.

i This web can be fastened by straps, preferably of the same material, around the legs;` at the thigh, under the knee, around the ankle and foot. The upper part of the web is extended to a belt and fastened around the waistline, over the bathingtrunks; or it can be fastened directly to the bathing-trunks between the legs and thenee with straps around the legs as above. Or the whole Web can be fastened to bathingtights, covering the entire legs.

The benefit of this device in swimming is great. By just moving the legs as in walking, a similar efl'eet is reached, as when a fi'h moves the tail, a seal its flappers, a steamer the screw, etc. and swimming becomes delightfully easy, fast and not fatiguing.

I claim:

1. In. a swimming-device, the flexible, single waterproof web, fasteed to both legs and the body by straps and belt, substantially as set forth.

2. In a swimming-device, the flexible, single waterproof web, fastened to bathingtrunks directly and to the legs by straps, substantially as described herein.


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