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Publication numberUS1676905 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 10, 1928
Filing dateJun 6, 1927
Priority dateJun 6, 1927
Publication numberUS 1676905 A, US 1676905A, US-A-1676905, US1676905 A, US1676905A
InventorsKing Sr Francis M
Original AssigneeKing Sr Francis M
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Combined dishwasher and soap holder
US 1676905 A
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July 10, 1928.` 1,676,905.

v r F. M. KING, SR

I COMBINED DISHWASHER AND SOAP HOLDER l Filed June e, 1927' 2 sheets-sheet 2 Fig 4 76 ATTORNYS.

Patented July 19, 1928, p

emmers Knie. se., or Emmanuele, snulvavtmmecoMBINEn nrsnwasnnnannsoar HOLDER.:

Application led .Tune 6', 1927i. Serial No. 196,773.

My 'invention relates to a new and useful combined' vdisvvasherand soap holder, and Inorefparticularly to an automatic dish- W-ashQnW-hereby dishes vmay bev Washed? and rinsed Without they use of a dshrag or the like,y and whereby the necessity of soiling' or wetting the'hands is] entirely elinainated` therehyobviating the'discomforts of hot and cold Water, as Well as the' effect of hard soap and thelili'aon the hands of theoperator.

`My invention vfurtlier `relatesto a dish-,fV

i Washerof this'chai'acter Where-by a number ofidishes-niay bewashcd and rinsed suc'- cessively without removing` the saine from the wash basin or dish-tub.

yMy invention furtherV relates to a dish-v l Washer of thischaracter `which may be'vused in conjunction Ywith a convent-ion al Ykitchen Sink, and whereby. the use of a special Vdish tubI or basin is. eliminated.

Myinventionfurther relates to a device ofthis character whereby both sides of the saine dish ory plateor thev back side .of one dish and theffrfon't sidevof the lnent adjacent Cli'sh may bewashed simultaneously.

.My invention further relates to afdish- Washer oft-his Vgeneral character, whereby either a stream of soapivateror a stream of plain Water may be directed upon the dishes to lbe Washed alternately and vat Will. To the above ends. my invention consists of a -nozzle having its front provided With bifurcations, a bracket secured to a conduitv leadingto lsaid nozzle, a soap container pivotally niounted'on said bracket, a 'handle member secured to said bracketfor manipulating ysaid tubular member and said container, and a conduit having one end thereof secured to the rear end of said nozzle and Vhaving the other end thereof adapted to `be connected to a water supply.

Myinvention further consists ofthe coinn bination of a nozzle and a soap holder, pivotally supported in such a manner that when the soap holder is deiiected down Wardly and forwardly, the Water from said nozzle impinges on the soap to effect initial Washing and ,Cleansing of the dishes, .and

tice, satisfactory and 'reliableA results, alsl though itis tol be under-stoodthat the various instrumentalities of which I -ny invention'conf siste can be variously arranged'and organized; ,and that inyinvention is not .limited to thep'recise arrangement and organization of these instrumentalities as herein shown and described. I y 'ln the accompanying drawings:%

'Figure l represents a view inperspective, of a combined dishwasher and soap. holder embodying my invention, shown in use.

TE @FFE-@E751 i Figure 2 representsa perspective vievv` of k'the dishwasher and soap holder lshown des tached. y

Fig-ure 3 `represents a view similar to that shown in Figure 2,-'show1'ng the soap. holder inits alternate, operative and inoperative i VReferring to the drawingsin which like reference characters indicate [like parts, l designates my novel kcombined dishwasher andlsoap holder comprising the conduit 2, having`v at' itsA front end' 'the integra-l, suitably spaced .prongs or bifurcations 3 and 4i, l and .having its rea-r end connected to one end of 'a flexible,y hose or conduit 5, the otherv endy of ivliich is'detachably securedto the spigot or other water supply 6; A 'supportingA bracket V7, permanently secured yto'fthe conduit 2, 'carriesl the soap holder 8' made of lWire'niesh or the like, in `which a cva-ke of soap (not shown) isa'dapted to'be plad A handle- 9 issecured to a rear ve'Xteasion of .the bracket 7, for manipulating the een?v duit-1 soap holder and their adjuncts.' In the nozzle 11 are provided the ports '12,


through which the Wait-er emerges as' at r1?), n

The soap holderB is pivotally secured' as at 10 Within' an .eye formed' in the' supporting bracket 7 and may thus hedelie'ctedintofth operative position shown full "lines in f Figure 1 and shown dotted in Figures 3 4 and 7, or into the inoperative posit-ion shownl linfull lines in Figures 2 and 3, it being understood ,that said soap holder isrinovable to either of its eXtreme positionsindependently of the handle, conduit andV noz- Zie, the forward movement of the container.

