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Publication numberUS1676197 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 3, 1928
Filing dateMay 4, 1926
Priority dateMay 4, 1926
Publication numberUS 1676197 A, US 1676197A, US-A-1676197, US1676197 A, US1676197A
InventorsMarrinan John
Original AssigneeMarrinan John
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Ground anchor
US 1676197 A
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(7614/1 Marl/r1812 BY y S ATTORNEY.

- the arm 17 are oppositely and outwardlyinadapted .for anchoring v -theinventionbeing especially designed. as ,a

Patented July 3, 1928.


a "Jenn nann nen, on wasnrneron n rsrzsiotr 5 co enonnn Anononl I Application filed- Ma "4,

. 'This. invention relates to; ground" anchors guy ropes or scables,

substitute for tentstakes, or for anchoring the guy wires of poles, awnings and the like. uAnfaObjeCt'of thepresentinvention islto provide an anchor inflwhichfthe tension of. the cablelor wire will'act to force theganchor' into. the earth, so-ithat I increased tension pull uponthe cable for. Wire williserve toy in; crease the resistance-offered by theanchor; 2;;

"With the aboveand otherobjectsin view, the invention further includes thefollowinga novel features and details of construction, to be. hereinafter. more fully described, illustrated invthe accompanying drawings and pointed out in the appended claims.

In the "drawings I Figure 1 is a view illustrating themanner of use of the invention. Figure 2 is an enlarged side elevation of the anchor, thev full lines showing thenormal position of the parts and the dotted lines a difl'erent position.

. ber locked.

Figure 3 is a top plan view of the anchor. Figure 4 is a bottom plan view of a fragmentary section showing'the movable mem- Referring to the drawings in detail wherein like characters ofreference denote corresponding parts, the invention as shown comprises a pair of ground engaging members 10 and 11. The member 10 is of staple-like formation and includes a long ground engaging or ground penetratlng prong 12 and a relatively short ground'engaging or ground.

penetrating prong 13, a bar lserving to connect said prongs.

The member 11 may be constructed of a single length of material bent intermediate its ends to provide a hook 15. This hook is adapted to have attached thereto a rope or.

cable 16, which may represent a guy rope for a tent, awning or the like, or a guy rope or wire for a mast, or pole. The hook 15 is at the outer end of a short arm 17 which is normally arranged at an angle of substantially forty-five degrees with respect to the prong 12 of the member 10. is pivotally mounted upon the'bar 14 of the member 10 as shown at'18 and the opening.

' in the bar 14 through which the pivot pin 18 extends, may be relatively large so as to permit of free rocking 11 upon the member 10. Extending from mal-jposition;

The member 11 movement ofthe member 1926. Serial m a;

clinled peneti 'atingizprongs .19, I. the

shape ofiwhichIis'such'thatthei bar 14 (will p be disposed tangentially with respect tothej prongs 19 when-themembenH is-in its northe prong 12,, so iszexerted .upon will be rocked. upon zits pivot .18:.and the prongs =19 .forcedJ'nt the earth. Resistance otthe anchor will'thus s-tionate to the pull or strain-upon the ca f Pivotally the'bar 14L asshown at 20, 1s one endof amounted upontthe underside of the increased proper; 1:,


latch ;bar. 21.; Theoppositeiendof this latch bar. is adapted; to engage. beneath one :of the prongs-19 and when so engaged, will hold I the member 11 against pivotal movement.

The latch 21 holds the prongs 19 against movement toward the prong 12, while onwill hold the member 11' against pivotal movement in an opposite direction; This serves to lock'the members 10 and 11 against gagement of the arm '17 with the prong 12 l relative movement when not in use, or,'when the anchor is being initially forced into the ground.

The invention is susceptible of various changes in its form, proportions and vminor details of construct on and the right is herein reserved to make such changes asproperly I fall within the scope'of the appended claims.

Having described the invention whatris it claimed is '1. A ground an chor comprisinga stapler like ground engaging member having a long prong'and a relatively short prong space therefrom, a secondrelatively mova ground engaging member carried'bythe first mentioned member and 1 including ground penetrating prongs and a cable 'attaching,

hook rigid with said prongs and means as sociating said members'to force the penetrating prongs of the second mentioned member ble., 7 v

into the earth under tension of an attached 1- 1 cable.

' 2. A ground anchor comprising a staplelike ground engaging memberhaving-a long 7 dine -a second relatively. movable prong and a relatively short prong space therefrom, 7 ground engaging member carriedby the-first mentioned member and including spaced ground penetrating prongs positioned upon staple-like member and opposite sides of the a cable attachinghook rigid with said prongs andineans associating said members to force an v Theipenetrating.endsof the j prongs 19 extend' 'downwardly and toward that when a: pull or. tension. I

the cable :16, the member. 111

' like member tached cable.

3. A groundianchor. comprising a staplelike ground engagingmember terminating in'an integral long prong and also in i n. tegral relatively short prong spaced therefrom, ground penetrating prongs movably. connected With the staple-likemember and means to attach a cable to the anchor Whereby tension of said cable will force the prongs into the earth.

4. A groundv anchor comprising a staplelike ground engaging member having a long prong and a'r elatively short prong spaced therefrom, oppositely inclined outwardly extending prongs-mounted upon the staplerigidi'with said prongs and means'assoeiatingsaid members to force the penetrating prongs of the second? mentioned member into the earth under tension of an attached cable.

A. ground; anchor comprising a pair of ground engaging members,

and a cable attaching book one of said mem-- bers-including straight substantially parallel ground penetrating prongs and the other member including curved ground engaging prongs, means. to. attach. av cable to the referred to member and means to associate last the members whereby tension of an attached cable will force the prongs of one member into the earth. 3

6. A ground anchor comprising a pai of ground engaging members, each of said members including ground penetrating prongs, means to attach a cable to one of the members, means to: pivotally associate the members whereby tension otianiatt'ached cable Will force the prongs of one member intothe earth and means to lock the mem-' bers against relative pivotal movement.

7 A ground: anchor-comprising spaced

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U.S. Classification52/156, 411/921, 411/457, 411/485
International ClassificationE02D5/80
Cooperative ClassificationE02D5/80, Y10S411/921
European ClassificationE02D5/80