8 being limited by its contact with the no zzle 11 and its rearward movement being limited by its contact with the upper portion of the bracket? as seen in Figure 8'.

' from' Figure 1.

A tray or .container 14, comprising the vertical lwalls 15 and the Acover or lid 16, is providedvwitha removable bottom consisting of `tliespaced transverse slats 17 snitably -secured to the spaced longitudinal vmembers 18. VThe containerlft isfurther provided with the legs or stands .19 and the' opposedvhandleslots 20, and is divided into a series of compartments by the removable Thus, when it isdesired to use the novel combined'dishwasher and soap holder ofV my invention, it is lmerely necessary Vto connect j the free endv of the hose 5 to a spigot 6,

Thefwater spouting out from rthe nozzley11 through the ports 12, and impinging against the soap contained' in-.the soap holder 8,

forms soap snds or soap solution which is then played over the dishes positionedr in the f dish tray or container-14, which in turnis positioned in a conventional kitchen sink in the manner shown in Figure 1.l

l VIn practical application the bifurcations 3 i and'll are inserted between any two normally port two adjacent contiguous dishes to be washed,`in spaced relation'to eachother so that the spray, of solution orY plain water may haveunohstructed' access to the entire surface l`of the dishes to bel washed, without the necessity ofsupporting or separating suehdishes by hand as has been the practice heretofore, thereby Vnot only keeping the hands of the operator unsoiled, but also eliminating' all risk of the hands vbeing scalded by the hot water ordinarily used in washing dishes. Y

After thedishes 23 and 24 havebeen suf- Yiiciently"washed, the prongs and 4 Vare withdrawn from therebetween and inserted between the next `adjacent pair of dishes to 'bewvashedj If it is desired to use plain water, it ismerelynecessary to deflect the soap holder 8 into the position shown in FigureY 2, that is,l out of the path of Vthe Y vstream of plain water iiowing outfroin the nozzle 11. Waste water flows out from the tray 1K4/` through the openings 25 in therea'novel combined dishwasher and soap hold- I i er which may be effectively used in washing dishes, without in any way soiling the hands or subjecting the same -to the effect of cold and hot water and the acid or alkaline solutions 4generally employed for such purposes.l It will be also noted that I have devised an` efficient and economical dishwasher whereby the water from the spigot is directed 1n a plurality of streams upon the ldishito'be soL washed land that the soaplis consumed 'onlyV n vwhen actually needed and used.. Anotherr advantage of my invention is that either the two sides of the same dish or the front and rear sides of adjacent dishes may bewashed' simultaneously thus effecting a considerable-v savingin time. p y

It will now be apparent that I ,have devised a new and useful combined dishwasher and soap holder which embodies the features f of advantage enumerated in the statement of the invention and the above description, and Vwhile I have, in the present instance, shown and described a preferred embodimentthereof which' is at present preferred by me since it will give, in practice,`satisfactoryand reliable results, it is to be understood that such embodiment is susceptible `of modification in various particulars without departing from the spirit or scope of the invention or sacri- [icing any ofk its advantages. v`

Having thus described my invention, what I' claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is :f- ,Y Y f 1. In a device of the character stated, vva nozzle, a water supply conduit therefor, a perforated soap container pivotally mounted above said nozzle and adapted to be turned towards or `Vaway from said nozzle, anda -handlefor manipulating said nozzle and container.

In ardevice of the character stated, a nozzle, awater supply conduit therefor, -a perforated soap container positioned above said nozzle, a handle for manipulating said los nozzle and said container and means for adjusting said soap container into and out of the path .of the water :flowing from said nozzle; v

l 3. In a device of the character stated, a

tubular member `having anozzle with in-l tegral` bifurcations at the front, outletl end thereof and having its rearend vadapted to be connected'to a water supply, a supporting bracket secured to said tubular membera perforated soap-container pivotally carried by said bracket and adapted to beturned to Vwards. and away fromsaid nozzle and a handle common to said tubular member and said container for manually 'manipulating the same.

4. In a device of the character stated, a tubular member having a nozzle provided with rigid, integral bifurcations at the front, outlet end thereof, and having its rear end adapted to be connected toa water supply, a supporting bracket secured to said tubular member, a perforated soap container pivot'- ally mounted on said bracket, a handle meinbe manipulated, and means for adj ustingsaid container forwardly into and rearwardly outl of the'path of thewater flowing from said nozzle, the front portions of saidnozzle and handle supportlserving to limit the forward and rearward adjustments of said soap con-y tainer.v

v FRANois- KING,- sa

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